Testing 1, 2.

Test paragraph: I support Barak Obama because if he becomes president, then most Americans will be able to pronounce my name. -Babak

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Exit on the Left

It is said that on 18 October 1967, nine days after Che was killed, Castro delivered a eulogy for Che, to a million people gathered

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No-nonsense revolution

A handful of ordinary lives caught in the storms of civilization inspired Charles Dickens’ Tale of Two Cities, and Boris Pasternak’s Dr. Zhivago. Recently Marjane

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Reality check

The U.S. National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) report with regards to Iran’s Nuclear Intentions and Capabilities was released on Monday. It said that Iranians had halted

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The Dude

Sex Irani vs. Sex Farangi

Many Iranians have an uncomfortable relationship with sex. There is little of it on television and while escorts in Iran exists the black market is

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The “Inevitability” of “Fate”

As The “Universe” Informs “Us” .. The “Question” always “Is” .. From “Whence” .. “Does” My “Control” .. “Emanate” .. “Faith” Everlasting .. “Tells” Us

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