by TheMrs

Whenever I hear someone start a sentence with “maa irooniaa”… I know that it’ll be a negative comment.

Sometimes, I hear things like “maa iroonia taarikheh khodemoono nemidoonim”. Or, “ma iroonia nabayad ba ham kar konim”. Apparently for us Iranians, “faghat enteghad az doshman mojaz ast”. These are obviously negative attributions that Iranians allegedly have.

Other times, I hear things like “maa iroonia be bachehamoon kheily khoob miresim”. Or, “ma iroonia 2500 sal tarikh darim!” This sort of comment is positive only on the surface, because it is usually uttered in place of some sort of comparison with non Iranians who are always perceived to be the losers of the contrast.

I read an article here entitled “be gozashteyeman alaghemandim ama ba tarikheman biganeh”. It was well researched and some what racist. I felt so bad about being Iranian that I had to take an Iranian bath, complete with keeseh and long. I never understood why some people are so good at belittling large groups of people without solid evidence. Just by giving their opinions. Here’s an example from that article:

ما ایرانی‌ها دو خصیصۀ متنافر داریم: یکی اینکه وقتی به ما بگویند که بالای چشممان ابروست بی‌تامل می‌رنجیم و دیگر اینکه همواره این احساس را داریم که خدنگی چشممان را می‌خلد غافل از اینکه این خدنگ از ابروی خودمان است.

I’ve always believed that Iranians are not different than anyone else in the world. Even though our culture belongs to a specific geographic location, we are almost always the same as other people to whom we compare ourselves. The difference I see between people is based on socioeconomic class. Working class people are pretty much the same no matter which country they are from. White collar society is the same every where. Our differences, in my view, aren’t based on nationality.

But I think I’m ready to make my judgment about Iranians and provide some solutions. I’ve noticed 2 patterns of behavior that seems to be prevalent among Iranians and they get on my nerves. I’m not saying that other nationalities are immune to these same issues but frankly, who gives about other people? This is, right? Also, what I am not denying that what I’m attributing to Iranians can also belong to others.

Iranians are very Eurocentric. And I’m not referring to people around me. I’m talking about Iranians in general. We consider Europeans to be very “chic” people.

If you look at our last king and his family, you will probably notice that they didn’t look, dress, live or eat like an average Iranian family. Instead of viewing their life style as foreign, we, the peons, consider(ed) them exceptionally sheek! I’ve seen pictures of Farah in gypsy style clothing when she travelled in Iran. But it was mostly for the cameras and it was sheek precisely because she didn’t dress “dehaati” on a daily basis. You know how cool white people look when they go to India or defend Tibet?

There is an argument to be made here about the propriety of a royal family. And I agree. If we are going to have a King, it might as well be a clean shaven, designer wearing, and educated dude. But our definition of what is becoming of a Royal family, I believe, is very European. Even though we admire little bearded men in hats and kaftans at Persepolis, we prefer our imperial men in suits. We want them to look European.

We cringe at Ahmadinejad’s face knowing full well that many countrymen have some of his features (although not as disturbing as his package). After all, many Middle Eastern men have always sported beards (not as neatly combed as Sattar’s). Many Iranians are just as short and enjoy eating on the ground next to a Sofreh with their backs on Poshtees.

Yes I know that the German Chancellor doesn’t dress in native clothes but have you seen how cool Prince Charles looks in a kilt? Or Dalai Lama wrapped in cloth? How come our presidents never wear that type of clothes? We are too damn sheek?

But we really should try to change that about ourselves. We should like our culture and our religions. And understand that secularism, education and “democracy” are universal needs and that we don’t have to be European to be cool.

The second thing about Iranians is that we have an unrealistic view of ourselves. I think this is because we are caught up in tarof, something we’re good at. After all, we’ve always had to “kenar biaym” with our invaders. But tarof, which should have been a survival tool, has gone to our head. We’ve lost touch with reality. Here are some unrealistic old labels with their newly suggested replacements.

Old label: Iranians can’t accept anyone saying Iranians have eyebrows above their eyes

New label: Iranians are critical and logical.

Being analytical or critical doesn’t mean we cannot take constructive criticism. It means we are logical. We enjoy debating. It’s been proven to us that if we aren’t aware of all details, sneaky people take advantage of our natural resources.

