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April/May 2004

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* Dropped the ball

Dear Mr. Sea, [Blind gatekeeper]

I don't believe that your position could have been expressed any more eloquently. It is intellectually well-founded and beyond being challenged. While I respect most of the editoral decisions that makes, I most definately feel, as do most readers,  that the editor simply dropped the ball with the publication of Mitra's articles. ["Guys are stupid", "Use your brain"]

When I read your critical analysis of an editors proper role and the relationship of to its readers, I could only think bravo, lovely, or as we say in Farsi... bah, bah! Keep up the excellent writing and don't listen to the few malcontents and jerks that will certainly find fault with you and your analysis.

Ann Irani Abadani


* What are editors for?

Thank you Mr. Je Sea for having the courage and the conviction to write this article [Blind gatekeeper] condemning our wonderful "BOSS" and editor Mr. Jahanshah Javid, whom I respect tremendously for doing a wonderful job of running this site. However, he, too, is human and "fallible" and he needs to be reminded of his "flaws" sometimes.

Personally, I have decided not to write to the any more because despite all our aspirations for "democratic ideals" and pretensions of "intellectualism", when someone writes something that does not appeal to the reader, his response to the writer is not constructive criticism, observing the very admirable Iranian custom of "nezakat va tarbyat" and "effat-e kalam"; it is vicious e-mails full of obscenities; words they would never repeat if they were standing infront of the writer. Thank heavens for the modern comfort of "computers and e-mails" behind which they can hide and hurl their obscenities. That's why I decided not to write any more letters for the

However, this article really deserves praise because the writer had the courage, the conviction, the excellent skill of developing his topic very intellectually, insightfully, and reasonably. Thank you for having the "unpopular" conviction of believing that the publication of lewd and licentious material does not necessarily constitute "freedom of expression"

The only thing some of our wonderful compatriots have concluded from "freedom of expression" is putting any trash, any offensive material, and sometimes dangerously destructive material, for publication. Why do we need "editors" then? Why do all major publications in the U.S., the utopia of "free press", have editors who regulary reject offensive material for publication? 

So thank you again Mr. Je Sea for giving a nice lecture to our wonderful Mr. Javid. He is a superb editor, but sometimes he should "edit" a little harder.

(O.K. readers, you know my e-mail; let's start all the obscenities and all the threats and all the labels of "ommol", "dehati", "fascist", "supporter of censorship", and while you're at it why not throw in "agent of akhoonds" in there too for me! I'm waiting for your wonderful messages!!)

Nahid Shafiei


* No place for little sluts

I would like to thank you for taking the time to stand up [Blind gatekeeper] for the readers of by confronting Mr. Javid about those two horribly written articles, "Guys are stupid" and "Use your brain". Most people don't want others to know what goes on behind their closed doors, just as they don't want to know what goes on behind the closed doors of others.

That dirty, flilthy sex-filled trash was not merely offered to readers, it was pushed on them unexpectedly because no one was given a warning that such X-rated material would be in the issue.

You are right when you say that an editor has responsibilities his or her readers. By printing that little slut's stories he encourages her to continue being a slut and gathering more dirty stories to write about.

Other girls may read her trash and think she is some kind of liberated woman and then want to follow her into whoredom. doesn't hold itself out as a pornographic site, thus many parents think its a safe site for their children to visit for news about iranians. Now we know it is a site that may at any moment publish porno-stories without warning parents in advance. Shame, shame, shame on

Thank you for caring enough to give them a piece of your mind.



* Also a place to bitch

I'm sorry. This guy doesn't go away. I'm sick and tired of his mightier than though attitude about and it's publisher, Javid. If someone knows fancier words than I, could you kick his ass verbally please? [Blind gatekeeper]

His bitch and moan sessions are not quite enough, he has to write me individually to bitch. Besides suggesting that he would remove that fine straight stick up his butt and get with the program, I didn't know what to do.

All I know is that I don't want to waste my precious time reading another one of his lecturing crap on or off This is how I replied to him when he emailed me:

Yes Mr. whatever Je Sea stands for, at least most of us who write to the Iranian have identities.

You used more big words than a Nigerian college student. (I had a few in my college and was in constant struggle understanding their big words). I guess you are quite smart to be able to use that many fancy words without anyone challenging you to as what the hell each one meant.

I read your letter and I think you're way out of place. Let me use one of my fancy words, "waaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy" out of place. is a medium. A place where people like you and I and unfortunate ones like Mitra [Use your brain] come to voice an opinion, suggest, respond, or even bitch.

Let's not forget that Mitra had a choice to make. She knew that by writing she is taking a chance that it may be published. I am taking that chance right now. My article may be good, maybe garbage and be criticized like hell, but I'm taking a chance. The blame is all Mitra's and her mother who brought her up like that.

I don't think it is the job of a Javid-like person to filter the writings. He may have thought this was an interesting article, which it was, and worthy of placement in the Iranian.

Now, we can keep harpooning the poor guy about his choice of selections, but it is his site after all. He has opted to put some of my articles, letters, and responses on the site and not others. I don't hold that against him.

Maybe having an article by Mitra or creatures like her will make us appreciate some other wonderful ones by some very capable writers. One of the most beautiful ones I have ever read came from Mark Dankof about his youth in Iran.

