Collision course

Once again as i sit here and read more article about how Iran is a menace to world peace i can't help but to think how this is so unfair. when one looks at the treatment that Iran has received over past 60 years from the west we can understand why Iranians do not trust the west.

Starting from WWII when the consortium of America, Britain and Soviet Union pretty much ruled Iran behind the scene and stole Iranian national wealth (IRAN'S OIL) through Anglo-American oil company. then overthrown Iran's democratically elected government of Dr Mohammad Mossadegh by the CIA and installing the brutal regime of the shah of Iran and training of the shahs most hated secret police SAVAK to brutalize the Iranian people one can understand the mistrust of Iranian people.

Then it's an open secret that America in 1980 encouraged Saddam Hussein to attack Iran and helped Saddam by giving Iraq info on Iranian troop movements, giving him most advance weapons, trained Iraqi war commanders, send him American military advisers and gave him ingredients for chemical weapons and condoned his use of it to attack Iran and his own people. ( if not the chemical weapons themselves). all of these criminal activities of Saddam Hussein was condoned and encouraged until he became too arrogant and challenged his western masters by invading Kuwait (as you remember the famous picture of Saddam Hussein shaking hand with Donald Rumsfeld).

(for those of us in the United States Military at the time we're fully aware of U.S. military support for Iraq because we were on the ground at the time.)

Now, they are using Iran's Peaceful Nuclear Technology to as an excuse to put farther pressure on Iran and / or possibly attack Iran for 3 reasons:

1. to protect Israel's dominance of Middle East and make sure no country can challenge Israel's military dominance of middle east.

2. to continue flow of oil out of the middle east to the west. because as you know china's economy is growing leaps and bounds and they rely heavily on middle east oil and the west wants to make sure to control the Chinese growth by controlling the amount of oil they get. in other words they want to control the oil tap. this is very easily understood when you look at Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and now Iraq is under American control. which country with major Oil Supply is Left? Iran of course. do you still say Iran is at fault???

3. recently Iran announced that it is setting up at Oil Borse (stock exchange) in early 2006 for world Oil Producers in Iran and the Currency of use is going to be Euro (American Dollar is no longer going to be used as a trade currency) . if this happens this action alone is going to put significant pressure on U.S. economy and damage it if not destroy it. just for this act alone. Iran is susceptible to attack.

let's talk about Iran's Peaceful Nuclear Technology, first they say Iran has so much oil so why do they need Nuclear Power, then they say that Iran can not be trusted with nuclear technology, and then they say Iran is a menace to its neighbors. to all of that i say. lie, lie, lie.

1. Iran has every right to peaceful nuclear energy. Nuclear energy is cheap and clean, does it not make sense for Iran to want to use a very cheap source of energy and sell it expensive oil to the world to make money. is that not a valid reason??? As a signatory of NPT Iran just like any of other signers can not only use nuclear knowledge for peaceful purposes but other signer of NPT must help Iran develop it's own Peaceful Nuclear Technology. hindrance and threats against a county that has signed NPT is against International Law. none of this ridiculous double standard where some countries that have not even signed NPT can have BETWEEN 150-400 NUCLEAR WEAPONS SUCH AS ISRAEL or India and Pakistan but one of the countries that has SUCH AS IRAN is put on ever greater pressure to give up it's INTERNATIONALLY ACCEPTED BASIC RIGHT.

Iran even VOLUNTARILY froze it's uranium enrichment for 2 and half years while it tried in vein to please the American and Europeans about it's peaceful intentions over and over giving and giving into their ever more increasingly ridiculous demands. by first agreeing to sign what is called an additional protocol, then agreeing to have snap unannounced international inspections, then to have international monitors sit there in the nuclear centers, then agreed to have advanced cameras installed in the nuclear centers beaming live feed to European capitals (and no doubt the Europeans forward the video feed to Israel too), then Iran agreed to even have the European and American companies work with them in Iranian nuclear center. then after all of this bending backward to a point of breaking your back, the European just didn't even give Iran one ioda. ( shouldn't there be give and take in a negotiation, a sort of win, win for everyone???? not for one side to give, give and give and the other side just stalling for time????) WOULD YOU ACCEPT THAT??? that is the reason Iran finally said enough is enough. we are going to continue uranium enrichment on very small scale while we continue negotiation. ( small means: Iran needs over 80,000 centrifuges running in series together to have enough uranium to meet it power generation needs but for right now they will only operate a 3 or 4 to learn the process. or at most about 100 of them)

2. The United States says Iran can't be trusted with Nuclear weapons. When was the last time Iran started any wars? well, i know the answer. NEVER. i mean isn't that cattle calling the pot Black. Do i not remember world history correctly to see that United States is the only Country in the world that HAS USED NUCLEAR WEAPONS TWICE TO KILL PEOPLE IN A WAR. ONCE IN HIROSHIMA AND AGAIN IN NAGASAKI. just look at only the past 50 years has united states not invaded countries, overthrown government, and supported dictatorships all throughout the world, lets look, in Korea, Vietnam, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Granada, Colombia, panama, Niger, Angola and rest of Africa, and the most recently Afghanistan and Iraq. Can we for a moment take their accusation against Iran seriously?

In early march of this year Bush went to India to sign an agreements to support and provide India with nuclear material and know how for their Nuclear activities, which even a 4 grader knows it means United States will help them indirectly to make better and more accurate nuclear weapons. this was a THANK YOU TO INDIA FOR SUPPORTING U.S. AGAINST IRAN AT IAEA MEETINGS. THIS IS CALLED HYPOCRISY AT IT'S BEST. while America helps (GIVES) Israel nuclear weapons, gave England Nuclear weapons in early 50's and helps India improves theirs. IRAN can't even have Nuclear knowledge for cheap, and clean source of energy and can't study nuclear technology in it's universities and can't do research to apply nuclear science for medical purposes. SURELY NO SANE COUNTRY CAN GIVE UP IT'S MOST BASIC RIGHT.


This is a physics professor speaking about what would be a result of nuclear attack on Iran.

Nuclear Posture Review (the study of recently changed views of Bush/Chaney team where it's OK to nuke a country irregardless of how little threat they are to the united states

A petition by nuclear physics and other educator and notables to united state congress to protest the fact that the idea of nuclear preemptive strike on a non nuclear country is even being thought about.

Doctrine for Joint Nuclear Operations this is a wonderful lady who writes more eloquently then i do.

— is talking about how Iran is being set-up for a Nuclear attack. this article is in the American Conservative the neoconservatives own newspaper. if you don't believe me you surely can believe an ex CIA speaking in a conservative newspaper.

Life is surely good in this country and I'm thankful to god for living here. and I'm thankful to god that i have been able to serve this country for 11 years in it's Military. and i do consider myself an American Patriot and for that reason i feel the need to speak out when i see this county is going down the wrong path in it's foreign policy. i see it to be such a shame that this country for past 40-50 years has placed the welfare of 6 million people half the world away ahead of it's own national interest. ahead of what is good for America and Americans. America would be greatly served if it paid more attention to what is good for it, rather then what is good for them. this is a classic an example of a tail waging the dog.

America and Iran need not to be on a collision course. there are millions of reasons where both of our homelands can work on problems that are facing them both. why should we allow a third country to push us toward a war that no one wants and will not bring any good to America.

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