Suicide in Protest?

Why did he do it? Why did a patriotic young man who was a hero and inspiration to Iranians and whose dream like all Iranians was to see a free secular Iran commit suicide? Is it possible that he was forced to take his own life in protest? Is it possible that he was so psychologically tormented by the human rights violations and atrocities he saw in Islamic Republic and the unjust and unfounded accusations and bullying against his father, the King, that he took his own life as other young Iranians in Iran who have been tortured, imprisoned, and blocked from education and work? Prince Ali Reza’s suicide note clearly expresses these feelings.

What factors could have contributed to his premature death? Is it possible that his life was prematurely snuffed out by the very forces that are wiping Iran’s ancient history off the textbooks? Is Harvard University complicit in this death? Did Harvard grant him a PhD? If not, why not?

Why was his PhD delayed for 20 years? Why was he discouraged from his PhD studies at Harvard? Is it because he was the son of a man who has been falsely vilified for 20 years by Mr. Khomeini and his supporters (liberal left, communists, radical muslims, and mossadegh supporters)? Why was he not allowed to become a professor of Iranian Studies while his fellow colleague at Columbia, Mr. Dabashi, the son of billionaire mullahs, is now full professor and director at Columbia University? Is it because Harvard, Columbia, and Stanford are monopolized by a group of Jewish/Islamic PseudoScholars who hand out PhDs and positions to their own?

Mr. Dabashi has the gall to suggest that perhaps Prince Ali Reza Pahlavi committed suicide because “he knew he had no place in Iran.” What a bunch of bull crap! This socialist-islamic Khomeini’s supporter is a professor who jets around the world to give lectures while our beloved Prince was isolated, cornered, threatened, bullied, harassed, and barred. Every patriotic Iranian has a place in Iran today and in the future. Prince Ali Reza Pahlavi knew he would be a part of the future of Iran. Now he will be a part of our future in spirit.

Is it possible we are witnessing the human costs of the blood drenched brutal, callous, operations and policy of British Empire and its blood sucking vampires, Mr. Khomeini and his successors to maintain British oil interests in middle east?

The Crown Prince, Reza Pahlavi II has dutifully accepted the Boston Police’s report and the suicide note that the young Prince left behind. Prince Ali Reza’s death is a wake up call to the Iranian community overseas and in Iran to mobilize to save Iran and make it a habitable place for all Iranians.

God Bless and protect the remaining Pahlavi Family and what is left of Iran. We need to unite as Iranians to restore our H.R.H. Reza Pahlavi as King of Iran. His father refused to abdicate. What does this mean? It means Crown Prince Pahlavi is the legitimate ruler of Iran.

Long Live Pahlavi. Long Live a Secular, Democratic Constitutional Monarchy in our beloved Iran.

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