NEWS FLASH; Obama NOT a Muslim

It is one thing to hear that Obama is a Muslim from a red neck 50 year old American in a farming town in Kansas or Oklahoma and another to hear the same B.S. from an educated Iranian.  A few nights ago I was talking with an Iranian gentleman who is an OB/GYN in Orange County.

Beside the obvious high level of scientific education, I know this guy reads numerous magazines and articles online and on paper in addition to a couple of books every month; books in English, German, Farsi and French.  So you figure someone like him is logical.

But no!  This dude was adament that President Barak Obama is a Muslim.  His reasoning:

1) Obama’s dad was a Muslim

2) He is not putting pressure on Iran (recent elections matter)

There were others involved in this discussion beside me and the good doctor.  Many of these people agreed with the doctor’s opinion.

As I was standing there, I was thinking how much of a moron would one have to be to think that.  Obama was raised by his mother and grand mother from age 8 or 9.  He attended Christian churches until age 15.  I don’t know what he did between ages 16 and 28 but I know he married a Christian woman, in a Church, in a ceremony conducted by a priest.  He did not ask his wife to covert to Islam as it is required by Islamic law.  From age 28 to now, Obama has attened Christian churches.  His kids pray to Jesus every night before they sleep.  He has publicly and explicitly said that he is a Christian and not a Muslim.  What else do you need people?

Just because his middle name is Hossein (Hussein) and his dad was a non practicing drunk Muslim and because he is not directly interfering in affairs of Iran, is enough reason for you to think this dude is a Muslim?!!!!

Get a freaking life people. 

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