Where Will Iran Be In 2022?


Where Will Iran Be In 2022?
by Onlyiran

Qatar just got the nod to host the 2022 World Cup. Good for them.  They worked hard at it, and they got it.  However, seeing Iran’s tiny neighbor get this honor made me think about our misfortunes for the past 31 years.  Shouldn’t have been Iran’s honor to be the first country to host the games in the Middle East or Asia?  Shouldn’t we be there now?  But look at where we are.  A nation always at the brink of war over causes that have nothing to do with our people.  Under sanctions for belligerence, deceit and utter foolishness.  World’s biggest sponsor of terrorist groups.  Our educated women being forced into an obligatory dress code.  A cultured people being ruled by a bunch of thugs who import foreign fighters to shoot their own people on the streets.  What a shame...

I know, I know…it’s all the Zionists and the Americans and the evil “West” and everyone else who is doing this to Iran.  It has absolutely nothing to do with the great Islamic Republic…

So, where are we going to be in 2022?  If the IRI is still around, the same place we are now.  We will be going after causes that have nothing to do with the interests of our people.  We will be under sanctions.  We will be burning flags on the streets.  We will be chanting "Death to" one country or the other.  Our closest friends will be the Lebanese Hezbollah and Hamas.  Our women will be beaten on the streets and dragged into police cars for having their headscarves on the wrong way.  We will be in the top three of the countries with the largest number of executions.  Persian Gulf will be permanently called Arabian Gulf.  And the Persian Gulf states will be decades ahead of us in international standing, military strength and dominance.

So, to all you IRI cyber cronies out there and on Iranian.com: keep on with your valiant efforts of dressing up the IRI pig in a civilized suit.  Keep writing blog after blog and comment after comment relating everything in Iran to the Israeli / Palestinian conflict, and continue on with your conspiracy theories and your “naneh man gharibam” about how the West’s and the Zionists’ conspiracies are the only things that are holding the IRI back from its destiny of becoming the greatest gift to humanity. At least someone is getting a reward in this picture: you!


Photo is that of the Lebanese Hezbollah terrorist and operative Hossein Monif Ashmar firing at Iranian protesters on the Hafez Bridge in Tehran during the 2009 Ashura day protests.


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I'll respond to your post tomorrow.


For those who wondered why Lebanese Hezbollah was brought in

by Onlyiran on

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Only Iran

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


You and others know how much I am opposed to IRI. But I want to put the history right. IRI has not be a static regime in the past 31 years. Nor has Iran history. 

  • The initial phase was much more open. Different parties were allowed and there was some degree of freedom. There was also broad support.
  • The period of War had national resources focused on it. Probably why Khomeini wanted the war.
  • There was an experiment with opening up. That experiment failed because the Mollahs did not allow it to proceed.
  • There was ANs first term. Again it had some legitimacy and people had hope he would work out. It did not work and things got worse.
  • The real disillusion has happened post AN second term. I have seen very different tone since that and feel the beginning of end of the regime.

Now what is going to happen? I don't know. Sure there is a real danger of disintegration. However there are many ways to prevent it.

Even if disintegration does occur it may be reversed. The only think enforcing artificial borders is Western power. In my opinion America is going to run out of money for these adventures. Then all bets are off and nothing will prevent the central government from reasserting its power on breakaway regions.

To make predictions for 10 years from now is futile. Many things may happen between now and then.  What we need in the West is credible leadership. We need to form organizations. Those which provide influence over Western governments. If we do this then we will be prepared for the worse. And to avoid it.




by Onlyiran on

Unfortunately, this is the state of affairs in our homeland.  That's where we will be in 2022.  Just look at the past 31 years.  Have we moved from the revolutionary BS that started back in 1979 yet?  No!  And we will continue to be in the same situation 31 years from now...that is if Iran is in one piece, which, as MRX says, is highly doubtful.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

What a

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

rosy and cheerful blog; really made my day reading it. Now to top that I will rent and see"Killing Fields".



by MRX1 on

By 2022, Iran will become Iranestan: disintegerated, broken, poor, with too much population, real shortage of water, environmental problems, civil and social crisis in all the former regions of Iran. The end results will be smaller countries all with Bangeladesh and Ethopia combined characteristic!

In 2022, 2010 will look like  good old days and 1975 as glory days of an entity that was once known as Iran. 

