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May 27, 2004

* Andy Loony's rantings

Speaking of torture, that's what I have to endure reading or listening to the illogical rantings of Andy Loony [Our darkest days], a man who could be funny talking about the the useless junk he collects at home or his office, or about the struggles he goes through opening a bottle of Tylenol. When he steps a bit further to make political comments, I need a large dose of Advil.

Bruce Kermane


* Take a good look

Dear sweet old gentleman Andy Rooney, [Our darkest days]

The black mark you speak of has always been there. We are seeing it because someone took some "pictures" of "it".

From the moment Christopher Columbus mistakenly stepped on this soil he started the "black mark" by killing the Natives. No pictures of that time, of course, but I'm sure he didn't think of giving them a slice of bread and a sip of water in exchange for information.

The black mark continued with the settlers killing American Indians, or as they called them "Red Skins" or "Engens". Ok at one time the settlers did split a couple of turkey dinners with them, but for the most part, the Natives were nearly destroyed.

Then the black mark continued with the wonderful and humane act of slavery! Human beings were taken away from their land and family, shackled piled up in ships, and brought to America to do work without pay. And let's be fair, they were given water and food! For anyone who wants to get a feel for the time, I suggest visiting the plantations near New Orleans.

The latter black mark ended, sort of, in the '60's, more than a century later. It took the Americans over 100 years to realize that slavery was wrong. One of the beloved senators from the era even has a daughter from a slave he owned. The mentioned senator just died a few months ago, without admitting to it.

Dear Andy, while living in Kansas, I was shown the rope marks on old trees where they hung black men and watched them die.

The black mark then got really dark with the discovery of OIL. Since the '20's America has allowed human torture and death in South America, which still continues in Brazil; in Middle East, now in the form of "freedom" and "democracy"; and in other remote regions of the world. There are no pictures available from the oil mess!

For the past four-five decades America has directly and clearly supported Israeli occupation, destruction, and clear murder of human beings in Palestine, while giving regular aid to Israel with the nation's approval.

What will make this country equal to the perfect society we all think it is, is a bit of realism. We have to accept the fact that we are not what we think we are. We must go out of the borders of America and take a good look in.  We must talk to Europeans, Africans, Middle Easterns, and South Americans to get their view of who we are. We have to show and prove that we are caring and peace loving. Only then we can really say, with clear conscious that we are "decent people".

We can't help feed one nation, send help to another earthquake-ridden country, send blankets to a flooded nation, and drop bombs on another at the same time.

Unless we do as we say we did, even darker days are ahead. The "American Dynasty" much like the Romans will face the same fate.

Hamid Bakhsheshi


* To outcast

Dear Mr. M,

Your questions in the article "No belle" that carefully is devised are good questions. Regarding a difficult phenomenon that you raising in the paragraph bellow, Martin Luther, in the 15th Century, responded similarly through the verses of the Bible itself.

A dilemma that human rights activists cannot simply ignore. They cannot outcast the same member of the group that are exploiting the rights of others today. To outcast the strict treatment of Catholicism with the verses of the Bible itself, happened to be a workable solution then. Whether it'll work today or not is another question to be explored to see what the outcome may be.

Please read my essay "From cave to cathedral". I'd like to hear your thoughts.

Farideh Nejat


* What would you have done?

I recently finished reading "No queen of mine" and quite frankly I'm disappointed first and foremost I ask that the writer of the article speak on her own behaf for I am apart of her generation and I do not agree with her politacaly incorrect comments.

I understand that you feel as if the Shah and Farah ambandednd Iran when the where FORCED to leave in the 1970's but what choice did they have when their own people ran to the streets yelling anti shah comments, tearing down statues and demanding to overthrow his rule I ask you what would you have done in such a situation?

And no, the people who live in Iran are not forgotten for I am sure most if not all of ous think of our family and others on a daily bases in hope to make our day a little brighter and make time pass a little faster till we return to our homeland. Now that we're at it we might as well clear up the misconception that living outside Iran is all fine and dandy.

Unfortunetly it's the opposite we to strugle with political social and economic hardships some more than others but if I'm not mistaken that's life so let's not blame the issue on the ones who tried to make it better for their people.

As for your comment on the shah and farah taking their wealth and living a high roller life out side of Iran what difference would it made if they left it all behind which for the record the did leave most of it, it would go to the present day rulers and not an onze of it would reah the iranian population and as far as I'm concerned better Farah and her children who worked for it and earned it honestly then the present day Islamic regime who does nothing but cheat people into giving them their money.

So for a single moment let's stop thinking about ourselves and how much we have lost and let's start thinking about why we lost it in the first place for after all "you can't know your future till you know your past."

Surush Geramikhah


* Exaggerating, lying, etc.

I read your article [The wrong way]. I believe no one gets any where by just lying.1st I didn't know about Ebaadie being in US. I live in East Cost, not close to MD but I come come.

2nd about these so called SMCCDI, they remind me Mojaheedine Khalghe, I was one of them. They used the same tactics,exaggerating, lying, etc. It didn't work.  

Please if you see SMCCDI's next time tell them for me.

Badrai Madani


* Something new

Those painting are just wonderful [Molto bene]. Number one, something new. great job.



* No more than lies

Dear Mr. Hakimi, [How old was Ayesheh?]

All the stories circulating in the hadiths books about Aisha's marriage at the age 6 or 9, are no more than lies found in the corrupted books of Hadiths and completely contrdict the teaching of Prophet Muhammad that came from his mouth and the Glorios Quran. we only need to read the Quran to know how false these stories are.

Best Regards,

H. Nabavi


* Support Turkey in EU

Dear editor salam,

Iran should actively be lobbying Greece and Europe in support of Turkey's full, rapid and unconditional inclusion in the European Union on grounds of fairness and principle, and Turkey should actively be lobbying the Central Asian Republics and the United States in support of Iran's position as the most economically viable oil/gas pipleline export route from the region.

Va salam,

Hamid Boroumand


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