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June 1, 2004

* Democracy of mudslinging

dear leila, [No queen of mine]

not only in your generation many many people are bitter against the pahlavis, but also you can find the same disillusionment about them in my generation which happens to be 15 years older than you. in the past 25 years of exile we have seen nothing from pahlavis but their photos in plush palaces attending this and that royal wedding or funeral. what have they done for iran? what have they done for iranian refugees abroad? and what kind of democracy are they trying to bring to our country?

just look at the los angeles monarchist mass media. have you ever asked yourself why all monarchist tv personalities are so imploite, uncultured and illiterate? why dont we see them in other opposition groups and just among royalists? they cannot deny their relationship with the pahlavis. the same people who use four-letter words against ebadi, googoosh, makhmalbaf, nourizadeh, ... interview the former empress or the former crown prince the other day. this is the democracy they are advocating. democracy of mudslinging, lible, personality assasination and the like.

about their stinginess just look at the way they treated people who have been loyal to them all their lives. almost everybody knows how much the late singer soosan loved pahlavis and especially farah. but where was she when sousan lived in a garage for a year?

in cotrast to their claim of not having any money, all of us know quite well they stashed millions and millions here and there and took boxes of jewlery from iran. the younger daughter of the shah spent a few thousand dollars a night for her stay in Leonard hotel in london, the same please she passed away in, which she used to rent all year long. that is a fact that surprised london times editors too. what is the source of their money? the answer is simple. it is the money they stole from poor iranians.

dear reza please try to find another job, because we have had enough during the reign of your dad and khomeine and we could certainly use a little democracy free from monarchist bullies.

Marc Minaee


* Trying to "sanitise" Islam

Mr Nabavi, [No more than lies]

I am sure as an Agha-zadeh you should know better that one of the bedrocks of the Shiite's belief is based on Hadith. It is taught as a "science" in seminaries such as Qom's and is a vital tool in the hands of the clergy in quoting the Prophet's behaviour which should be a model for all good muslims to follow.

For centuries, and particularly in the past 25 years Hadith has been used a means of suppressing any theological dissent. But Hadith is a double-edged sword. Now that it doesn't suit the democratic pretentions of the so-called Islamic reformists, of which Mrs Ebadi is the latest recruit, Hadith is being side-lined. Here is the link to one of the best known and most quoted sources of Hadith in both Shiite and Sunni sects.

The question of the betrothal of a 9-year old Ayesha to the Prophet is evidenced far beyond the boundaries of Hadith. There is hardly a book on the history of early Islam without a reference to Ayesha as a child bride. The Prophet had many wives including one who had initially been promised to one of the Prophet's step-sons but on being accidentally viewed by the Prophet, the Holy Word came from the above that she should be divorced by her husband and wedded to the Prophet.

None of these cases, I beleive, should be held against Islam as they have their roots in the Arab traditions and culture. But trying to "sanitise" Islam in order to make it palatable for the Western consumption, as Ebadi and partners do, is not only futile but also fraudulent.



* Touching words

Dear Narges,

I enjoyed reading your article "Leap forward". I could tell that was written by a talented young lady who lives in Iran, even if you would not mention you were living there and studding at Tehran University.

I know may be some people get offended by my words but since I have moved to U.S, 6 years a go I could always feel that some how young people that are born and raised in Iran think deeper and analyze things more profoundly.

There are lots of young talented Iranian-Americans here too, but unfortunately you can tell that they are raised more materialistically. Your words about Googosh and her album was so touching.

Unfortunately Iranian community here are number one enemy for themselves, they are more willing to criticize and put down each other rather than uniting and helping each other. May be thatís why our country is so messed up too!

I admire Googoosh a lot too. She is number one for so many generations.

Ocean Sky


* School of prophetic interpretation

The Sadri brothers have indeed noted the historical and present dangers associated with Christian premillennialism, especially the dispensationalist variety. [Apocalypse tomorrow] It is important to note that Dispensationalism is the school of prophetic interpretation which undergirds the Israel First segment within the American Religious Right wing that supports Sharon and the Likud Party of Israel.

Dispensationalism began with John Nelson Darby in the British Isles in 1830 and only entered the United States fundamentalist Christian scene after the end of the War Between the States. It is a method of Biblical interpretation unknown to anyone prior to the 19th century, especially any of the Protestant Reformers of the 16th century dear to the hearts of many contemporary conservative American Christians.

My paper may be helpful to readers of in further examination of this pressing topic. I have already sent it to Mahmoud Sadri for further discussion.

Mark Dankof


* Persian vs. Iranian

I just can't believe that some Iranian Monarchists refer to themselves as 'Persian' in order to show their allegiance to the Imperial regime and disassociate themselves from the IRI.

Has anyone ever told them that the Shahanshah carried the title Arya Mehr, or Light of the Aryans?

If anything, maybe people should insist on being called Iraani. Nobody calls the inhabitants of Iraq Iraqians after all.



* Do not need your support

Could you please stop defending Iranians, particularly Iranian political prisoners. [The new voice of the Islamic Republic]

I am one of them. I do not need any support from you. In fact what I need is that every cell in my body could have a tongue to speak about American Democracy!!!! Let's not contaminate the words, American Hypocratics. 

Baby you need to go back to your memory and remember that Americans don't even ramain loyal to their BADEMJAN DORE BOSHGHAB CHEENS (spies and admirers for nothing) 

Badri Madani


* Taught him how to woo

Last night, I ran into an acquaintance who is a very attractive and successful middle-aged Iranian man. He has lived in the US for 40 years (came here when he was 15 years old). He had reconnected to his roots by listening to Iranian music from (according to many of his e-mails to me) and he told me he memorized my article "how to woo" by heart and it came very handy. Four months ago he was introduced to an Iranian middle-aged pharmacist in Iran (he has never been with an Iranian woman).

Although the communication was through the phone he used all the steps and then went to Iran for a month. These were his words and I quote" Azam Khanoum, thanks to your article, I was able to find the woman of my dreams and I married her". We sat with her brother and sister in law and watched the video of his wedding in Iran. You should have seen the man who has not been back to Iran for 40 years dancing and singing all the old songs. Thanks to for providing him the songs. Farhad jaan congratulations. I am thrilled for you. Please share any heart warming stories like this so we can all enjoy.

Azam Nemati


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