David ET

از ماست که بر ماست

David ET

یک زمان اصلا کسی‌ قطر رو آدم حساب نمیکرد، و حالا حتی جام جهانی‌ فوتبال هم در قطر خواهد بود، و ما را کسی‌ حساب نمی‌کنه.

 به قول گاندی : اسارت و بندگی مردم به خودشان و به اندازه ی تحمل رنج و قبول فداکاری ایشان بستگی دارد.

راستشو بخواهید ، این رژیم هم از ماست که بر ماست. 



Just wish

by statira on

that by 2022 there is still a country name Qatar or Iran in the Middle East.


we'll see.......

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Same thing that happened to Lebanon, Somali, Iraq, Afghan ...

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

Beaten, broken, divided and subdued.


Oktaby Jaan,

by Onlyiran on

I am afraid that the eventuality that you describe may become a sad reality.  


Dear Leader Khamenei

by Onlyiran on

It was actually five million DOLLARS for Hezbollah's playground, not five million tomans.  


It will be democratic

by oktaby on

Because it'll be in pieces by popular demand & aerial support of foreigners & every jackass khaen claiming nationhood based on language or something since unity has been thoroughly eviscerated by asfal ol safelin currently in charge: Iranistan, Turkestan, Baluchistan, Kurdistan and a few little Village-States & al-shi't warlords & mojahedin groups fighting each other and everyone else. On the bright side, former Iran could potentially send several teams (including teams of terrorists) to Qatar. Poetic justice perhaps as the ones terrorizing all of middle east and surrounding suburbs will be those who became the worse victims of Islam imposing its filthy existence on Iran. 

Unless we show some guts and glory but don't hold your breath.  



جام جهانی‌ مال خر است




بسم تعالی

شماها چه مرگتان است که اینهمه آه و ناله میکنید برای جام جهانی‌؟  برای چه جام جهانی‌ میخواهید؟  که خوشحالی کنید و مشروب بخورید و با زنها جماع کنید؟  تو سرتان بخورد.  مگر نه‌ پنجاه میلیون تومان خرج کردیم در جنوب لبنان پارک ساختیم؟  خبر مرگتان بروید آنجا.  به اقتصاد آنجا هم کمک میشود که خانوادهٔ این بیچاره حسین منیف اشمر کمبودی نداشته باشند وقتی‌ که این رزمنده اسلام در ایران در حل شکستن سرهای این میکربهای فتنه است. تازه، اگر جماع هم خواستید اینجا موجود است.  بروید صیغه کنید.  

السلام علیکم و رحمت الله و برکاته.  




Will the Iranian team boycott 2022 World Cup if it gets in?

by Onlyiran on

Qatar, of course, will be calling the Persian Gulf "Arabian Gulf."  Will the Iranian team boycott the games over this issue if they get in and the IRI is still in power?  They're already calling it Arabian Gulf in this video about their proposed stadiums:


And of course, with the publicity that they will get from the games, the name will be permanently changed.

Khak bar sar-e jomhoori-e zed-e Irani-e eslami!!! 



by Fesenjoon on

It seems even Adel Ferdosipoor has admitted that Iran will host the world cup in 3022.


Dead On

by Fair on

OnlyIran, Fesenjoon, you guys are dead on.  Unfortunately we are taken hostage by one of the most backward ideologies on this planet.  As long as they have oil money, thugs, no shame whatsoever in front of the Iranian people, and China to sell them crap and protect them in the UN, it will be a long hard struggle to overrun the prison guards and torturers and gain our freedom.

But here is the good news- we will.  You can count on it. 




Fesenjoon, that IS priceless!!!

by Onlyiran on

Very funny!!!!  You know, I had a discussion with a relative who is visiting from Iran yesterday about this.  He was telling me how the committee from the Asian Games came to Iran last year to asses Iran's abilities to host the games and then gave them an excuse about lighting at a stadium (LOL) and other things and denied the request.

I told him "you know what the real reason was for the denial?  People want to have a good time at these games.  They want to go to a bar and have a beer after the game.  Women want to attend the games.  They don't want be covered by a forced dress code.  They don't want to be dragged into police cars for "bad-hejabi."  That's why Iran will never host any games---unless it's a Hamas and Hezbollah inter-terrorist games I guess--until the IRI is there.

