Tomorrow is the 31st birthday of the IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic.

Given the raping, torturing, maiming, limb chopping, hanging and other very Islamist behavior of the Godly folks towards Iranian men, women and children, the following are suggested:

1- As some Islamist “legislators” have demanded, the backlog of executing the batch from the previous demonstrations could easily be cleared up as part of tomorrow’s 31st. birthday bash.

Like Romans did, gallows should be erected on both sides of the main route and all around the main venue, the Freedom Square. In this way two birds are killed with one stone. The ones who have dared to “wage war against God” get their just deserts and the birthday partygoers can marvel at the extent of freedom in their beloved Islamist Rapist Republic.

2- Money being tight and the Islamist partygoers are known to be best motivated by money, the pockets of the condemned could be stuffed with nearly worthless IRR currency which could be had by the participants, piñata style.

3- To save on all the overtime for the Islamist security thugs and the transportation cost of ferrying the “warring against God” suspects captured during this birthday bash simple solution is proposed.

To do Islamists justice to the unruly Iranian men, women and children, interspersed between the free food and drink stands and the gallows, Islamist rape stands with appropriate names like Kahrizak, Evin 209, Diezel-abad and alike could be erected.  

Lastly, number of Islamist “reformist intellectuals” who theorize democracy can be had in the context of religion holding the levers of power could be invited for the clown acts.

Lets “bear witness” this one too.

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