I began my Saturday, by getting up at 11 am. Monday thru Friday, I wake up at 5 am, so on the weekends, I sleep in late. I called my mom to make sure that she was doing well. I was not prepared for what happened to her the night before.

My mom and a friend were coming back from their errands Friday night. As the vehicle they were in passed through the entrance gate to the apartments where my mom lives, another vehicle approached on the exit side. The driver told my mom’s friend to stop the car.  My mom’s friend is in her late 70’s. She stopped the car and roll downed her window to ask the guy what he said.  Big mistake!

The passenger of the other vehicle, jumped out. He had a small gun. Yep! He goes over to my mom’s friend, points the gun at her and tells her to hand over her and my mom’s purse. The friend tells the thief that her purse is in the trunk. Huge lie because it was in the back seat.My mom and I are still not sure the logic in telling the guy “the purse is in the trunk”.

While the woman opens the trunk, my mom takes advantage that she was not being watched. She gets out of the car and carefully drops her purse in the parking lot. She pushes her purse under the car with her foot. The thief never saw her do anything. Thank goodness!

All of a sudden, out of no where another man comes out. Only this one is about twice the size of the thief. The thief is startled and tells the women, Never Mind! He jumps back into the get away car and drives off with his partner in crime. Thank God that the other man showed up. I hate to think what could have happened to my mother. 

I sent a text message to one of my siblings giving her the details of what happened. I have told her that it is time that mom moves out of that area. I knew my sister would make sure the rest of my siblings were informed. My sibling is not prone to gossip. However, she will relay important information to the rest of the family. I prefer to have my sibling inform the rest. It saves me time. 

I have talked to my mom in the past about moving from that area. She no longer has any family there. I tried to get her to move back to El Paso. I have two sisters that live there but mom doesn’t want to live in El Paso. She had finally agreed to move with me for a couple of months while we found her a suitable apartment. It appears that I will have to move up the moving date. 

Remember to be nice to your mom. Life is a lot shorter than one imagines. 




Note: The photo used for this blog is an actual photo of my mother from long ago……….:o)



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