Dream machines

The year was 1932. War loomed in Europe and famine ravaged Russia, but the USA was recovering from the Great Depression. Confidence and novelty were

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Fidelity Ring

To All Women: If your husband is a man and has in his possession a fully functional penis, then he is genetically designed to cheat

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تاریخ موجودیت کردان

زخود رمیده چه داند، نوای من ز کجاست جهان او دگر است و جهان من دگرست (اقبال) آنچه در این نوشتار بسیار مجمل می آید،

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Hoder’s recent problems

Less than a month ago one my favorite blogs, Editor: Myself, held by Hossein Derakhshan (aka Hoder) was first butchered and then shut down by

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The art of getting some

Being a non-Christian and non-European, or non-white, is something to set aside Iranians, and most other men from the Middle East, in their search, or

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Walls say it all

I was in Buenos Aires (BA), Argentina, to attend a wedding around a year ago (April 2006). I took these pictures, on a beautiful day

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The Bright Sunlight

When I looked outside to see the bright sunlight, I knew right away that life was just too good to be true. That even though

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calling dr. holakouee
Sheila K

Calling Dr. Holakouee

Dr. Holakouee, why can’t these women simply say, “I married the a..hole cause I wanted to get out of Iran? …AS IN DESPERATELY!” Like many

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