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April/May 2004

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* We were ahead of our time

Great job [Flame of Abadan]. It is disheartening to know almost 40 years ago were so much ahead of our time, and today we are almost back 300 years. It is a shame what these thugs and terrorists have done to our country.

Mahmoud J.Ghaffari


* Almost a perfect world

I had a look at the news letters, wonderful. Your mother did a very good job. [Flame of Abadan]

I don't know why, but those period of time in our country seems, sounds, feels so magical to me. It gives a good sense, a sense of  having almost a perfect world! You see, I was also born to a family whose entire family worked for NIOC. I myself was of course very young, buy whenever I see, read, hear about those periods of time, it feels as if I have lost something wonderful, very close to when you loose someone.

It also feels as if our country, the people, every single entity in that country had a mission!  All were going the same direction. It feels that our nation was in good, trusted hands. I feel power. Strange.
When I see these news letters, those days (late 70's for me) flashes before my eyes.

I just can't imagine how things would have looked like today if things were undisturbed and left as they were before.

Homayun Mohasel-Zadeh


* The dark side

Dear Sadri Brothers,

Thanks for your insightful piece [Apocalypse tomorrow]. It was really well written and to the point.

Carl Jung writes about the Book of Revelations in his essay "Answer to Job". His take on the vision(s) of Saint Paul is very interesting and worth reading.

In short, Jung argues that Paul's -- often very violent -- visions about the end of the world are not really divine visions but rather, compensatory dreams whipped up by his unconscious to balance his otherwise saintly and pious conscious attitude.

Even Saint Paul can not repress the dark side of his personality without repercussions.

Shahriar Zahedi

* Sorely missed

Dear Guive, [Rising sun]

My father, Ghahraman Ghahramani, was a diplomat in Moscow in the early 1970s, when your father Mr. Mirfendereski was Ambassador. My sister Azita and I have fond memories of playing with his daughter, your sister Shadi, who was closer to our age than you. We still fondly remember those days and the warmth and respect with which our father and mother always spoke of the Mirfendereskis.

Above and beyond personal memories, Mr. Mirfendereski represented a generation of genuine, nation loving politicians who are a far cry from the unfortunate and hysterical extremes that have grappled our homeland for 50 years. His character and type of statesmanship will be sorely missed. May he rest in peace.



* Our guru

Dear Mr. Ghaffari,

Thank you for your nice & right remembrance of our GURU (MORSHED) Soltan Ahmad Mirfeneresky [Sense & humor]. He was a great man & very kind thoughtful colleague. We all, not only appreciated his presence, we learned a lot from him, his impeccable character as well as his profound knowledge, presence of mind & very especial intellectual sense of humor, aspired us all. But as you said, WE ARE ALL GOING, ONE BY ONE.

H. Hakimi,


* Real picture of America

I don't know how optimistic you are, but I am not. The day they released the pictures of Iraqi prisoners, I told my family in Europe [Messing up Iraq]. I said I feel kind of relief because now the world had started to see the real picture of America and of course this is just the tip of the ice- berg.

Humiliation is part of the American system. It does not stop to Abu Gharib's prison. I have my own experiences and stories to tell. In America the more sadistic you are the more promotion you get in the system. Serious.

It is as clear to me as the sun in the sky. That is what has been called Zionism years ago by people who  were smarter than we are.
Don't get upset. Welcome to America.

Badri Madani 


* Line of traitorship

In response to "Change requires action",

About a century ago Iranians had a Constitutional Monarchy to neuturalize the sold out monarchists. About 85 years ago an illitrate khazagh took arms against our peoples and their struggle to remain independent. About 80 years ago the illiterate khazagh called himself the king of Iran. He reinstuted full autocracy rule, reverting democratic gains by the people. English and other imperialists were guaranteed another two third of a century's subjugation of our people.

Today the same brand of generals and sold outs to foreign powers try to bring the third uneducated in line to be crowned as king. The little nim-pahlavi advocates civil disobiedience and has followed the ancestory line of traitorship. The goal of this group is to encourage the right wing facists in the Washington to attach Iran and put our people and country in the midst of choas and war. This group of low life sold outs sees the future of Iran in the hands of US and the forieng powers and thinks that we will be strongest and look pretiest when we are subjugated. This group will be divided in two halves. One will be repatriated to Iran as they realize traitorship is illigal and is against Iran and its populations for generations to come. The other half will die talking non-sence and advocating right wing rehtoric without bothering with Irans' key aspects of life as culture, art, economy, education, reforms, industry, health and security. They will continue to recieve tens of millions of dollar a month in funds from CIA and Congress and will try to do their best staying employed and fudge the our history and historical facts.

