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Musaddiq’s conception of constitutionalism

Based on his arguments before the court that tried him in 1953
Keyvan Tabari

September 17 (26 of Shahrivar) is when the deposition of Mohammad Musaddiq began for his trial after his overthrow in the year 1953. In the current centennial year of the 1906 Iranian Constitution, at the Conference of the International Society for Iranian Studies in London, I presented a summary of the attached paper on Musaddiq's conception of constitutionalism. I submit it herewith for publication in as an appropriate contemporary forum most accessible to interested readers and hospitable to interactive response. This piece reflects the perspective of a lawyer on constitutional issues involved in treating the legacy of a singular person about whom nearly all have opinions. Controversies surrounding the life and myth of Musaddiq only highlight his immense significance, especially for secular liberal opposition in Iran >>>

Why do they hate us?

Interview with Stephen Kinzer, author of "Overthrow" and "All the Shah's Men"
Fariba Amini

Stephen Kinzer is well known in the Iranian community. His book All the Shah’s Men which described the 1953 coup d’etat in Iran reads like a spy novel and won praise both in Iran and the US. Stephen received hundreds of emails and letters from people all over the world including a man who was only a little boy in Philadelphia, when Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh went to the Liberty Bell, offering the Iranian nation’s friendship for America. That little boy had delivered a bouquet of flowers to the then Prime Minister of Iran. A long time correspondence with the NY Times, he has now left the Times to teach journalism at Northwestern University in Illinois. He was the Times bureau chief in Istanbul, covered wars in Nicaragua, Guatemala as well as Serbia. Now, S. Kinzer is out with a new book, Overthrow: America’s century of regime Change from Hawaii to Iraq >>>

Miraase Mossadegh

Mossadegh's legacy and today's struggle for a secular democracy
Ramin Kamran

Chand deedaar

Observing Mossadegh in private and public
Parviz Khatibi
Introduction by Ramin Kamran

President Mossaddegh

I hereby announce my candidacy for the president of the Islamic Republic of Iran
Cyrus Mossaddegh

The greatest threat Iran faces today is America, and if the next President of Iran does not understand the Americans, then he or she is putting Iran in great danger. We must all agree that we cannot ignore the American military forces that are in close proximity and we must also agree that military confrontation must be avoided at all costs --- and to do that we must communicate with the Americans.

Finding Mossadegh

Reconstructing the story of a coup that changed history
Masoud Kazemzadeh

Letters from Ahmad Abad

Mossadegh's letters to his trusted friend and lawyer
Fariba Amini

Az folklore siyaasi taa taarikh-nevisi

1953 coup: Fact & fiction
Ramin Kamran

Baazgoshaaee-ye parvandeye 28 Mordaad
Interview with Mahmoud Kashani

Mossadegh-e Dovom
Who is/are the next Mossadegh?
By Ali Nazer

Leave us alone
'Noble' and 'dignity' do not apply to the behavior of the Qajar rulers
By Mahan Esfahani

Liaaghat nadaashtim
Those "good-for-nothing" Qajars
By Manoutchehr Eskandari-Qajar

Settle the Mossadegh issue & forget about the A-bomb
By Alidad Vassigh

Replies in earnest

On the complete idiot's guide to the CIA

Notable success!

A complete idiot's guide to the CIA
By Moe

Mossadegh saved the Shah
The prime minister's inaction paved the way for the Shah's return to power in 1953
By Fereydoun Hoveyda

Forgotten fighters
We must recognize the huge sacrifices made by thousands of "Tudehies" for a better Iran
By Babak Khosravi

We need a break, for good
Khalil Maleki's letter to Mohammad Mossadegh and the godless road ahead
By Jahanshah Javid

1953 COUP
Let it rest
It's been 50 years already! Move on, as other countries have
By An Iranian

The day democracy died
August 19, 1953
By Fariba Amini
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Khodaavand ham qaader neest...

Interview on the 1953 coup
Ramin Kamran

Ketaabi az Mossadegh
Notes on reprinting a Mossadegh book
By Ramin Kamran

Mossadegh nadaareem, Shaah tahiyeh meeshavad
Producing a Shah in the absence of a Mossadegh
By Ramin Kamran

72 photos: Mossadegh
Copliled by Jalil Bozorgmehr

Under the surface
Palace-Premier's negotiations with the British over oil
By Hashem Hakimi

The story of Shaban "Beemokh" Jafari
By Homa Sarshar

Icon of democracy
51st anniversary of Mossadegh's election as prime minister
By Hamid Akbari

Don't call me "Sir"
Mossadegh: Humility and integrity in government
By Fariba Amini
May 2001

Our best bet
Tea with former British ambassador to Iran
By Cyrus Kadivar
July 13, 2000

Just like that
How the Mossadegh government was overthrown
By Mark Gasiorowski
May 26, 2000

Unedited CIA history of 53 coup

CIA history of 1953 coup
Official document published in The New York Times
April 17, 2000

Lost? My foot
The CIA claims 1953 coup files have been "destroyed or lost"
June 1997

Iranian of the century
Internet survey
January 3, 2000

28th of Mordad
Photos by Farhad Diba
August 1998

Twenty Eight of Five of Thirty two
The day Mosaddegh fell
By Ebrahim Golestan
August 1998

Your comments and recollections

"The Evolution of Iran's Oil Industry"
Excerpts from a book by Gholamreza Afkhami (in Persian)
August 1998

Man of the Year
Time magazine, 1951

Text of 1953 radio address
... few months before the CIA-backed coup

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