Cyrous Moradi

چه باید کرد؟

امسال مصادف است با دویستمین سال حمله ناپلئون به روسیه در سال 1812. در روسیه این حمله به نام جنگ میهنی The patriotic war of

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Arts and Literature
Majid Naficy

The Letter

We grow old far from each other, You, there Where shady trees lead to Philosophers’ Way With a tree house built by a playful forest

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دفاع نه تهاجم

از آنجا که ایران همواره اعلام کرده که برنامهٔ اتمی‌ ‌اش فقط برای مقاصد صلح آمیز است و به هیچ وجه به دنبال دستیابی به

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The Green Wave

Thanks to Human Rights Watch a full auditorium in Amsterdam discussed on Tuesday 25 September 2012 about the struggle of Iranian people for freedom. An

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داستانهای استانبول ۹

آقای رفیعی گفت: مواظب باش گولت نزنن. پریروز من‌رو کشوندن تو اون پاساژ زیر میدون و سیگارا رو از دستم کشیدن و در رفتن. آقای

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Going all the way in Iran

With the rapid plunge in the value of the Messianic Islamist Rapist Republic (IRR) currency, all doubts about the effectiveness of oil sanction has been

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The Pedagogy of the Oppressed

Violence is initiated by those who oppress, who exploit, who fail to recognize others as persons—not by those who are oppressed, exploited, and unrecognized. It

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30,000 +

The death toll in the ongoing crime against humanity in Syria has surpassed 30,000. For nearly 18 months, Syrian Battist murderers, flown in specialist killers

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What if we’re wrong on Iran?

[T]he intelligence community should immediately, if it has not already done so, prepare candid assessments of the effect military strikes against Iran’s nuclear facilities could

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A Persian King Living in Denial

‫گفتگوی رضا پهلوی در برنامه افق صدای آمریکا‬‎ – YouTube:… Why do we need a Royal Institution? The Royal Institution, protects the culture of

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