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April/May 2004

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* Nail on the head

Hamid Bakhsheshi hits the nail on the head. [Hypocracy won't bring democracy]

My good friend, Hamid Bakhsheshi, hits the nail on the head in terms of the disgrace and PR disaster for the United States which presents itself in the controversy over the Abu Ghraib prison photos. The pictoral depictions of American violations of the Geneva Convention in the gross mistreatment and degradation of Iraqi prisoners further damages the Bush Administration and its Neo-Con prosecutors of the preemptive war and inept military occupation of Iraq.

The American right-wing site Liberty Post today re-posted my analysis of George Bush's War Speech delivered in October of 1992 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Readers of The Iranian are invited to click on the link here.

Mark Dankof


* Not enough

Dear Sirs,

I don't know Ms Ameri [who's running for Congress from Oregon] but from what I heard she is not only a Republican (which is fine with me!) but strong supporter of current administration. I don't live in Oregon but I like to vote for a PERSON who stands (at least partially) for what I stand.

The catastrophic consequences of voting for who the person is rather than what the person stands for are Justice Thomas of the supreme court and Ms Rice in the current administration. Are they the role models for African Americans? I hope not.

So (Mr. Ghaffari take note! [For who she is]) simply voting for her because she is from my mother country is WRONG!. Similar type of ill conceived reasoning brought us the current administration in Iran.


* Why the surprise?

Dear Tavana,

Why does this shock you? [Only because I was born in Iran] Have you not been living in the US for the past so many years? Have you not been exposed to the INS and it's staff before? Have you not have to deal with countless undereducated, careless, indifferent, morons in this country before? Why did this surprise you?

The very first time I was exposed to INS was in 1977, US embassy in Tehran. I was rejected for a student visa "SEVEN" times. Count that 7!

One of the reasons for denial was the fact that I couldn't pronounce the name of my school, which granted me an acceptance! Next time their reasoning was that I didn't know the correct address without looking at my paperwork!

I dealt with so many shit-for-brains from the beginning that my expectations were very low of America and Americans.

Years later after failing to prove that I did ask permission for transferring between high-school and college, which were two blocks apart, I had to waste a year of my life fighting deportation.

Same morons, with the same "I don't give a shit" attitude, over paid, under worked, stupid robots at the INS were losing my file, forgetting the dates, mistaking my name with others.

Then came time for residency (green card) and subsequently citizenship. I won't even get into that. Just managed to get my blood pressure under control!

After gone through the school system here, and dealing with most Americans, professionally and socially, honey, we are dealing with a nation of dummies. Complete brain-washed, "we're #1", self bull-shitters.

Upon a recent trip to Iran, I realized that a 10 year old Iranian child knows more about the world, in general, than any adult in US.

Don't let this upset you, come to terms in accepting who you're dealing with, please!

Reflect back to the questions you were asked, while attending school, at any given time. "Do you have chewing gum, where you from?". "Do you have cars there?". "Do you have regular clothes?"

The level of understanding your counter parts, raises with the recognition of their backgrounds and depth of their ability to understand. In this case, you and I are SOL, (shit out of luck!")

Hamid Bakhsheshi


* You need to be slapped hard

I am really sick and tired of those "people" who remember to appeal to Iranians when they want us to hear their sob stories of how badly they have been treated because they were born Iranian [Only because I was born in Iran]. Enough of these stupid bullshit tales. I hope they never grant you visa to US because you are one ungrateful asshole who thinks "I am too good to be Iranian". Well, screw you for thinking we are all naive.

Anyone with one ounce of intelligence knows that life in any European country is much easier than US with all the uncertainties. Also, for your ignorant mind please note that Europeans have always been more cultured therefore, more respectful of Iranian heritage and its people. You are hiding the fact that you were oppressed by your own family and coming to US let you be "uninhibited". Wow, what a great contribution to the Iranian society!

You need to be slapped hard to snap out of your flimsy fantasy world. You are the problem so stop blaming everyone else. You do not belong anywhere because you do not know who you are. I have lived in the US since 1978 and enjoy a very loving and supportive Iranian family (my community) and the reason is because I still love everything about Iran and being Iranian (except the regime of course).

I live in a place that has sunshine all year long and yet nobody has ever heard me say "the city I love" or "People I love". If you have the correct sense of identity and belonging then you should be able to live anywhere and adapt to the environment because you make your life what you want it to be. So do not expect any sympathy from this "IRANIAN" because I do not give a damn about your kind who remembers he/she is Iranian only when world does not revolve around their comfort.

As for your depression, you need a good slapping around for being so selfish. People are losing their kids, and loved ones in the war they did not ask for ever day. They have reasons to be depressed but you and your little ego are depressed because you can not live in the US. How disgusting. As my son will say "boohoo, you poor losy baby" grow up and stop whining.

Azam Nemati


* Become more tolerant

Dear Mr. Bakhtiar, [Immoral AND illegal]

May I respectfully remind you that laws are not immutable? Law and human society is supposed to evolve and change for the better. We should always strive to better ourselves as individual human beings and as a society become more tolerant and respectful of the rights of others. Just because a specific practice is rooted in ancient times doesn't necessarily make it right.

