Israel got to go!

On the occasion of the upcoming “Qods Day”, Passive Defense System director, Revoulutionary Guard Commander, Gholam-Reza Jalali has said:

“Qods Day …. Displays the fact that there is no other way except Strength and steadfastness till the complete removal of aggressiveness and destruction of Israel, and Moslems the world over must …”

Four points,

1- Those lovelies who do not see warmongering in this direct quote, need to see their ophthalmologists.

2- This high official of the Islamist regime is enunciating often declared official policy of the Islamist regime.

3- The warmongers have set aside the charade and word game of using “Zionism” in place of the state of Israel.

4- These warmongers are detested at home and abroad which includes all the Muslim countries. They already have ICBMs and are racing to acquire nuclear weapon.


If they are not soon overthrown by the Iranian people, how long would it be before they instigate a war?

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