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August 21, 2004Top

* Keeping it real

I always look forward to viewing Mr. Davoodi's pictures . This time you have really done it [Faces of Tehran]. I loved the so many faces of my people with so many stories of hardship and endurance written on their faces. Yet, the hope vividly apparent in their shy smiles or those beautiful warm eyes.

I hate looking at pictures of some fat, well fed and "in name only" Iranians who send pictures of their trips to Iran and only show the bored rich kids or people wanting to leave that land so they can party.

Thank you for the awesome pictures which are the source of inspiration to me and many others who know our people just like our motherland is resilient and unbending. They work hard and demand little yet they are content with simple pleasures of life.

My venture capitalist friends should meet these people and bottle their secrets to get so many fat, rich, bored and depressed fellow Iranians off the anti-depressants and I am not kidding.

Thank you and keep taking pictures of real people. And as for women, they do not have to be young or modern just open yourself to spontaneous moments and I bet you will capture some amazing women and their stories.

Azam Nemati


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August 21, 2004


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