Let’s be fair. Biased or unfounded criticism is not tolerated by anyone. This is not an ethnic based issue. Think of Americans for a minute. How do they react to criticism about their way of life? Internationally speaking, Americans use weapons to make their point. No one dares to disagree with them. How do religious people react to criticism of their beliefs? How do political rivals react to criticism of their policies? In most cases, no one likes criticism. It’s even worse if we, as Iranians, are criticized by outsiders who don’t have knowledge of many crucial things that affect our behavior and decisions.

Old label: Iranians can’t work together.

New label: Iranians work well together.

In a group, we take a long time to make decisions. So what? I choose to see this as a sign of collective intelligence and a symptom of inclusivity. We want everyone to have a chance to give an opinion, and we consider every opinion. And it’s a fact; there are a lot of university educated people among us. So everyone has something to say. Some times decisions take longer to come to fruition. How is that only Iranian?

Old label: Iranians aren’t “united” like the Jewish community seems to be.

New label: Iranians are very “united”.

Excuse me but if anyone in the world sticks together, it’s Iranians. Look at all the invasions that have gone through Iran. Phoenicians became Arabs. Egyptians became Arabs. The gypsies and Bedouins became Arab. Not us!

Another evidence of our solidarity is the fact that no matter where we are, we always connect with each other. Iranian businesses are almost always huddled in the same areas. Iranian families almost always have relationships with Iranian businesses (even though we complain about their lack of service). Iranian students always know who the hamvatan professors are.

Take a look at your place in your community. Change how you see yourself in that community. Evaluate the number of times you’ve attended Iranian events. The Iranian sites you explore. The Iranian dishes you eat…

Our collective disintegration due to revolution, immigration and war has taken its toll. But that is not to say we don’t support each other. At the end of the day, we do.

Old label: Iranian women are gold diggers & they wear too much make up.

New label: Iranian women care about their financial future and take care of themselves.

Tricky one! Yes, most Iranian women don’t want to marry gas station attendants, poor students or boys in debt. And that makes them gold diggers? Do Iranian men routinely go for sick girls with 7 children and no job? Of course not.

Iranian women like to lead a relatively easy life. Just like other women. And boys that aren’t in a financially stable situation don’t fit in. That’s life. Some women want rich boys. But I got news for ya! That’s universal.

And we like make up. By God we do! Yes, Sephora is my temple. But come on, how many Iranian ladies paint up like Homeira? Very few.

Old label: Mardeh Iraani moft nemiarzeh!

New label: Mardeh Iraani moft nemiarzeh! Just kidding

New label: Iranian men are … men. Very funny men.

There are no statistics to prove that Iranian men beat up their wives more than say, American men. Also, they do not force their wives to cover up. For the most part, they work hard and play hard. And there’s never a shortage of lokhti pokhti women at mehmoonis. So, what’s wrong with that? They are as hairy as some other nationalities. But hey, so are Iranian women!

Old label: irooni baazi

New label: irooni baazi

Why is it that bizarre behavior is always attributed to irooni baazi? As far as I’m concerned irooni baazi is a good thing. It’s about things Iranians do. Care about their kids (no more or less than anyone else), go to school, eat, and sleep. Bad behavior is just bad behavior. Nothing Iranian about that.

I can’t think of other labels, but I’m sure there are more out there.


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Bit too Late ;)

by MiNeum71 on

I read this article just now, and although it was published months ago I´d like to reply few lines.

When you´re talking about Iranians, I feel reading about a different nation. The majority of Iranians I know are: uneducated ("Bee Savad"), stubborn ("Lajh´baz"), weak in the knees ("Ghar Karde"), uncivilized ("Vah´shee"), wallowing in self-pity ("Tarahhom be Khod") and braggy ("Poz Dadanee").

US-Americans are not much better than Iranians.

(West-/Middle-/North-)Europeans ARE much better than Iranians.


persian westender


by persian westender on

I'm late.This is a good topic for discussion. but there are too much materials in your post. you need not to be hyperactive.




My comment below to 136: In

by TheMrs on

My comment below to 136: In the second paragraph, I was paraphrasing one of AKhavan's previous comments for me. Just in case it didn't come through right.




come on , Akhavan a history of being a jerk?

by Anonymous person (not verified) on

Look who is talking....,you , have such a negative attitude and being rude that we call people like you AJITALKHEH....
He has never been rude, he has a beef with you , which really i do not blame him.
get real nazanin....


Thanks all

by TheMrs on

Erooni: Nothing about what you wrote is exclusive to Iranians.

Lighter: Love you too man.

Mazloom: Point taken.

