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October 4, 2003

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* Come on Siamack, Cheer up

Articles by Mr. Siamack Baniameri used to be very intersting and had a very positive and comical aspect to them, but reading this [Sick and tired], one feels that he is going throught a lean patch nowadays.

Come on Siamack, Cheer up, be the positive one that you are, and stop feeling sick at things, by the way the last thing that you felt sick upon , the Parsi speaking kids is indeed a thing  that i agree with you on.



* What are you? A chiropractor? 

Roudi, Roudi, Roudi, [Dumber than me]
What the hell crawled up your butt?  Did you read what you wrote?  Do you know printed your piece just to show how ignorant and intelligent you really are?  Do you know Siamak [Sick and tired] has been writing wonderful articles for for well over a year?

Take it easy chico. Instead of Siamak, you're the one who's stressed out and is going to have a heart attack, (inshallah).
What are you?  A chiropractor?  Shahi?  Work for the US Gov.?  Car dealer?  An older Iranian or a young one?  Don't tell me, you're one of the washed up singers!
Siamak's piece is simply a collection of observations.  Very, very good observations.  He is very right.  Where does he ever say, "All" or "Everyone".  He, of course, making a generalization.  Generally, Iranians are pretty much what he mentions.  Of course not all are exactly what he describes but for the most part we are exactly how he describes us.  No, he didn't visit every chiropractor's office in the "World", but does he need to do that to realize that a chiropractor is not a "Doctor"?  Do you realize that they are not? 
At last, even though I know I'm not going to get through to you, by saying he is sick of something, who are you to say he is not or shouldn't be. 

These are one person's realizations and opinions.  By attacking him personally, you really made yourself look like, well, you!  Incapable of reading a piece, a good one at that, without realizing that he is so fucking right.
Love and peace ridiculous Roudi,


* Would you rather...?

Dear Ms. Khorsandi, [Tarof aside]

Just because someone likes to learn about your language/culture does not mean that they are trying to be Iranian.  I find it hard to understand that an educated person would be offended or disgusted about someone caring enough about your language or culture to try to learn it or appreciate it. I mean, most people who bother to learn it at all are not doing it because it advances their careers or helps them in any way where they currently live (like learning English does) but for the love of the culture. 

Would you rather be around those who tell you not to speak your language, go back to where you came from or hate you because you are Middle Eastern?  Maybe you didn't move to the US around the time of the hostage crisis and in fear for your life, you had to HIDE your identity or get beaten up maybe killed.  Or maybe you could talk to the people who were laid-off from their jobs post-9/11 and can't find new ones..  After they come back from interviews where people ask "where are YOU from, anyway?" 

I don't think those people would be whining about someone trying to speak less than perfect Farsi to them.    And if a conversation with a Farsi beginner is "akward & stilted",  you are offended because they want to practice?  I thought that was how someone improved their speech, no matter what the language, Farsi included.  Were people disgusted or offended when you first spoke "akward & stilted" English to them?

How did you feel when someone looked down on you because your English wasn't perfect?   Or because maybe you have an accent?  How did you feel as a newcomer in your adopted land who didn't fit in and people were intolerant and overly-critical? 

I mean really, aren't there so many other important things we could be concerned about in this world, like world peace, feeding the hungry, finding jobs, education or medicine for the poor to name a few?

L. Mehdipour


* Meant to be satire

Comment on "Dumber than me" in reply to "Sick and tired":

I think Siamak forgot to mention one new trend; I'm sick and tired of unnecessary politically correct wannabe intellectual Iranians who can't understand or appreciate an article that is meant to be a satire.  
Afshin Novibi


* Adam nemisheem

Roudabeh Faghri's response [Dumber than me] to Siamack Baniameri's piece "Sick and tired" was quite nauseating.
Once again we prove to ourselves (and the world) that we are simply not capable of tolerating dissenting thought. We show our ignorance of a novel concept called "freedom of speech".

We portray ourselves as a people who would attack our ideological opponents with clubs and chains or resort to name-calling and labeling only because they express views different from ours.

Ms Faghri's piece was replete with personal attacks, obscenities, and presumptive hyperbole. Her approach is a sad commentary on the state of affairs for all of us Iranians.

I am reminded of the title of a book by the Turkish writer Aziz Nesin which seems so apt; "mA Adam nemisheem".

Shahriar Zahedi


* Don't take everything so seriously

Roudabeh Khanoom, [Dumber than me]

Cool down! This article [Sick and tired] was a SATIRE, it was supposed to be funny. There were some truths to some of the points and not so much truth to some, but the point is that it was a SATIRE! So loosen up and just laugh a little!

Plus, in your article you are doing the same thing; insulting, bad mouthing, and being vicious in your crtiticism. So you are like the mullahs, you give advice to others about not insulting other people, but you are doing it yourself. Anyway, don't take everything so seriously.

