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A perfect day
Photo essay: Flying school and club North of London

Hamid Behzadi
August 8, 2007

After floods of biblical magnitudes and raining for two months, my friend of 30+ years Ali and I had ourselves a perfect flying day. I let the pictures tell the story of how glorious England is on a nice summer day. We fly with Flyteam, a flying school and club in North of London based in Elstree Aerodrome. If the name sounds familiar to you it is because the town it's named after is known for it famous film studio.

Flyteam is owned and run by an Iranian aviator of considerable experience and skill called Amir Alam. The only reason we trek half way round London is in order to fly with him and his Flyteam. Support this British-Iranian institution in this corner of England, we must. How we found Flyteam and how we came to realise our childhood ambition to fly, I shall tell another time. Comment

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