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Excess baggage
Photo essay: Rehearsals for "Suitcase" going on stage in San Francisco
Jahanshah Javid

A long ago passion
To know more and more about the life and other works of the extraordinary Jean Genet
Nazanin Malekan

I am a believer
Trafalgar Square's improbable conclusion
Reza Aramesh

Mossadegh on stage
Review of a play, written and directed by Reza Allamehzadeh
Zohreh Khazai Ghahremani

Mad as the blood sound
A play
Ezzat Goushegir

Rumi in Soho
A play in two acts
Kaveh L. Afrasiabi

Shakespeare in the Islamic Republic and Sa’edi in Ohio
Performing Ghlamhossein Sa'edi's "Othello in Wonderland" in Ohio
Ali Akbar Mahdi and Elane Denny-Todd

Back in Berkeley
Photo essay: "Shaparak Khanoom" returns to the stage
Mansour Taeed

Maryam's pregnancy
A play
Ezzat Goushegir

Butterflies in Berkeley
Photo essay: The cast of "Shaparak Khanoom"
Mansour Taeed

Serious drama
Most Asian performances, including the Ta’ziyeh, have been introduced to the Western world as if they were merely antiques, and not as the live and passionate performances that they actually are
Jamshid Malekpour

Growing weaker
Amir Reza Koohestani's play in London's Royal Court
Peyvand Khorsandi

Comic timing
Houshang Touzie's talent to entertain, move and empower
Peyvand Khorsandi

Stage presence
Kourosh Salehi

Beneath Vosooghi
"Az Maahvaareh Baa Eshgh" was more like "Az Maahvaareh Bikhod"
Mahin Bahrami

Where are they now?
The characters in "Shahr-e Qesseh" 38 years later
Sharif N Mafi

Happy ending
Photo essay: Taziyeh in Berkeley
Jahanshah Javid

High price of noble ideals
Houshang Touzie's intriguing multifaceted play
Moe Maleki

...Cheh khaaki bar sar konam?
Houshang Touzie's play "Az Maahvaareh baa Eshgh"
Majid Roshangar

Opening night: "Death of Yadgerd"
Photo essay
Jahanshah Javid

Resurrecting Yazdgerd
Photo essay: Beyzaie's play in the Bay
Jahanshah Javid

Photo essay: Staging the life of a female poet
By Nader Davoodi

A near futuristic play
By Kaveh L. Afrasiabi

A play on the occasion of the British Royal visit to Iran
By Snoop Sagg

Exile and memory
... in Khaksar's "The Last Letter"
By Firoozeh Papan-Matin

Looking for Fati
A play about Bam
By Kaveh Afrasiabi

Khaateraat-e honarpishe-ye naghsh-e dovom
On Beyzaie's latest play
By Bahman Khayyam

Sargozasht-e seh doreh
Research on Iranian theater
By Nader Davoodi

A play
By Katayoon Hadizadeh

The bridge to Calcutta
One act play
By Majid

By Saeed Tavakkol

English text

A few minutes after 8

A play
By Saeed Tavakkol

One act play
By Majid

Celebrated play staged in Tehran
Photos by Peyman Hooshmandzadeh

Nine plays
Ta'ziyeh: Iran's indigenous theater

Indigenous theatre
Ta'ziyeh mourning rituals
By Peter Chelkowski

Passion player
The theater of Reza Abdoh

Wail or hail

Noruz celebrations with a tinge of wisdom
By Soma

Qahr-e Melli
Post-revolutionary dereliction on stage
By Soma

The Blacks
Sensory feat of a supreme kind
By Soma

Night out on Broadway
Theater industry is as alive as film
By Soma

Time to reappear
The play that angered religious leaders

Operation No Penetration
Lysistrata 97! An outrageous comedy about sex and war
By Torange Yeghiazarian

Last supper comedy
Photo essay
By J. Javid

Community theater in Berkeley
By Sepideh Koosha




Shirin Neshat

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