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Short story
By Bruce Bahmani
November 17, 2000

Mosquito wings
Short story
By Massud Alemi
November 7, 2000

Short story
By Khodadad Rezakhani
October 25, 2000

A big beautiful lamb
Memoires of a sacrifice
By Mehrnaz Mahallati
October 3, 2000

Madame Bayaz
You in October 2001
By Madame Bayaz

The child of bazaar
Short story
By Reza Ordoubadian
September 14, 2000

Short story
By Namdar Nasser
September 14, 2000

A ten-letter African country
Short story
By Mehdi Nasrin
August 14, 2000

King of the benighted
Novella excerpt
By Houshang Golshiri
June 8, 2000

Can't live with or without Iran
By Hassan Rajabnejad
May 23, 2000

The up-start woman
Short story
By Reza Ordoubadian
May 15, 2000

Conspiracy at Desert One
Hostage rescue mission
By Bernace Charles
April 24, 2000

Flight 603
A different perspective on exile
By Siamak Kiarostami
April 21, 2000

A voice in the crowd
Arash heard the closing whistle of the rocket, his insides telling him that it was close
By Babak Morvarid
March 28, 2000

The Herbalist
The crowning achievement of his life was his treatment of gonorrhea and syphilis
By Massud Alemi
March 21, 2000

No freedom fighters
"Yeah, in Lebanon. Ninety to Ninety-two. I've paid my dues, helped the brothers."
By Salar Abdoh
February 16, 2000

Night has fallen
A revolution puts friends on separate paths
By Gelareh Asayesh
February 10, 2000

The wedding
Short story
By Reza Ordoubadian
January 18, 2000

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