N. Shafiei


* Stuff of teenage webforums

As an avid reader of the Iranian, I am proud to see its evolution from a web forum with a semi-professional feel and lots of very "ordinary" postings to what has now become a credible, fully-fledged online publication with a professional feel. Not only has the layout adapted but the quality of contributions appears to have improved considerably, featurng thoughtful contributions as well as art, music, essay, politics etc.
Which is why I am writing to you. Roudabeh Faghri's contribution "Dumber than me" is the stuff of teenage webforums where people rant uncontrollably and where the content is by and large pretty poor. Would Mrs Faghri's gaseous discharge not have been much better placed in the letters section, rather than as a full feature alongside with stimulating contributions which actually add value rather than dragging The Iranian back to its webposting free-for-all-roots?
Mind you it isn't that I am somehow offended by her rant. It is simply very tedious and boring and in that sense actually seems to contravene your editorial policy.
Just a suggestion.

Mani Radjai


* Personal attacks uncalled for

I usually get a kick out of reading Siamak Baniamiri's articles. I find them very funny, blunt, and to the point. I may not agree with his point of view on many things, but nevertheless, I enjoy reading his writing.

I do agree with some of the points that Ms. Faghri made in her article [Dumber than me]. It is true that we should not make generalizations about people and their professions and that every one is entitled to their own opinion when it comes down to people's political beliefs and national and ethnic identities.

However, Ms. Faghri negated all her arguments by calling Siamak all kinds of names, she even went so far as attacking his father and mother. I assume that Ms. Faghri does not know Mr. Baniamiri personally, so how can she allow herself to think that Siamak is uneducated and has come over to the US with "his dead father's money".

I don't understand how some one can attack another person for not liking the way other people think, speak, or behave and then turn around and do the exact same thing to that person.

For all we know, Siamak may have been having a completely shitty day and that's why he went off the way he did in his article or may be he was having a fabulous day, who knows, who cares. Either way the things he wrote about are his personal opinions and he is entitled to them.

In my opinion Ms. Faghri's personal attacks were totally uncalled for.  If we preach some thing we should be ready to practice it, too.


* And yes he was generalizing

Um... Roudabeh khanoom what the hell is your problem!!? [Sick and tired] I happen to like Siamack's article [Sick and tired] very much. In fact, I liked it so much that I even showed it around to a couple of my friends. And yes he was generalizing! I mean its pretty obvious, isnt it?

And who do U think you are to judge people like that by your harsh comments? You're a disgrace to all writers out there with your cruel words, like "asshole". Maybe you should pick up a book and learn some manners. I mean yeah Siamack swore too, but still he didn't specifically insult anyone!

Siamack I loved your article, and am looking forward to future ones. Maybe on your next article you should write about Iranian writers who cant take a joke and have no lives and are just looking for an excuse to start hurting people.

Mina (14)


* Who is  American anyway?

Sick and tired... i guess that is true for almost for all the different nationalities here in the United States, not just Iranians.

Who is  American anyway? The native americans or all the foreigners who invaded this country.  This argument still continues to this day.
Anyway, your article is funny and sarcastic at the same time.  It was a delight to read.



* A lot dumber than me

I am amazed of the lack of tolerance or at a bigger scale, democracy amongst us! People who talk about how good democracy is and how bad we have been deprived of it!
But when it comes to accepting other people's opinion, or maybe just respecting them, then we are our worst enemy when it comes to "bitching" about not having democracy!

Ms. Faghri, I am not going to trash your article [Dumber than me], or your way of writing, or your lack of respect for other people's opinion. Neither am I going to attack YOUR value system but as a neutral Iranian, or Persian, or Parsi, or a fellow human being, I need to explain a few things to you:

1- The article by Siamack Baniameri [Sick and tired] was basically a pattern he follows when he writes. I find it extremely entertaining and very funny at times. I may or may not always see eye to eye with him, but to me he has always been able to bring a few laughers to me or provoke my different way of thinking. Either way, I think he is absolutely entitled to his opinion. Neither you, nor me have the right to call him "ignorant", or "idiot". or "stupid". Its his opinion, I respect it, maybot accept it, but respect it. Just like your article. I find yours extremely on the other side of my belief, but I will never call you names just because I disagree with your views.

2- Are YOU doing anything about all the issues that YOU complained about? Who has give n YOU the right or how do you even know if this guy, Baniameri is "poorly educated", and "narrow-minded"? How do YOU know if he is poorly educated? Why are you so bitter about someone else expressing his opinion?

3- You wrote" Who gave you the right to badmouth other people"? Jesus, in my case, Mohammad, lady you did the exact same thing! How bad of a hypocrite can you be? I am still laughing!

4- People have a right to disagree with you or not have the same exact beliefs as you do, and that does NOT give you any right to call them names, or be disrespectful to them.

5- About your triple citizenship, "Iranian-Canadian-American". What happens if you get every place ( har-jaa) citizenship? What do we call you then? How many names of different countries would be in the answer if someone just asked you "where are you from"? By the way, I am completely ok with your answers! And even if you call yourself well, whatever you like, I wont disrespect you!