Anonypishi: You are missing my point. I am saying these things aren’t exclusive to Iranians. You are very right in saying that perhaps we as Iranians should pay more attention to details, like being on time. Sure. But to say that “Iranians are always late” is like not counting how others behave. Then, we end up only seeing this negative aspect in ourselves. We end up ignoring it in others. Or not even noticing it. When in fact, many people are late. This isn't exclusive to Iranians. Culturally, we are not the only relaxed nationality.

Mind you, if anyone thinks every complaint or outburst is equivalent to a criticism, they are wrong. Criticism involves, analysis, appreciation, thought, research, appropriate response, new ideas, respect, ideas for implementing change and so on.



Anyone who has a specific complaint about how this site is run, who is featured, why deletion is allowed on blogs etc can address JJ privately. I use the tools that are available to all of us who blog.

Akhavan has appointed himself as the champion of free speech and a representative of editorial policies. He has said that JJ, who has given his life (well at least the second half) to freedom of expression, should stop letting me spit in the face of other users. When in fact he comes around with zerangi and insults me (which is ok) but also other users.

When he has criticism, I will be happy to listen to him. As I have done before with many others. Until then, I can't wait to laugh at him again.

Old Label: Iranians are hypocrites

New Label: Iranians are no less hypocritical than others. Just because something isn't going the way one expects, doesn't make others hypocritics.

Say hi to your evil twin 135 and I’m still waiting for his response on “dandaan shekan”.

Maryam Hojjat

Very Positive!

by Maryam Hojjat on

Thank you for your positive attributes about Iranians.  I was delighted.


Ma irania

by Erooni (not verified) on

We are good at making enemies,but we are not good at making friends.We expect respect but we do not want to give respect.We can be very sensitive to others but we could be real cruel too.we criticize others but we do no not want to be criticized.we can be very close friends but we ca be a person worst enemy.


Just a thought

by lighter (not verified) on

Your love is so great
and I am small
i keep close to you and hold your arm
and you dream
and i hold your arm tight
then my mind tells me
all the while that i am sustained at a higher ground with your love
that i have found whom i had lost
your love is great
and i hold on to it and let this little thought
grow into my heart
your love is great and i
i am so small
and all the while that i am surronded by it
I can not see it eventhough it is all i see
your love is so great
i am immersed in it
in a stand still i cant explain
and i forget when i am busy
with my empty thoughts
and my wastful dreams
here in the middle of the road
i just want you to know this and to remmember
that i know
that i know
how great your love is
and i live in it and it sustains me.
i am holding your arm
while you dream
and i am afraid to let sleep
have me in a world where i forget
that your love is great eventhough even in my sleep
its your love that sustains me
your love is so great
and i dont need more proof but more love
and i tell you all this silently
not even a whisper
and then my heart cant keep this up
and say gently and clearly
so that i can hear my own voice
and i repeat this
and i call your name
and i give you my voice
that is so close to my heart now
that i love your love
and i have gazed on your face
and my heart has flown in those eyes
that your sky is warm and inviting
and i am all just one heart
and nothing else makes sense
but beating and beating for your love
your love is so great and i lost in it
words are smaller than your love
even if i put alot of them together
i cant be as laud as when i tell you this quietly
like when a sudden wind rushes into the trees or
water springs up in front of a thirsty
your love is so great
from cradle to cradle

copyright @...


Well written and funny

by Mazloom on

This article was a breeze to read, very well written and funny.

I’ll just mention one thing, and there are many, when you say: “How come our presidents never wear that type of clothes?” I’m assuming you mean dress in local costumes. Actually I’ve seen many, maybe a hundred, pictures of him in local clothes in his provincial trips. I am sure it’s for photo op, but so is Prince Charles’. Also majority of Iranian people dress in their own unique way, chador is all Iranian and nobody else’s. Also: aba o amaameh, most women in the Northern part of Iran dress locally, Arabs in Khuzestan, Balochi’s, Kurds, and many others, not all of them want to look like sheek Europeans.


