A Note of Thanks to Our Baha'i Friends

A Note of Thanks to Our Baha'i Friends
by Onlyiran

Every couple of months, a hatemongering individual with very obvious obsessive disorders sign up on Iranian.com with a litany of different user id’s and begins attacking our Baha’i compatriots. From calling them outright and/or implying that they are child molesters to calling them outright and/or implying that they are all criminals, the fifth column, spies, traitors, etc., this lunatic does not leave out an insult to throw at these group of Iranians.  Some of these attacks have been directed at specific individuals on IC who use their real names.

But throughout all this barrage of abuse against perhaps the most persecuted group of Iranians, which is shamelessly allowed on IC, our Baha’i friends remain silent, polite and patient.  They never respond in kind to this prolific and perennial abuser.  That, to me, is the ultimate expression of a tolerant culture that we have to aspire toward if we want to have a better Iran in the future.  A nation where people of all religions, races, ethnicities and schools of thought can coexist in peace, without a reactionary, medieval religious dictatorship breaking them apart with prejudice and hate.

So, thank you dear Baha’I friends for showing us the true nature of your peaceful beliefs and your love for the unity of the Iranian nation.  You are an example of tolerance, patience and peace to be followed by the rest of our countrymen and women. 

In hopes of a better Iran free of hate.


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Divaneh, becaame a target of vicious hate commentary...

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

After stating - in a very beautifully written blog, even by Divaneh's very high standards- that he is a Baha'i.  

I trust, knowing Divaneh's character that he is just busy, and not intimidated by the cowardly hate mongers in service of Islamist regime,  hiding behind dozen or so user ID's...

Thanks for the timely blog dear onlyIran

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Beautifully said, @OnlyIran

by Rea on

Just what was needed.


But throughout all this

by vildemose on

But throughout all this barrage of abuse against perhaps the most persecuted group of Iranians, which is shamelessly allowed on IC, our Baha’i friends remain silent, polite and patient. They never respond in kind to this prolific and perennial abuser.  

Thank you and Bravo. You have expressed our collective outrage at this abuser and hatmonger and the IC admin beautifully. Thanks again and please write more often.


All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir



by stavackoli on

Thank you for your kind words.  I posted something to his latest blog, however I did mention there why I did it.  It wasn't because I worry about what he thinks or what his message is; his message, much like he himself, is mostly ignored by discerning individuals.  Once in a while, I do lose my cool; I am, afterall, only human.


Silent and aware!

by alborz on

OnlyIran, your thoughtfulness in posting this blog is appreciated.

A discerning person needs to only consider the dignity with which the Baha'is in Iran face their persecuters and it becomes clear why the diatribe on the pages of this site are not worthy of a response in-kind.

"The storms they have loosed upon us have not only driven the roots of our Faith in Baha'u'llah's system deeper, but have demonstrated to us that, for the first time in history, a religion has been given to men which cannot be split up into sects... This is why our enemies have, for a hundred years, failed to establish anything outside the Faith which could thrive or prosper."

"For what beauty does not produce envy, and what purity does not produce slander, and what goodness does not challenge the evil hidden in an envious heart?"




by Truthseeker9 on



Thanks for your Kind words!

by Ruhi on

Dear onlyIranian, I really appreciate your kindness in taking time and pains to write such a nice comment about us Baha'is, The main reason we do not get engaged into dispute with our sworn enemies is that we have been admonished to avoid dispute, Of couse this so called self loving lady who sometimes calls himslf khan too,and other at least 15 user's name, has a deep problem with Baha'is whose nature I am not thoroughly aware of, his postings are full of lies, slanders, the pictures he photoshps are so offensive to our Holy figures, but we have learned as you have mentioned to tolerate and be paitient, and we definitly know that some day there will be a retibution,for all his offebnses. I beseech the Almighty Lord to forgive this person, because that is what Baha'u'llah has taught His followers to pray for our enemies, if they give us poison we should treat then with sweetness of love .There is a story of a man who lived in Akka, Back ten Caalled Palestine, and during twenty four years he hated Abdul'Baha, even Abdul Baha always helped this man and treated him with love and consideration, he still was full of hatred for Abdul Baha. Twicwe when he got sick badly, Abdl Baha took a doctor to his bed and took care of him.It took Abdúl Baha 24 years to overcome this man's hatred and turn him into a friend. Abdul Baha is our exmaple. it is worth to read about His life and learn more about his forty something years of suffering as a bannished prisoner from 1853 until 1908

Thanks again for your kind and thoughtful Blog. May God Bless you and your dear ones,

Sincerely your Ruhi

p.s. I as a Bah'i do not aprove of mockery, offense against any Religeous belief 


Onlyiran jaan, you have my full support for this great blog

by Reality-Bites on

All decent Iranians with any degree of humanity long to see an Iran where all its citizens can live in harmony with each other under a free and democratic system that not only enshrines their human rights in law the, but actively protects those rights in practice regardless of people's race, ethnicity, gender, religious belief (or lack of), political stand point and social background.

Peddlers of hate and poisonous degenerates can make all the noise they want with their distortions, baseless bile and outright lies, but in end they will be seen for what they are, sad and pathetic individuals. They are not worth a nano second of any decent person's time and people's time and attention is what they are desperate for. So, let's not give it to them and let them wallow in their own miserable mind set.


Perhaps the Admin should check them out before posting them

by Onlyiran on

ah, who am I kidding?  This is IC.


And the story and its

by Truthseeker9 on

And the story and its explosive headline was featured.... really last time I will bother even googling on this guy. Perhaps people can do it for themselves, that's how I got to know about his methods and what drives him.


Truthseeker - This guy is the master of deceit and distortation

by Onlyiran on

thanks for the links.  Very informative.  I knew there must have been more to the story than this pathological liar and distorter of facts has put up.  And of course, he makes it sound as if this happened yesterday, when the story is from back in 2006.



by Onlyiran on

I'm sure they read these constant attacks by this sick character.  I asuume that they ave chosen to remain peaceful in accordance wiith their beliefs.  And this really conforms with what I have personally seen of Baha'is.  I had a few Baha'i friends whan I was grwoing up, and they and their families  were some of the the most peaceful people I have ever come across.  They never tried to convert us or impose their views on us.  Very nice, honest people.  

I often wonder where does all this racism and hate come from.  One must have a very sick mind.   


OI jaan

by Truthseeker9 on

Where are faryarm, Anvar and divaneh ?

Not seen them for a while, they were informed about bahais and could shed light on some of the subjects raised by the hatemonger.