So, lay off of the poor guy. Have you ever had a website? Do you know what it takes to make it run? Do you know Javid? Do you know that this is not his job? He does this out of love and responsibility to his heritage. At least I think he does!

Hamid Bakhsheshi


* Assaulting sensibilites

Dear Mr. Robinson,

Why are you upset. I only assulted you twice with a very vulgar style of discourse. I thought you defended those who engage in such speech. Now that you have made it clear that you did not appreciate my two emails to you that were written in a very vulgar and assaulting style, why do you deny the right of readers to express their dismay with the editor of He did exactly the same thing. He assaulted the sensibilites of his readers by printing Mitra's very vulgar articles. ["Guys are stupid", "Use your brain"]'s readers were unsuspecting victims of an assault of sexually explicit words and content.

In your view I am nothing more that a proponent of censorship [Blind gatekeeper]because I feel that a subjective minimum standard must be employed by Every publication must engage in such distasteful vetting I'm afraid. I do not feel that Mitra should be silenced, however. I just feel that there are other publications which would better suit her style of discourse.

Just as I assualted you with words, she with the help of assaulted many thousands with her obsene and offensive story of her sexual adventures. You quite unsuspectingly were the victim of my assault, but many, many thousands, including children, were the victims of her writings.

I did not mean to hurt your feeling, but I did, just as Mitra and did not intend to hurt people's feelings, but they did. Sometimes it isn't enough to just say I'm sorry...sometimes we have to endeavor to change our behavior in the future so that past mistakes are not repeated.

It was "intellectual masterbation" to print such salacious articles. They served no point and did not enlarge the rebric of human knowledge. They didn't even entertain. They were simply distasteful and disgusting to a large portion of the readership. If what I am proposing is censorship then so be it. It is a small price to pay to keep my young child from reading Mitra's filth and asking daddy what does it mean, "to stick your dick in a hole?"

My apologies for the insulting emails, but I was trying to make a point, just as Mitra did, not once, but twice.

Je Sea ( Man with a funny name)


* Load of crap

i support one hundred percent your decision to publish that girl's articles, regardless of the merits of the articles themselves. ["Guys are stupid", "Use your brain"]

Je Sea's article, though, really got on my nerve. i thought it is necessary to let you know that not all your readers think like that.

if i could have a five word comment in the main page of, i would like it to be "what a load of crap" right next to Je Sea's "Blind gatekeeper"!



* Shifting blame

In claiming that people have a "tendency to ignore the crimes and excesses of one's own government against others", Mr. Habibi sets up a false comparison between the United States and Iran. [Silence on patriotic grounds]

Whatever Mr. Habibi's personal views and mischaracterizations of the Iranian territorial dispute with UAE are, the fact is that such territorial disputes are common through out the world.

In protecting its rights on the Tumb islands, Iran hasn't illegally invaded another country, overthrew its goverment and killed its people. Nor can Iran's treatment of the Bahai be in any way compared to Israel's treatment of the Palestinains, and even if it was comparable, that doesn't justify Israeli aggression. Nor does Iran or Turkey or the other nations mentioned by Mr Habibi go around claiming to be the leader of the free world. Nor do two wrongs make a right.

The conservative right in the US has consistently claimed charge that "those people have only themselves to blame and not the past US policies". It's nothing more than a rhetorical attempt at shifting blame to the victims.

John Mohammadi


* Another sloppy kiss

Azam jan,

Every time I listen to any of your newly listed music in the iranian .com I would like to write to you and thank you for your wonderful work. I know you dislike my sloppy kisses, but here again you get another one, cause you genuinely deserve one.

Abdy Sadri 


* Old songs

"In the Name of Allah"

I'm one those visitors to your web site almost every day, and I live in
Canada. I really appreciate the amount of work that you put into the music section, especially the Traditional Iranian Music & Songs. I remember very long time ago heard a type of song called "Bah-re Tavil", probably by Ahmadi, who is also an actor, and used to play at some series on Iranian TV, and maybe even now. Is there any way to get hold of this type of old song as well?

Mahmood Nowroozi


* Where's Solie?

Hi dear Azam,

I wanted to thank you for all your effort that you put all to fine most memorable Iranian songs, either recent or oldies like golden oldies.

I do have a suggestion too regarding one of our singer by name Solie. I did not see any of his song in your wonderful list. I don't know if you remember him some of his popular songs was HAMADIFIL, GOLE SEEB and so on.It would be in great appreciation if you could find some or all songs of him and add them into your music list.

God bless you and have a very green and happy life.

Kambod Barkhordar 


* Sepaasgozaar

Sarkare Khanom Azam Nemati, Ba doroud va salam khedmate shoma.

omidvaram hamisheh dar karhayetan pirooz bashid.Man Siavash Farid dar Denmark az shoma be khatere sighte khoobe Iranian musik az shoma sepasgozaram va barayetan arezooye shadabi va shadkami daram. movafagh bashid.

Siavash Farid


* Beautiful work

A fine beautiful work [Pooran's music]. I hpoe you can present the rest of her songs including golha.



* Great memories

Dear Ms. Nemati,

I just wanted to thank you for spending so much time compiling  great Persian songs. They bring many great memories back to me.

Ali Moghimi


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