Thank you

by 136 (not verified) on

Thank you for addressing my comment. How about this one--Old Label: All Iranians are hypocrites. New Label: Some Iranians are a little hypocritical. You say this Akhavan guy has "a history of being a jerk." From what I understand, he has a problem with you and other blogger's deleting blogs with people's comments in it. He addresses his problems to the site owner, JJ. He doesn't use profanities and he is pretty consistent about his criticism which is published but never addressed constructively. So he keeps coming back. What is this history of being a jerk, then? Has he left other types of comments for you? Perhaps he did and they are in the deleted blogs, so I can't be sure. From what I can surmise he obviously only disapproves or dislikes your post deletions. Come on, Misuz, be honest! You don't "love" nor "tolerate" criticism, so why say it? His is probably the most constructive criticism you have ever received in here, because it is constructive not just for you but for the whole site. You just don't like it. Why say differently than you do? Don't get mad at me now! I rather like you.


Yes you do have two eyebrows over your eyes

by Anonypishi (not verified) on

Accept it Iranians do have a weak point of not being punctual. Googoosh's concert for Nowruz was the last one I attended and decided not to do it again. I am glad that you have been in events that have been done right on time. Perhaps Iranians are catching on. But I have gazillions of examples I can tell you about idiocy of many. This is not belittling or self-deprecating, this is constructive criticism.


Sar be sareh man nazarin

by TheMrs on

My position is that Iranian women do not wear more make up than other women. To me, tattoos and boob job are make up too. And Iranians don’t have too many of those, collectively speaking. So to single out Iranian women and their use of make up is simply not realistic. Open up the pages of any western fashion magazine and then tell me about non Iranians and no make up!  

My position is that you cannot say with statistical certainty that Iranians are consistently later than the majority of other nationalities.

136: I have tolerance and love criticism. Akhavan can be democratic and voice his opinion. He has a history of being a jerk.

ebi amirhosseini

Doostali Jaan

by ebi amirhosseini on

Your'e 100% correct about being polite!,100% being wrong about being afraid( Since we Zan-Zaleels are only afraid of our WIVES).

But joking aside,no,I really meant it that I enjoyed reading the article.


Sorry my friend,you're wrong!!

best wishes


Ebi Jaan

by Doostali (not verified) on

I'm with you. What you really mean to say but you are too polite/afraid to say is: I'll go and come back later to see if this blog is still here, and if it is I'll leave a comment!


Wandering !

by Anonymous Tired (not verified) on

I could write a lot here because I was thinking about this subject for long time. But I am going to be brief:
I have to read many articles about Iran and mostly in Persian. The majority of them are either black or white and they float between superiority and inferiority complex.

Let’s say I am looking for articles about Postal system in Iran. These are what I get:

1- Iranians invented the postal system while other people were nothing but cannibals. Our genius people and kings put the bases of Post in the history of mankind. After all we have 2500 years of culture and history …

2- Postal system in Iran is one of the most primitive in the world. Lack of understanding the modern time is in our cultural heritage. Posting is the same as all other things. We still deliver our letters by “olagh” …

At the end, I don’t find any factual, clear and simple answer for my question.

As “TheMrs” said; “Iranians are not different than anyone else in the world.” We have strengths and weaknesses. As a fact I can tell you at least about two other people that I lived with (French for about 13 years and Americans for 18) all the stereotyping that we hear about Iranian mentality are valid for those people too.

I am sick and tired of either “Toossaree” or “Gondeh Goozi” (sorry)

Thank you “TheMrs” (I agree with most of your points)


2 kalameh ham az madar-e aroos!

by Agha Meiti (not verified) on

Sounding self-righteous Mrs. Jolie-Pitt!

Tahirih: LOL! Don't speak too soon! Scroll down to the comments to see what kind of mood she's in today!

ebi amirhosseini

Lotfan Yeki Mano Veshgon Begire....

by ebi amirhosseini on

So I know I am not dreaming!

Is it you TheMrs jaan,talking!.

You see,you're happily married too like me!.The proof is your best blog I've ever read from you.


My real comment will follow later when I believe I am not dreaming.



The Mrs, what ever you did , or took, is working.

by Tahirih on

It is nice to see you positive, keep on doing it dear!!!

Lable: some  Iranian women are bitter .

New: treatment works. 

Not anonymously,

Tahirih:)), oh I have to leave and no time to come back and read your reply, I will use my imagination. 



by Anonymous... (not verified) on

The kitschest piece of sad self-projection I've ever read. Why are you so bitter???


A Breath of Fresh Air

by t (not verified) on

I'm so happy to see that we have a subject other than war, nucluear weapons, Ahmadinezad, Shirin Ebadi and the like to discuss.

The younger generation who's been outside of Iran likes to discuss and resolve such social issues as it affects our lives on a day to day basis. We have little and/or no interest about the internal politics of Iran.

