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Photo essay: Between Isfahan and Naeen


Ben Bagheri
September 5, 2005

I went to Iran late July and spent a couple of weeks, mainly in Tehran and a couple of days in the birthplace of my parents between Isfahan and Naeen. My parents' roots are in and around Toudeshk and Toudeskhachou (little Toudeshk), on the outer edges of Iran's central deserts. These two villages have now expanded and merged into a township named after the bigger of the two, Toudeshk. The newly municipalized Toudeshk has a brand new city hall and a mayor!

My main purpose for traveling to Toudeshk was to pay my respects at the gravesite of my aunt Fatemeh who passed away less than a year ago. If you've been away if a relative, especially an elder relative passes away, it's the tradition to pay your respects as soon as you return and are able to attend.

Toudeshk and Toudeshkachou still have many old houses that are great examples of late 19th and early to mid-20th century mud and brick rural architecture of the area. The photos in this first set depict my approach to Toudeshkachou on the main Isfahan-Naeen highway and several shots I took in a 100+ year-old house that is sadly in the process of being demolished!


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