Creepy Kids

Here is a 13 year old who is being taken seriously by the “conservative” faction of the Republican Party. He’s a child so we should not make fun of him. However, I find him creepy. I don’t know why a parent would want their child talking about taxes and abortion – when their is a fun future of adulthood to blog, write hate mail, and dodge the truth about what is wrong with the RepubliKanz i.e. hypocrisy (founding fathers were brilliant and would havewasted energy on Roe V. Wade as well despite that the fact that this isn’t amormon country). If you’re alive by the time he has his first campaign, tv show, and/or gay sex scandal, you can look back and remember 2009 as the year you met a little Jewish boy named Jonathan Krohn on

Here is another very creepy kid. Notice the similarities in hair color, finger waving, and frowning. Another future asshole! He reminds me of the parents who make their kids hold signs “god hates fags.” It is hard to watch if you are sensitive to crying children who have been brainwashed. 

Both of these children might be viewed as actors or staging a kind of narrative and I can see the value of that! I can. But we all know this is more than that especially when they grow up and become a problem.


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