Slavery and burning of heretics were considered quite legal and acceptable in a not too distant past but they were morally and ethically wrong. Preventing two people of the same gender to voluntarily commit to each other is wrong and prejudicial. If you are worried about procreation and prosperity of this country, believe me gay marriages won't stop straight people from getting married or certainly from procreating!

Navid Zahed


* Right to live the way they want to

I find it amazing that many educated and modern Iranian are afraid to express themselves so they pretend their inquiries are simply an option poll or out of curiosity and then this lady thinks that what society dictates should make us behave that way. [Out of the fog]

In fact the sad part is Iranians mostly pretend to be following the code of ethics (Iranian style of course), religion and so on yet privately they do the opposite. Yes the religion and society tells us homosexuality is immoral but ever since I was a teen-ager in Iran I believed that personal choices are just that and nobody else's business.

Of course I was heart broken when a drop dead gorgeous cousin of mine who was like a brother to me and had so many women chasing him was caught in bed with another man by his wife and family had to pay big time to shut her up. The tale continued by his stupid parents who kept finding him beautiful and talented wives hoping things would change and the third marriage ended in disaster because she told all.

I have had gay employees and never had any problems with them. I had very high profile and wealthy gay clients when I was in banking and they were the most highly cultured people an I enjoyed talking to them. I think we have no right to judge and as long as a person is law abiding and does not hurt anyone else he or she should have the right to live their life the way they want to.

Our backward beliefs sometimes have painful results. A few years ago I met a very handsome young gay Iranian man that I tried to convince him he would not be judged (he had come from Australia). The Iranians there had made his life so miserable (and his own family did not back him) he had ended up on anti-depressant. We have serious problems in the world to deal with from child pornography to their starvation and women being beaten and abused in the name of religion. Homosexuality is a subject that will not solve any of those problems.

Gays are good for business based on many census development I live in has quadrupled in price because many gay (men) have bought apartments there. I have a few of them as my neighbors which I run into in the elevators and they are always pleasant. As for religion forget it because we are the biggest hypocrites in the world.

We think homosexuality is wrong but do not lift a finger to help a fellow human being in need. You need to decide where you stand on any issue and do not care what others think. I am pro choice and have always been and that comes from a woman that by everyone's account should have had an abortion because all odds were against her but she "chose" life.

Of course now everyone is pro-life! I am sick and tired of people telling us what to do in the name of religion. I did not go to see Passion because I can not stand Mel Gibson who is a backward anti feminist and chauvinist pig. Jim Cavizel who plays Christ is a die hard Catholic and a big fan of TV evangelist Dr. Schuler (he has been on his shows promoting Christianity!). Iranians for the most part will tell you what they think is politically correct so don't look for staright answers. There are a small percentage of us who mean what we say.

Azam Nemati


* Summarized Chomsky

I partially read your April 27 article, "Silence on patriotic grounds," published on

I never finished your article so I am not emailing you to argue your logic. However, I would like to advise you that in future, please directly state what your essay is about early on. After reading almost 10 paragraphs and half your essay, I could swear you were summarizing N. Chomsky's position on US foreign policy and nothing more. You wouldn't expect such an error from someone who writes so coherently.

I wasn't sure if your essay had a descriptive nature or was trying to argue a point. Honestly, I gave up trying to find out. On the other hand, I do like to congratulate you on referencing your essay, as many writers write articles based on 50 assumptions, and it is hard to follow logic based on assumptions whose veracity can not be examined.

Finally, was it your intention to say that you are NOT Bahai. Why even mention it? What is so horrible about belonging to that faith. I am Moslem myself but it was puzzling to read that at the end of your article.

Majid Saleh


* Support your president

Mr. Bakhsheshi, [Hypocracy won't bring democracy]

You are wrong. The US military under the leadership of the President Bush will bring demoracy to Iraq. But the first order of business is to clean out the terrorists, the thugs, the theives, the clergies, and the subversives. Then, law and order can be established. Next, the democratic institutions can be put in place. And, finally people can participate in the democratic process. Of course, all of these must happen under the watchful eyes of the US Military.

One way or another, President Bush is hell bent to bring your people (Arabs) to the 21st century modern and civilized world. So please be patient and support your president and your miltary.

God Bless America
General Rostam


* Be proud of being Iranian and Muslim

Hashem Aghajari is a freedom fighter. He has fought within the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran for change. In the late 1970's Iranians by a landslide majority abolished the monarchy forever. Since that time Iran has thrust forward and instituted a Republic.

Aghajari is "taking it up a notch" by pushing Iran in the direction of becoming a full democratic republic. The Iranians in the diaspora can't really understand the heroic stature of Aghajari.

The filthy parasites in Los Angeles that are barbaric monarchists should abandon the view of monarchy and for once and for all hold the true Iranian flag up high and be proud of being Iranian and Muslim. Peace and justice for all.

Park Avenue
New York City


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