So, please bifurcate your site and dedicate part of it to the new generation of Iranians raised outside of Iran (written only in English) with the other part dedicated to the fresh off the boats, the Iranians living in Iran and older generation who are still living in the past.


why comparisons?

by American Wife (not verified) on

Why the reference to American women and transplants at all?  The comment was in reaction to YOUR comment about Iranian women NOT wearing alot of makeup.  Why the comparison?  Cause if you want to go there...

Iranian women DO wear alot of make up... that's a fact.  Too much? Not my call... let the men comment on that.  And it appears that they have.  More than I do... for sure. 

The level of educated and working women on this site is not indicative of the typical Iranian woman in Orange County... and some other areas as well.  This is based on MY personal observation which is admittedly somewhat jaded.  But it IS based on facts.  For sure it's a result of limited opportunities, encouragement and support. 

Iranians not on time???? WHAT!  My husband is the anomoly then... we have to leave 10 minutes EARLY to go somewhere.  He wants to be the FIRST one at the party.  I am constantly having to remind him that hosts do NOT expect anyone at the dot of 7:00 pm for dinner!


Democratic Values

by 136 (not verified) on

How about Old Label: Iranians are genetically incapable of grasping democratic values.

New Label: Some Iranians are incapable of grasping democratic values.

Akhavan has a point with JJ and he keeps bringing it up to him. You have consistently admitted to doing what Akhavan is criticizing. Why do you have to call him names and attack his character? You have choices which you exercise and all he can do is show up as a fish to complain, which is his very limited right on this site.

Dishing a fohsh to him like "bad-bakht," or insulting him in reply to a criticism he has of the site editor is not the way, The Mrs. Jaan. Please develop some tolerance for other points of view. Become a better Iranian yourself before you tell other Iranians how to improve themselves.


So what Iranians are never on time?

by Anonypishi (not verified) on

Yes they are many countries around the world that their nations don’t have much empathy for being on time and if you look closer those countries are lacking far behind.

The greatest example of Iranians not being on time is their concerts. The concert ticket says show starts at 8:30 but our dear Iranians show up at 10:30 and the singer starts at 11:00 (if we are lucky ) or 11:30.

Guests are always late for our weddings. We are fed late and by 1:00 AM the bride and groom are just cutting the cake while the poor reception hall owner wants the place back by 1:00.

This is an oldy but a goody, friend of mine went to Shirin Ebadi’s speech. The place was half full with Iranians and Americans. She finished the speech and everybody left. While my friend was going toward her car she saw cars just showing up. One stopped and rolled down the window and asked?
Is Shirin Ebadi giving speech here?
My friend: She did. It’s over.
Passenger in the car: But why?! How could she start so early?

You see these are all happening in the United States of America where 99% of us own cars and really don’t have traffics like Tehran’s. You live in LA . That’s fine you can leave your house one hour earlier to get to your appointment. NO EXCUSES.

And for the makeup thing; I have been in LA and my God some women can cross the border and get jobs in certain places if you know what I mean. And yes many get boob jobs here but not everybody screams Anna Nicole Smith.


sorkh-aab / sefid-aab !

by ThePope on

A pretty good article. It's good to be positive. And somehow(!), I do agree with most of the things you said. Particularly when you say:
"And we like make up. By God we do!" ???????????

BUT W H Y???? Can someone PLEASE explain to me WHY? I just don't get it? Why? Why Iranian girls (or woman) love to put on SO MUCH "sorkh-aab/sefid-aab"? Hey bemaalan! Az oon avaleh sobh keh beedaar meeshan, yeh "maaleh" dasteshooneh-o hey mimaalan, hey mimaalan? Why? Why Rojeh lab is a must. Have you ever seen an Iranian girl (woman) without being "lipsticked"??! We just can't kiss an Iranian without having some lipstick traces on ourselves!!! For my part (!), I know every possible taste (or smell) of different lipstick labels/brands!!!!!!! What's wrong with natural, "pinkish" lips (colour)??! Why ALL Iranians girls (or woman) must colour their lips (et surtout en ROUGE)??? And the weird thing is that the more good looking (beautiful, hot, cute, baa namak, lavand...) they are, the more make up they use!!! Maybe one of the ladies (members) should write an article about this problem (or obsession!)...  




