Cry For “Justice”

I asked My Parents on the Dead in Iraq ..
Women, Children, Old and Young ..

I asked Them On The Retribution Of Justice ..
Whether the Crime on the “Weak” Goes “Unpunished” ..

I asked them Whether Indeed There was “Justice” on this Earth ..
I asked them whether a “Just” God would allow such “Atrocities” ..

They answered me “Son, Of Course there is Justice on This Earth” ..
“The Justice May Not Be The Way We Want It” ..
“But There is Justice” ..

How can over a million Iraqis be “Killed” and No Justice ..
How Can Children Be Made “Fatherless” and the Foundation of the World Not Cry ..
How Can Daughters Be Made “Motherless” and The Soul Of Creation Not Shout in “Agony” ..
How Can A Whole Society Be “Dismantled”, and The God of Creation Not Wince an Eye ..

Let Me Say This:
If There is No Justice, There is No God ..
If There is No “Comfort” for the Grieving, There is No “Salvation” ..
If There is No “Divine” Retribution, There is No Order ..
And Finally,
If There is No Manifestation of “God’s Spirit”, There is No Point in Life ..

A Flea isn’t Killed without The Whole Universe Knowing about it ..
Let alone an Innocent Woman, An elderly, or a Child ..

Copyright ©2007 Shae’r

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