My latest musical obsession is M.I.A.’s Space Odyssey.  When she had her huge hit Paper Planes, I honestly did not care for it that much.  I don’t know why people get into a tizzy every time a female rapper comes on the scene.  With Space Odyssey though, it is such a throwback to those amazing trip hop groups I was so enamored of in the 90s, Portishead, Tricky, Massive Attack, Bjork and so many others.  Though I have left my pot smoking days well behind me, this kind of song and especially the video that goes along with it (and which only cost $100 to make!) actually made me nostalgic for those carefree days when I could just sit back, tune out, and enjoy the $hit out of these beats.

Please to enjoy M.I.A.’ Space Odyssey:

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