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October 4, 2003

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* Nukes only deterrent to nukes

With due respect to Mr. Valibeigi [Easy does it], if the Iranian governments has decided to develop nuclear deterrence, it would be quite natural to keep it hidden and concealed until completed because exposing it would only compromise Iran's national security.

Any Iranian government who exposed such matters would be negligent, to say the least. If I am not mistaken, I don't remember any popular referendum conducted in Israel, the USA, China, France or the UK authorizing their leaders' decisions to build their bombs and weapons that they now blackmail Iran and the rest of the world with.

Of course, the question of whether building the bomb is a good idea or not is a different matter and there are very good arguments on both sides of the issue.

The bottom line however is that nuclear weapons are the only deterrent to nuclear weapons or massive conventional weapons superiority, and Iran (under any type of government) cannot afford to play the role of the ostrich with its head in the sand while it pretends not to notice the dangers around it.

We all witnessed how the 'international community' with all of their treaties and laws failed to support Iran when it faced illegal chemical warfare by US-backed Saddam Hussein, resulting in the deaths of tens of thousands of innocent people. Should we have to re-learn this lesson again when we're attacked with 'mini-nukes' next?

I therefore find it quite incredible that Mr. Valibeigi's article totally fails to mention the security threats to Iran that would more than justify a weapons program, namely from Israeli and US agression, as if Iran's alleged decision to build a nuclear deterrent force has no context or reason but is merely the decision of crazy hardliner and others who are fooled by them.

Finally, I would point out that Iran has already abided by the Non-Proliferation Treaty, and has even decided to "look favorably" on signing the 93+2 Additional Protocol, insisting only on receiving what it is entitled to pursuant to those same treaties.

What is being demanded by the US of Iran now is beyond what the NPT which is merely a pretext. It is quite obvious that the concern of the USA is not to enforce the NPT, but to disarm & isolate Iran in preparation for an eventual war of aggression.

We are being forced to sign a concession on nuclear issues much in the same way that we were forced by imperial powers to sign concessions on oil and tobacco. This will not stand.

J Mohammadi


* Surrounded by hostility

As an Iranian, I find it nauseating when I see how the world keeps cornering Iran about everything:  be it Iran's nuclear program, being banned from IEEE, sanctions, or other measures.  It seems as if the world just wants to corner our beloved homeland. 

What the world fails to realize is that, the more a country is cornered, the more vigorous her people become.  We have been dealing with this for thousands of years... in the old days, foreigners invaded with armies, now it is by other means...
Many countries in the world have nuclear weapons:  America, Russia, China, France, England, India, Pakistan, Israel, and some of the older Soveit block countries....  It is always a double standard when it comes to dealing with Iran.... 

With regards to the Bushehr plant, it was the Americans that started it during the Shah's regime...  And if any country should be banned from having nuclear weapons, it is the one country that used them against another country: the good old U S of A.  In fact it was the American scientists that unleashed this modern pleague upon humanity...
America has enough weapons to wipe-off the entire human race off the face of world... and yet they go around the globe telling countries what they can and cannot have...
gimmie a break....
Many hostile countries (to Iran that is) have nuclear weapons:  America, Isreal, etc.... when their nuclear arsenal has been destroyed then, the world has a right to put Iran under ths microscope... In fact, I think a nuclear Iran is just what is needed, after all Iran is also surrounded by hostile neighbors...
Long live Iran, a nuclear Iran,
Hooman Golshan


* Shahzadeh and Emamzadeh

Dear Mr. Soofi, [Khomeini a la Pahlavi]
It happened exactly as you predicted.  In fact a lot of you(s!) did.  KPUF is official, at least they (Shahzadeh and Emamzadeh) met yesterday. Would you please include me to the list of augurs.  I expected the same thing (no lie, beh jooneh khodam!). 
I really like your writing style.  I also practice the same style in both English and Persian.  Here is a link to my latest published article in Persian [dogaanegee...].

If you guys stop sending such good articles or Mr. Javid does not ignore me, I have two articles in line waiting to be published!  On a rather serious matter, this guy is doing a great job, by any standard, managing  Especially the way he does it.  More power to him.  I strongly believe we should appreciate his work.

Mohamad Purqurian


* Are we done being gullible fools yet?

They fingerprint and cavity-search our little ol' grandmothers visiting from Iran, but the turban-wearing grandson of the Ayatollah himself has no problem getting a visa and is treated like royalty [Khomeini a la Pahlavi]. Hmmm, I wonder what kind of aash they're cooking for us now? More specifically, is this an American aash or an Iranian one?

