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Gohar and her moon
She was prepared for big things and deep things, like tragedy
November 12, 2001

A patriotic day
Like a pit-bull on a chain I took off
October 29, 2001

Welcome to Chevron
Vast, impersonal, intense loneliness of America
February 20, 2001

Lili came and awakened dreams
February 8, 2001

Pablo, James and I
Rose Ghajar's reflects on idols
May 4, 2000

Persian dreams
Reinterpretations of Ghajar art
August 9, 1999

December 11, 1998
Paris heartbeats in an orange glow
She is still in glorious excess

October 7, 1998
We take pleasure...
Leisure in Abadan? Sure. In 1969

July 29, 1998
Alone in India
I remember marigolds and the Taj Mahal room 302

July 21, 1998
What's in a name?
Names can be the beginning of love, fame and fortune

July 15, 1998
First Kiss
The blade of the long razor cutting across the soft hair on his face and the white soap...

June 24, 1998
A Small Party
A double date with my sister and two English soldiers

June 10, 1998
A portrait of my father
...Dr. Abol Qassem Bakhtiar

June 1, 1998
Parveen & I in Masjed Solaiman

May 21, 1998
The Lali Bridge
In Bakhitiari land

May 6, 1998
Too sweet to be true
Old Tehran

April 10, 1998
Oh Nellie!
I didn't tell her about the lavender wisteria in Tehran

July 1997
White Cloud
Paintings displayed in London

February 1997
Journey to where my mother, Helen, was born in 1905

May 1996
Oriental Sherbet

First friendship
Started writing, on a white paper, a letter to Dr. Weo Chen

November 1995
In the Land of Sumerians

September 1995
River of Clouds

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