Are we ready for a true democracy?

There are so many people who are feeding off the IRI that they make sure that regime is going to survive. These guys are controlling everything. You practically have a military regime like no. korea. The head of every organization is one of their own. They are bunch of determined and ruthless guys who happend to own all the weapons, money, power and everything in between.

They have acquired all the wealth through corruption and intimidation. The lust for power and money would not allow them to give it all up. One thing is for sure that the mollahs are like priests and rabbis who are very stubborn and revengeful people who would never give up their power unless they are forced to. 

Are the greens capable of over-throwing the regime? Are they as mean as as the mollahs and the basijis? I am afraid not! Just imagine the leftist democrats trying to fight against the die-hard radical republicans. Guess who is going to win the war on the streets! They have no merci and they would fight to the end. 

So, if we are to win, we would need to be much meaner and ready to sacrifice many more. You cannot just run away from the basiji, when attacked, and expect to win this uprising. So, how are we going to win peacefully?

Have we ever thought who and what would be this would be replaced with? Remember the Shah? They just wanted get rid of him and they ended up replacing him with something and someone much worse! Let’s not repeat the same mistake and plan this as any war. There are many groups like MEK and many others who hope to be in charge!

We need to have a comprehensive strategy. I wish the best for our brothers and sisters in Iran! My prayers and heart, just like you, is with them! One dead is too many for these satans!

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