Think about it, it can be either. You hear people say that the neo-cons are grooming Hossein-jan Khomeini to join hands with Reza-jan Pahlavi to bring democracy and McDonald's to the beleagered Iranian people.

On the other hand, I like my own conspiracy theory better; first, the aakhoonds fooled the Iranian people with Khatami the "reformer" for the last six years. Now that the "reformers vs. hardliners" ploy doesn't work anymore, they're going to the next level with President Khomeini Jr. the (get this) "dissident".

Are we done being gullible fools yet?

Pahlevoon Panbeh


* Gone mad

Hossein Khomeini, Hossein Ali Montazeri, Abdollah Nouri, Akbar Ganji, etc., etc... what sort of madness afflicted these people and others 25 years ago that they were willing to participate in the self-destruction of their own country and people only to realize 25 years later the magnitude of the mistakes and crimes they had committed?

Va salam,

Hamid Boroumand


* What exactly are you attempting to achieve?

To: American Enterprise Institute

Dear Sir/Madam,

Respectfully I question the value of your decision in regards to your invitation of Hossein Khomeini and on giving him an audience in the United States [Khomeini a la Pahlavi].

What exactly are you attempting to prove or achieve? Are you trying to give audience to an alternative voice? Well, for 24 years more than a million Iranians in the US and other countries who are among the most educated people in any standards have been telling the world about the atrocities committed by the current regime in Iran and as a direct result and consequences of theocracy rule in Iran.

Do you see a shortage of good speakers and political analysts to come to your forum that you had to go all the way to Iraq and find an opposition to the regime in Iran? Or are you trying to keep the oven warm for alternative Shitte leaders for the future of Iran (the same politics that British have implemented for more than 2 centuries)?

You may find Hossein Khomeini an important element, but he is no more than any other average Iranian who has voiced her opposition to Khomeini and his doctrine and had never been given a forum.

For your organization to ignore or push aside all the other available voices and to recruit Hossein for a two-hour audience is certainly not equal to say an audience that one would have given Alexander Sakarov or Alexander Sulzanitzen in early 70's to symbolize the validity of the western philosophy and free enterprize and to demonstrate the inferiority of the Soviet mind. Hossein is not a proven opposition voice for the Iranians by any measure.

Hossein Khomeini is mere a black sheep of his family and if he wants to be against his grandpa then let him be. On the other hand if the so called American Enterprise Institute is in dire need of intelligent and educated opposition to the current regime in Iran, please don't go any further than the Beltway around Washington, DC. I can put you in contact with many and they are a phone call away!

Please let Hossein go back to his seminary, we are trying to separate our political voices from any religious voice and for you to follow the old British politics in Iran to give voice, audience citizenship and support to the religious side is in a direct violation of the Iranian dream of separating religion from politics.

Let Hossein go back to his seminary today. We sympathize with his cause too, but he is not offering anything new that has not already been told.

Very truly yours,

Farrokh A. Ashtiani
Santa Barbara, CA.


* What the hell was she doing there?

I truly empathize with the murder of Ms. Kazemi [Far from causal brutality].  Her family has my most sincere condolences.  Having said that, it behooves logic why a middle aged women, that was not a real photojournalist or journalist for that matter, would go and take pictures in front of a building with signs explicitly stating photography is prohibited.  I can't imagine going in front of a government facility in any country, and taking photographs in front of arm guards standing under big signs saying, "NO PICTURES ALLOWED!" 

Granted death may have been a harsh punishment, but the fact is, no one knows who she worked for, what magazine or news organization contracted her work, or what the hell was she doing in front of Evin of all places taking pictures. 

I challenge you or any of your readers, to at least show us who she worked for, and why that "news" organization has not been in the forefront defending the person that died working for them.

Afshin Deyhimpanah


* What's that?

It's so funny about weblogs [The real Iran]. A few weeks ago, I met this guy at a dinner party who was visiting from Iran. He was in the heart of student demonstrations during which Zahra Kazemi died and he showed me the scars on his arms from the attack by vigilantes. I asked him about the weblogs from Iran and he said :"what's that?"

Niki Tehranchi


* Wedding customs

Hammihanan e Gerami,

I am researching about the wedding customs and ceremonies (including khaastegari) in different parts of Iran. I am particularly interested in the ceremonies that are different from weddings in large cities like Tehran.

For instance, in Shiraz, the bride should wear green, and in modern days they usually wear white with a piece of green of some sort. I will greatly appreciate any information anyone could send me.

If I use the information publicly, I will name the persons if they don't mind. I thank you in advance. Please contact me.

Simin Habibian


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