It is all about responsibility and accountability

by sbglobe on

One of the reasons I want to make a comment on this issue is because recently I have been a lot more sensitive when I hear “irannia this or irannia that”… I say if you want to label me with something go ahead and do it but do not blame my “iranianness” or culture for it because it has nothing to do with it. I believe this is especially true with those of us who have not been living in Iran. It is time for us all to be responsible and accountable for our actions and do not blame our culture for our shortcomings.    


With the Cultural,Racial,Linguistic lines

by samsam1111 on

With the Cultural,Racial,Linguistic & Geographical lines being broken & rebuild every day through out the Globe ,, I agree with the Mrs on the futile attempts made by folks on their version & assesment  of , what constitutes a so called "Irani" trait. Talking on behalf of a nation divided along so many ethnic,Socio lines is pretty ignorant..It gives me a headache just to figure out which Iran,which part,which ethnicity, which generation, which century..on..on  & on..So I give up & instead write about what true concept of Iran was & how it ceased centuries ago. kinda like a closure..with some off & on bickering on the side for the appetizer..We all bring a little bit of our own pessimism& optimism when assesing & describing the so called Iranic Psyche with our own ethnic,ideological a way Safavids screwed us all by giving us a renewed hope that Iran still lives even in name only..great expectation for  an unreachable fanthom in the past. Good post Mrs


Akhavan in DC

by Souri on

It is very KIND of you to call me KIND to everyone ! This is not something I'm used to hear about myself in this site !!

As to your statement about me, that I like to leave comments on EVERYTHING !! I must bring to your attention this fact :

In this same page, there are 30 posts. If you read them all (I did) there are only 4 posts where I did put a comment. Sorry to disappoint you. I am not EVERY WHERE as you said, but I am EVERY WHERE I am pleased to.

Now, if you have a "beef" with TheMrs, leave me outside of your war ground, please.



peace baba peace...

by Saraamin on

keep writing , its not a professional writing competition here goin on as far as i know !and iranain fellows dont hate each other please spread some love ...

to Mr.Akhavan in Dc , ASabani , 

Go Zen ...

the rest ;

Gold diggers are available in all colors and nationalities , honestly its not a crime to like living upper class , look around !why so many celebs?its a natural desire !

regarding too much make up , its something for the whole middle east , statics show middle eastern countries , surprisingly saudi arabia is one of the biggest importer of make up supplies!!

Arab Women also  luv to wear too much make up , the reason is for centuries the only part they could show off was their face , though in saudi just eyes , thats why the khaleejee eyeshadows are  very trendy now even in hollywood !!!

Repression of natural desire for beauty ends in wearing too much make up !but its ok with constructive critisim and helping girls to boost their self esteem with help of nice iranian guys , this hopefully will be better.



Anonypishi and Yes and no:

by TheMrs on

Anonypishi and Yes and no:

can only speak for myself. I know only a few Iranian women who don’t work and they are well above the age of 50. They worked as teachers in Iran. So in my circle, women have been active. Also, you complain about women not wanting to work but if it comes to motherhood you I am guessing you will say that women shouldnt leave kids in day care at 3 months old. So this is a totally different issue.

I know of not one female friend who is willing to put all her hard university work on the side to permanently sit home.

That is another stereotype that we perpetuate when it is unrealistic.

And I’m not trying to sugar coat. I’m sure we have a lot of dysfunction. But I’m saying it’s not just us. Others are the same. So no point in belittling ourselves.This is an anonymous site. I know of many such sites that are not in Farsi and many worse things happen. Again, just because in our circle we are exposed to this site, doesn’t mean there aren’t worse things going on at non Farsi sites. In Tehran, women can only show their face to attract. A minority exaggerate. It’s a minority if you take into account all the women in Iran. Iran isn’t just Tehran. And this isn’t unique to Iranians. Here’s my point. You are so adamant on this make up issue. What about implants in American women? Isn’t that make up that permanently alters your body? How is makeup on a few in Iran any worse than implants (all sorts), wax jobs (all sorts), tattoos (all sorts), piercings (all sorts) in western women? It’s all the same is my point.  Old label: Iranians are never on time.New label: So what? Neither are other Middle Eastern people, some Europeans, busy people, those without a car who have to rely on the bus, people stuck in traffic and so on…


Thank you The Mrs

by ca_wanderer (not verified) on

Just like any other nation, us Iranians are full of contradictions and overly critical of each other. Thank you for bring these issues to the front page and opening up the discussion that is very important to solidify as a cultural and social group in the US. Frankly, I am tired of discussing Iran, Israel, and nuclear issue everyday.Interesting read.