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Human rights

How about just doing your job?
Ebadi failed us, and most importantly she has failed herself and her efforts of a lifetime

August 4, 2004

The Question is not "Can you do a better job?" but rather -- "Can you risk living up to what needs to be done to procure necessary change? Can you simply do the job?" In other words are you selfless, will you the individual Iranian place the interest of your people above your own even if it means sacrificing your life?

As a nation and a people, we tend to be highly individualistic, almost selfish, and unfortunately do not know the basics of how to begin acting on behalf of a group. Hence we have yet to develop a sophisticated, efficient sense of what it means to be a team player.

Blaming Shirin Ebadi is not the answer, she is limited by her abilities and let the reader not misunderstand: She has NOT done what needs to be done nor will she! Is she incompetent? No! But has her discretion failed her? Absolutely! Partly because she is limited by what can be effectively categorized as "Mullah influenced discretion."

When Ebadi won the Nobel, the current regime gave her the "green light" to be their first female puppet to "speak democracy" and she, as a hypocrite, accepted. Thus instead of grasping the international platform that was placed at her feet by the West to expose the atrocities of the repugnant mullahs, she shrugged, gave a washed over speech as Iranian Americans and Iranians worldwide watched with open mouths, not believing that she wouldn't EXPOSE these Islamic terrorists to the international society.

Terrorists that assault innocent virgins in prisons before killing them, terrorists that mutilate and suffocate the life out of any Iranian without the least hesitation, terrorists that have bastardized a religion and used it to humiliate Muslims, Jews, Christians, Zoroastrians and to exterminate Bahais.

The latter is only a small taste of what they have done -- Ebadi didn't stir the world like she could have -- she could have accepted Western immunity, she could have started the Shirin show of international humiliation. She could have begun clearing the Iranian name. It is impossible for the world to have remained silent had she written a Nobel Peace Prize Speech that would have exposed the daily atrocities committed by this regime. Every Newspaper in the world would have made it front page news, she was the Nobel recipient!

Ebadi had the chance to shake the Mullahs to the point of no return, to create an international show of their dismissal but she did not! Why? Simply because she acted with an individualistic mindset, a cowardly, timid attitude that was afraid of real change. She thought of herself of how she could bring about insignificant change in the way that she already has, helping a few at a time instead of millions who are suffering inside Iran. S

Ebadi like so may Iranians thinks of herself before she thinks of her people. She thinks of her life, of her comforts, of leading a less complicated and dare I say richer life now that the dollars are pouring in with her World tour promoting her speeches. She knows deep own that the Mullahs will never change that the idea of 'compromise with Mullahs' is a better joke than reality!

Ebadi failed us, and most importantly she has failed herself and her efforts of a lifetime. So where are we now? At a pressing stage where we need to make certain that we do not fail each other anymore. And that is how you can do a better job!

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