PS-the bit in the piece about testing missiles at the opening ceremonies was great!!!! 


How Iran would host the 2026 World Cup

by Fesenjoon on


For example:

آیت الله جنتی در مراسم پایانی با ذکر خلاصه بهترین خاطرات خود از  دوره های مختلف جام های جهانی (‌۱۹۳۰ تا کنون )   جام جهانی را به  تیم قهرمان اهدا خواهد کرد. همچنین  تیم برنده جام جهانی می تواند از ساندیس های گازدار (‌شامپاین اسلامی)  جهت شادمانی استفاده نماید



How Iran would host the 2020 Olympics

by Fesenjoon on

funny and true. Iran will never have the orzeh to host anything. At least as long as it is ruled by the current regime. As somebody said earlier

 قطر با جمعیت هفتصد هزار نفر آنچنان پیشرفت میکند که جام جهانی فوتبال را می گیرد آنوقت کشور ما در فکر قطع کردن دست و پا و اعدام برای اجرای قوانین اسلامی است . آن هم قوانینی که خود اعراب هم آن را  انجام نمی دهند و یا به فکر عزاداری برای جدو آباد همین اعراب هستند


I blame the pope and evil buddhist monks

by Escape on

I blame the pope and evil buddhist monks for Iran.You know all religions are the same.Not really but I just can't forget how utterly stupid that is.

I've come to realise Iran is at where it is at because of this kind of genius bloodline.I can tell some people here are 100% related.

Unable to differentiate exactly what is going on in their going country,the cause why,unable to discuss it without referencing other topics unrelated,twisting the truth like the latest Casmi article (Saudi's really love Iran even though they want to bomb it),this backward thinking and illogical middle eastern bulls* where up is down,black is white. THIS IS WHY..

Anyway's Qatar is 100 times ahead of Iran even for that crap called 'Sharia'.Bahrain too.Plus they have 'American bases'.They can deal with differing societies. 


NP- Stop supporting terrorism against Iranians

by Onlyiran on

I'm not a victim at all.  I'm just pointing out the warped logic of you and your colleagues.  And PUHLEEEEZ, stop it withe the "blurry picture" nonsense.  There are a number of photos that I have linked to and they all show identified Lebanese Hezbollah terrorists walking around the streets of Tehran, armed and attacking Iranians.  

Stop supporting terrorism against Iranians.   

PS- no one called Iran a pig. I called IRI a pig.  It is a pig, a real dirty one.  So are its supporters. 

Darius Kadivar

Thank Zinédine Zidane's 15 Million $ Check For that ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

The Australian Herald Tribune claims that French Soccer Icon Zinédine Zidane touched 15 Million $ to lobby Qatar's candidacy for 2022 at the FIFA:




Niloufar Parsi


by Niloufar Parsi on

it's people like you who is part of a Big Majority on this site always describing anything iranian like a pig, and then you post a blurred photo of someone and make a huge claim over his identity, and you do this type of character assassination of iran and iranians all the time, and yet you play the victim here claiming that you are somehow oppressed on i.com! brilliant ploy onlyiran.

tell me though: do you manage to fool yourself? i don't think you are managing to fool anyone else...



by Onlyiran on

Funny...and unfortunately, very likely true.


In 2022

by statira on

Iranians will go to Afghanistan to have a better life and job( if IRI is still around) .



by Onlyiran on

Those cartoons are great!!!

I have to say, though, as I always have, that I don't have a problem with people practicing whatever religion they want so long as they don't impose it on others.  In my opinion, all religions are the same. A bunch of stories that people want to believe.  And I don't care, so long as they keep it to themselves.  The challenge in our culture is to separate religion from governance, which as you point out, will probably not happen in our lifetimes.  



qeib goftee....

by Fesenjoon on

Where else do u think we'll be?

It'll be the EXACT same shit: (1) (2) (3) (4)

Until this mental illness called Islam is not separated from politics, we'll always be the backward stragglers of the modern world.


"Andar kham-e hameen koocheh" indeed....

by Onlyiran on

where we have been for the past 31 years.

Anonymous Observer

"Where Will Iran Be In 2022?"

by Anonymous Observer on

andar kham-e hameen koocheh...unfortunately!

they have all the guns and the brutality that is needed to remain in power for a couple of more decades.  At least a couple of more decades.