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August 1, 2003

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* Search this

Using the same pathetic logic to justify a race or ethnicity-based profiling as used by Sean Tohidi [Not so perfect ], then his fictional Irish nun should indeed have been searched!

Sean, haven't you heard that there are Irish terrorists in the world? Remember the IRA? And according to your logic, if a few Irish people are terrorists, then all Irish people should be searched, right?

And Sean, let's not forget that Timothy McVeigh was blonde, and so naturally all blonde people should also be searched, right?

Oh, and considering the fact that the anti-abortion terrorists who go around killing doctors are Christians who act in the name of Christianity, then of course all Christians should be searched...

By the way, practically speaking how do you go around identifying Muslims or Arabs to be searched? Based on their looks or names? I mean, "Mohammad Ali" the boxer has an Arabic name but is an American, Black, and not an Arab or an Iranian. On the other hand, Cat Stevens is White, and a Moslem. The head of the PLFP was a Christian named George, though he was also a terrorist...and I know many people who look "Asian" and yet are Iranians and Muslims too....

So your suggestion that people who have names that sound Arabic or who look Muslim should be searched isn't really practical, is it? I guess we should search stereotypes of Muslims or terrorists instead of the real people.

The civil rights of Iranian-Americans/Moslems and Arabs are just as dear and sacred as blondes and Christians.

John Mohammadi


* Irritating? Maybe. Offensive? No.

Thank you Mr. Tohidi [Not so perfect]. Finally an Iranian has spoken with brains rather than ego. I was so glad to read this article. I realize profiling is a very terrible thing but I feel at this time it might be necessary. I certainly don't want to be shark food!

In the last two years I have traveled both within and outside of the United States and I have been searched from head to toe and even once detained in the airport in Turkey until my connecting flight was ready to leave. You would have thought I have Allah'o Akbar tattooed on my forehead and a semi-automatic hanging from my shoulder! However, I was not offended, maybe irritated that I couldn't use the duty free shops, but not offended.

The people at the airport are just doing their jobs. If we are really upset that it has gotten to this point where we have to violate basic human rights of a few for safety of all, we should convince our government (of the United States) to change their policy towards other countries so that so many people aren't constantly pissed off at us.

The great thing about this country is that the people have the power to change things instead of just whine about it (of coarse except for when the Supreme Court steps in and vetoes the popular vote, but I won't go there). So if you are upset about profiling, do something to change US policies, instead of whine that it just isn't fair.



* Be mad at them, not U.S.

Sean [Not so perfect],

If you have a business and have 19 bounced checks all given to you only by guys who wore "Metalica" T-shirts and "Fuck U" hats - and you don't stop honoring checks from guys who wear "Metalica" T-shirts and "Fuck U" hats, then you are not a racist pig - YOU ARE AN IDIOT.

I own a business and I wouldn't even take the first check from some one like that. That's not even racism (since when does wearing off-the-wall cloting determine one's race anyway?) Call it profiling if you wish. I call it "risk assessment".

Irish Nuns don't want to harm America. Certain Muslims do. I know that it is an insulting experience to be pulled aside in the airport and searched just because you are a Middle Easterner. But it is just unfortunate that those who want to harm America come from the same geographical area that you and I are from.

Be mad and furious at them for putting us in this predicament - not the U.S government.

B. Pejman


* Neanderthal approach

How did I get involved in your Neanderthal approach to political differences? [Letting everybody play]

Kir'e Shah up in the mother's ass of all those who claim they were arrested by the Shah's regime for criticizing him!

Kir'e Kharrrrr.. up in your mother's ass for publishing such garbage without asking for verification of such claims. One of these days, I'll fly to SFO and personally koon'et MeZaram.

Someone who was not arrested for criticizing the Shah


* Most enlightened perspective in a long time

I read with interest the interview with student activist Saeed Razavi-Faqih [Farewell to Khatami]. I am impressed by his reasoned and informed comments. This is perhaps the most enlightened perspective to come from Iranian political activists in a long time.

I do not know Mr. Razavi-Faqih and, like all Iranians who observed or assisted a bloody regime change personally and heard first-hand accounts of another equally disastrous change a few decades earlier, tend to be wary of his connections or ulterior motives.

