A Revolution “Eats” Its Own Children

Parvaneh and Dariush ..
Loving Their Country ..

“Passionate” For Justice and Freedom ..
“Idealistic” In Their Greatness of Iran ..

Patiently Awaiting a “Brighter” Day ..
The “Iran” That Their “Hearts” Throbbed For ..

Never Forgetting That “Greatness” Had A “Price” ..
That, That “Price” Could Be The Life of Its “Children” ..

The “Blood” That Soaked The “Carpet” ..
A Sacrifice To The “Gods” of “Greatness” ..

A Great “Iran” Sheds The Blood Of Its “Heros” ..
As A “Lamb” is Sacrificed To The “Gods”, So Are Those of Our “Heros” ..

God Almighty “Accept” these Sacrifices As Our “Offerings” ..
The Blood of “Martyrs” Atones For Our “Sins” ..

Knowing “Full Well” That At “All Times” ..
The “Greatness” Of Our “Nation” Depends On Such “Sacrifices” ..

Our Great Nation of “Iran” ..
Being Great In The “Past” ..

May The “Blood” of Such “Heros” ..
Nourish The “Greatness” That Is “Yet To Come” ..

Rest In “Peace” ..

Copyright ©2007 Shae’r

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