4- Ms Faghri, wake up lady, his article is what is called "tanz" in Farsi. He is supposed to be funny and exaggerating. It just is what it is! Why were you so upset all of a sudden? I hate those bad days of the month when some people just are upset for no "logical" reason except the systematically bad timing of those days of the month!!!

PS1: Just out of curiosity, you are not an ex girl friend of him who was just dumped, are you?

PS2: If you are married, please give my sympathy to your hubby. My heart goes out to him.

PS3: If you are NOT married, I am NOT surprised!

Baa Safaa


* Always called "Irani"

In your reply [Dumber than me] to Siamack Baniameri's "Sick and tired" you base your defence of those who call themselves "Persians" on Reza Shah's affinity to Hitler and Fascism. Regardless of Reza Shah's motives for changing the official name of Iran from Persia in international circles, I believe those Iranian calling themselves Persians (and they are mainly based in the United States) do our Azeri, Kurdish, Baluchi, Gilaki, Arab and Turcoman compatriots a great disservice.

Throughout history the peoples of the Iranian Plateau ("Iranshahr") have been known as the Iranians and have referred to themselves as Iranians or "Irani". I can write a long piece about the history and links between these people, their languages (the Iranian languages that include Modern Farsi, Dari, Kurdish, Gilaki, Baluchi, Sogdian etc), or the unity that this sense of Iranian-ness has instilled in our people that has allowed our Iranian culture to survive centuries of invasions and conquests by non-Iranian powers.

The fact that the people of Iranshahr were united first under a Persian ruler (which resulted in the foreign label of Persia on the land by Greek historians), should not detract from the influence of Parthians (Ashkani's who were not from Persia (Pars) but from Khurasan) or the Turkic rulers of post-Islam Iran that championed Iranian culture.

Is it not ironic that those who champion the use of Persia as a label for our land use Esfahan's glories (a City built by a Shah of Azeri decent) or the Peacock throne (a booty from India captured by the Turkic Nader Shah) as symbols of Persian heritage?

In our languages (be it Modern Farsi, Dari, Azeri, Turcoman etc) we have always called ourselves "Irani". Ask your grandparents what they called themselves before Reza Khan changed the official name of country: did they call themselves Farsis?

Let not the recent world events make some of us shamed of our Iranian heritage and resort to glories of "Persian" cuisine and art to raise ourselves in the eyes of others. Only 50% of our compatriots are ethnically Persians. The rest have made enough contributions to our history and culture not to be excluded in a linguist game that is purely a result of the negative imagery associated with modern Iran in the West.

Babak Eftekhari


* Parsi? No problem

Dear Roudabeh, [Dumber than me]
Although youíre entitled to your opinions regarding Mr. Baniameriís rather unorthodox but often true assessment of Iranian psyche, however, you made some fundamental errors in your criticism.
The name of the Iranian language is Parsi. Farsi is an Arabic word (Letter P does not exist in Arabic language) which surfaced after the 6th century Arab invasion ofIran which primarily means 'the language of peasants or the language of the lower-class.'
The German ambassador and Reza Shah story which has surfaced in recent years is baseless and there is not a single evidence to support it. The original name of 500 BC Iran was PARS. The name evolved to Iran around 200BC.

The name 'Iran' has nothing to do with Aryan race (another myth). If you study SHAHNAMEH or any other Iranian literature, you see patterns which imply that the name of the country has ALWAYS been Iran. For example, Ferdosi says, 'cho IRAN nabashad taneh man mabad.' As you can see, he never says, 'cho PERSIA nabashad taneh man mabad.'
The third problem with your opinion is the word Iranian-American. Webster explains the word, 'Irish-American' as: And American born individual with Irish ancestry.
This means that you should be born in America to an Irish immigrant family to be called Irish-American. Being a naturalized citizen of theUnited States will not make one Irish-American. This will apply to any other country.

These mistakes demonstrate that your criticism of Mr. Baniameri comes from pure rage and unstable emotions, which rubs you from credibility.

Afshin Talebi


* Be more sensible and polite

I found both the article titled, "Sick and tired" by Siamack Baniameri, and the response to his article by Roudabeh Faghri [Dumber than me], to have been written very poorly and irrationally.

It is very easy to be rude and insulting as we write or speak, but it takes a collected, thoughtful, and rational person to communicate his/her opinions and feelings in a way which is not offensive to others, particularly to the innocent readers!  

Even though Roudabeh did have some good points to get across but her style was anti-productive and repulsive.  She should have maintained a rational and matter-of-fact tone throughout her article without resorting to profanity and insulting words.  Unfortunately, she succumbed to Siamak's level, and as a result, lost her effectiveness and credibility with her audience, who are the readers like me.

I hope you would encourage your writers to be more sensible and polite when they pick up the pen.

Setareh Makinejad


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