7 Thoughts About Libya Today

1.       With this win, the “West” will mark the liberation of 10 x more people in the Arab world (150 million) in 3 years than Bush did in 8 years, for literally 1% of the financial cost that Bush spent, with 1% of the casualties (blood) with virtually no corrupt business partners stealing the war money….no planes filled with hard cash, no Halliburton …. Kudos to Obama /Clinton foreign policy.

2.       With this win, the people of Syria will be inspired to continue on their own march for freedom and hopefully, just as patiently as the Libyans fight their own battles to topple another 40 year old regime out of power.

3.       With this win, Gadhafi’s allies are on notice, the crosshairs are on them now…everyone from Venezuela to Iran …get ready

4.       With this win, let there be one more lesson to all those that have provided illegitimate service to the West …like Gadhafi, like the Shah …fighting proxy wars on their behalf, placing billion in western bank accounts does not in the end provide you with guarantees of power for life. Regimes in the West change every 4 to 8 years, and with that change you too could be doomed. They are inherently unreliable partners. If you are a dictator, your real masters must be your own people …Your best bet is to become a symbolic power figure like the King of Spain or Queen of Britain, but let the people choose their own destiny always. (That is if you want to live in a palace till you die).

5.       With this win, hopefully, a new dawn will set on the Arab world, and a real Union can be established across North Africa and a new Economic and Political Union can be established with no impediments to creating a modern Arab Union (like the European Union) . Despite his rhetoric, Gadhafi was actually a stumbling block for the creation of such a Union.  A central elective body, a common language, a common currency, a common market … maybe even a common Arab Football Confederation!! The majority of Arab land mass (and now Arab population) will have a democratic base, and that is what is needed to make a Union possible. All the way from Casablanca to Baghdad.

6.       With this win, there is a lesson for Iran….that disparate tribes can come together with a common goal of national liberation. Libya is actually comprised of many different tribes …and they came together in the East and West of the country to fight Gadhafi! And win, without splintering the country to pieces. Maybe the Kurds, Azeris, Turkmens, Baluchis, Ahwazis can unify and liberate Iran …without cutting the country up into 5 pieces.

7.       I was happy when Tunisia made the shift, happy when Yemen fell, thrilled when Egypt erupted…but for some reason I am euphoric that Gadhafi is gone. He always irked me. He was mad, he was stupid, and he was an obnoxious symbol of Arab backwardness. Pretending to have meetings in tents …wherever he travelled (in Europe, Asia, etc.)…while he actually lived in a Palace.  I hated his ridiculous imagery, I hated his hypocrisy, I hated his war monger in Africa sending troops everywhere, I hated everything he stood for. In some ways today is historic. This is an inspirational moment. It shows you with all the Billions he had, all the mercenaries he bought, all the money he handed out under the table to people like Berlusconi in Italy and others around the world, he could not buy an extra minute of power …that ultimately power comes from the people.

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