Birthday party from hell

There used to be no place on this planet of ours where celebrating and attending a friend’s birthday would be tantamount to committing a crime. Not anymore, the folks running IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, have officially added attending birthday parties to their long list of serious offences.

The Islamist Rapist police commander of “public safety” has declared:

“Holding any mixed party is a crime and police will intervene in such gatherings in which the limits set by Sharia are not observed.”

In other word, birthday parties are legitimate targets for the Islamist Rapists to raid, arrest and lash people. This of course is nothing new, Islamist Rapists have been doing it for the past thirthy two years, however, now it is officially announced policy.

Next time when in the sane world you have a birthday party, attending one, or dropping off your teenager at one, just ponder the absurdity of the cruel life the Islamist Rapists have imposed on the enslaved Iranians.

The kicker is, these messianic Islamist Rapists are after weaponized nuke to fulfill their promise to “manage the world.”

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