But his words, taken at face value, are reassuring and indicative of the maturity of at least some student organizations. This is in contrast to many wishy-washy, slogan-chanting organizations that existed in the pre- and post-revolution years when I was a Professor in Tehran.

Having said this, I must note that Mr. Razavi-Faqih's statement that " Secular and religious forces in Iran have been plagued by a rift that should be transcended" rings hollow. I have a hard time imagining secular forces trusting religion-based organizations after what has transpired in the past two decades.

Behrooz Parhami
Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering
University of California, Santa Barbara


* Boycott mullahs

Canadian government has recalled its ambassador from Iran to consult about Zahra Khazemi’s death. If this is not just a formalistic answer, it could be a perfect and valuable reaction in order to force the Mullahs to comply with Canada’s demand for getting the victim’s body back.

I believe that isolating the cleric rulers in Iran is one of efficient ways to topple their regime. Economical and political sanctions by Canada and European countries could catalyze regime change in Iran. Most of Iran’s international trade is with Canada and Europe. If these countries boycott Mullahs, they cannot stay in power even for a year.

I know these countries get lots of advantage of dealing with Iran and they don’t want to lose it but they should now these trades only help the mullahs to get more money to stay in power and do whatever they have been doing for years. Iranians are not getting any proper assistance of this kind of commerce. Most of the trades are either in the hands of the corrupted government or the private companies which are highly connected to the conservative Mullahs.

We all remember the time that Iran's relations with the European Union became strained after a German court concluded in April 1997 that Iranian leaders had ordered the 1992 killing of four dissidents in Berlin's Mykonos restaurant. At that time most of western countries recalled their ambassadors from Iran and conservative Mullahs, who where on power, faced a real threat, but after a few month when the world media willingly ignored the case, all of them returned to Iran. Also Khatami’s victory in presidential election was another important element in taking that kind of step by the western countries.

But know is different time. We are in the post September 11 period. Most of western countries, including Canada are facing with a potential threat of terrorism, which is supported by such well-known regimes. Mullahs have been supporting and exporting terrorists for years. Zahra Kazemi is not the first or last victim. Their loyal men killed and are still looking for opportunity to kill innocent Iranians in Iran or all over the world.

This time the world should not ignore the problem. In a few days, European Union will review its relationship with Iran and it would be great occasion to isolate and cut off brutal Mullahs.

Davood Jafarzade Fard


* This is how people talk

After reading Dr. Seihoun's comment [Bad language, no content] on "Delam khonak shod", I remembered how our intellectuals have been always separated from the rest of the society in Iran. This gap is now much deeper since we live away from our mother land.

Dr. Seihoun, this is how people talk in streets of Tehran like it or not. While you and I are looking up the best words in thesaurus and best mortgage rates in the paper, our fellow Iranians are struggling with a dreadful life under the Islamic regime. Labling them as the enemies is a vulgar approach.



* Hamoona keh enghelab kardan

Aghaye Faramarz [Delam khonak shod],

omidvaram roozi mardom az dast in dolat eslami rahat shan. omidvaram roozi inhameh dardi keh shoma va hameh maha mikaeshim beh payan bereshe. omidvaram in hameh dard tamoom beshe. keh in mullaha sharm nadaran enssan nisstand. man shakhsan omid daram beh intellectualha. hamoona keh enghelab ra shoroo kardan hala bayad keshvar ro az in zahak-ha raha konand.

S. Ghalamzan


* Avval alaf bokhor

In response to [Delam khonak shod],



* I finally got a Sad Afarin

Woohoooo, I finally got a Sad Afarin after trying for years [Quiz: Baked in time]. The last time that I received a Sad Afarin was back in grade 3 back in Iran.

Taravat Javadinia


* Polo is not a dish

Well, I think I should clear something for you and your readers who have named the vegeterian dishes [Quiz: Vegetarian? Ummm....?]. I don't think any of those Polo (rice) will count as vegetarian dish, they all come with some sort of meat, of course you can take the meat out of most dishes and make it vegeterian. I make all kind of Persian Khoresh and rice without meat. I think only the original vegeterian dishes will considered as vegeterian "dishes".

Simin Habibian


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