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August 21, 2004Top

* Heartbreaking short sightedness

Dear anti-Shirin Ebadi authors,

1- I am afraid that I am stuck in Iran and cannot even find access to Shirin Ebadi's email address.

2- I have not been able to make the time for a proper comment on your article. i am just trying to interact briefly to make a rush alert towards the direction that your prespectives seem to take that appear to be self defeating towrds liberalism in iran.

3- I am very sorry to see that such a number of thinkers cannot see Shirin Ebadi's position in Iran.  You seem to be growing further and further from our condition under the iron fists in Iran!

4- The short sightedness of those living abroad is heart breaking.

5-It is amazing that such authors seem to have fallen in the same provocative  blood thirsty political trap as the ultra right of the politicians who rule in iran.

Those who have the audacity to put Mosavi as a candid for presidency after Khatami without making him accountable for his destruction of the industrial economy in Iran. By just posing one question to him." What was the price of a box of matches in Iran at the time of Hoveda's excution in comparasion to its price during and after Mosavi's term in the goverment at the earlier years of the revolution?

6-The compleity of out conditions here seems to be too far off, to those who appear to try to make a name by opposing Shirin Ebadi. There are more Iranian  names and figures on the political scenary of 2004 .

Hammering upon the heads of the weakest sectors of society in Iran cannot be called exactly chivalary , especially by those abroad who seldom succeed to contribute to the cause of street children in Iran, or torture, or womenother than the time when they try to abuse Shirin Ebadi to counter her name and fame for selfish ends.

Please allow me to finish up here . i am waiting for yoyr response.

Respectfully yours,
firoozeh derakhshani


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August 21, 2004


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