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April/May 2004

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* Why badmouth?


I like your cartoons and was shocked to see you using that kind of language labeling Goli Ameri (dumb-b***h).

Aside from being a Republican, she seems to be an upright and law-abiding person and has done nothing to you to deserve that kind of language.

Quite unbecoming of your work quality to taint it like this!

Ben Bagheri


* Contradicting info on IRI tolerance

I am a lawyer with the Catholic Migrant Centre in Perth, Western Australia. The Centre acts for asylum seekers and refugee on a pro bono basis. I have an Iranian client who is a singer. He is currently detained by the Australian Government for entering Australian territorial waters without immigration documentation. He has been incarcerated for 3 years while is claim for asylum has been wending its torturous way through the Australian immigration and legal system. He has won appeals to our courts of law (to be distinguished from our Tribunals that determine whether a person is a refugee) and will now present his case (again) to the Tribunal.

The research I have conducted to date reveals a great deal of contradicting information about the tolerance of the clerical regime and its enforcers (including basiji and ansar-e hezbollah) to freedoms such as western music, dress and dancing. My case is that musicians who sing pop songs where men and women dance (together) and which are able to be interpreted as critical of the clerical regime either explicitly or implicitly are not tolerated and, depending on whether they are caught, are punished by fines, beatings, various periods of detention in lockups or in exile. The Tribunal relies on information that western music is to be found "blaring" from cars; that young people can get away with anything as long as it is in private homes and they are prepared to pay bribes.
If you or any of your contributors can shed any light on this topic, I would be very grateful.

Anne Heseltine


* Biggest export

Quiz: What is Iran's biggest export to the United States? I was going to say the singer Haideh, but then I thought it would be a bit mean, you know. :)

Mehran A


* Obtaining nostalgia

My name is Alice; and, I'm 18yrs-old. I like the nostalgia section of the site, because it features my favorite person: Nooshafarin! I love the way she sings & acts; plus, I think she's beautiful!

That's why as such a huge fan of hers, I am wondering if you could help me in some way to obtain the same sort of items as shown on the nostalgia page by finding some for sale.

I would love to have various things from throughout her career, such as: photos, magazines, posters, or whatever els. So, for any help or advice that you give, I will be truly grateful.

Alice Harrison


* Excited aliens

Recently several cases of UFO sightings in Iranian airspace have been reported. I have not seen a single statement or comments in web site. I would like to find out what the heck is going on. Are we spied on or are aliens getting excited over the events that are going on in the region? 

Amir H


* Naamardee

In response to who-is-he quiz:

Who is he = Jahanshah Javid??

Shazdeh Khanoom


* Understanding behavior

Thank you for having poll in your communication, I think it is a great idea and it will help understand how a secular community behaves.

Reza Lotfi


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