The historical ploy of foriegn subjugators:
To divide us,To put us against each other, To subjugate us!



* Please get out of Iraq

Thank you for your article, "Business as usual".

Your analytical exploration of the picture and attention to details is refreshing. I agree with you that this incident is surely not a one time thing by a bunch of young soldiers.

As you know, army recruitment in US is voluntary, and people who choose to go to war are the ones who actually like to do it. They are typically not forced to do it. Hence, there is this argument that some of these people come from troubled environments, and also have certain personalities that adapt well to such conditions, and that these younger people who joined the army did so to express their violent nature in an environment that encourages it. It is therefore plausible but ultimately specious to assume that these pictures portray either frustration or "playfulness" by some younger (and probably mentally disturbed) soldiers.

It is clear that at least in this specific instance, these are soldiers carrying out their daily routine, astoundingly seeming to ignore the mountain of flesh at their foot.

It is undeniable that ugly things happen in war (I shouldn't really call it war, as it is more appropriately called unjustified invasion), and it is fair to assume that Iraqi soldiers would have done something similar or worse if they were at the other side of the equation. However, the problem is that US claims to be the international police, a country that puts great emphasis and prides itself on respecting human beings regardless of race, sex, etc. Even in war, there are other humane ways of interrogation and torture, for instance, by disrupting a prisoner's sleep. Putting a leash on someone's head and treating them like an animal, is grossly inhumane.

George W. Bush, please get out of Iraq while you can. Stop childishly persisting in your devious work, as you are losing the war on the grounds and in people's hearts.

And some Americans are surprised why people hate their country!

Majid Saleh


* Felt I am there

Recently I sent an email to a friend who mailed it to his friend who then sent it back to me.... so now I am constantly getting stuff from them! I don't usually read them, but this one had Dariush Winery in the subject block. Since I know Dariush I was curious... and opened it. ["Let's run away and get drunk"]

That is how I got to read and see your comments and photo album. You have done a wonderful job of presenting it. So engaging and descriptive. You practically made me feel that I am there with you. Your writing was so unpretentious, as if you were explaining it to me in my dining room over dinner. In short I enjoyed your piece and loved it. I am sending it to Dariush to see for himself.

Jason Mehrdad. Jazayeri, P.E.


* Top of the list

Thank you very much for sharing those glorious photos with the rest of us.  ["Let's run away and get drunk"] I'm sure you had a swell day in Napa Valley. It reminded me of those happy days mid-70s when I lived in California for a year. 

I'm sure in my next trip to California, Darioush winery will be on the top of the list of places to visit.

Frank Sherkat


* Sold lots of wine

That was amazing! ["Let's run away and get drunk"] I wonder how freakin' much wine he has to sell just to pay for the cost of construction of that place! That was an awsome essay.



* We will definitely visit

We enjoyed seeing the photos of the winery ["Let's run away and get drunk"] and we will definitely visit it when we come to San Francisco. We live in PA. and we have been to Iran and visited Persepolis their twice so we know the grandeur of the real place and this winery is superb. As you wrote MR. Khaledi built it and people will come to it now to see it if not for the wine.

Behroze and Minoo Karanjia


* Too many pictures

Excellent project ["Let's run away and get drunk"]. We will certainly visit the Darioush Winery when it is completed.

One constructive suggestion about the pictures. They are too many of the same scenes and one gets tired and loses interest and then one just keeps on clicking "Next". I myself could not see all 54 pictures as my eyes got tired.

If you have just 10 of the best pictures, maybe people would enjoy each one much better and appreciate the buildings. I have been to Iran and the sight of Persepolis in ruins brought tears to my eyes. I said to my self "Do Zoroastrians and the western world, really know what we all have lost, when we lost Persepolis at the hands of Alexander the Accursed?"

Have they thought of having the Winged Bulls at the entrance ?

Mehlli Bhagalia


* Great

Great photo essay indeed! ["Let's run away and get drunk"] Next time let me know so I can bring my wife along.

Nader Jahanfard


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