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August 21, 2004Top

* So much gall

It is so sad to read what the author of "How about just doing your job?" has to say about Shirin Ebadi. Itís so sad it hurts. If the author is right, then I have missed just about the whole boat. If most Persians feel like her, then it will be a cold day in hell before I see self-rule in Iran.

How can some people expect so much from others??? According to the author, having won the Nobel Peace prize, Shirin Ebadi should have seeked immunity from a Western country, and given up her life to EXPOSE the regime.

Ebadi is described as individualistic, cowardly, timid, afraid, and driven by a lust for money! How could some people have so much gall?! Havenít we had enough of sitting around blaming others for our problems? Where does it end?

Shirin Ebadi didnít fail us. We never supported her, never sponsored her, never paid her way. Most of us never knew who she was before she was chosen as the best human being on earth in 2003. How could she have failed us?

I am proud of Shirin Ebadi. If I were her, I would hate the ungrateful, useless people of Iran, but would carry on my work because I love the land of Iran. I would hope that if Iran is proud and prosperous some day, it can produce a better people- not the whining, grudging, half-way friends we call our people.

Ever wonder why, with so many Persians against the mullahs, we still live under their rule? The answer is simple: most Persians, like the author, are absolutists: "my way or no way"! They have no understanding of organization when it comes to working together. Anybody who can read and write wants to coach the Noble Peace Prize winner.

You can not come together, you can not work as a team, until you have a certain discipline and hierarchy. At some point, you need to support and follow. You need to contribute instead of criticize. Just do YOUR job.

M Nesh


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August 21, 2004


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