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May 25, 2004

* The coming invasion

I read Lawrence Reza Ershaghi's "When they invade Iran". I am not Iranian, but I agree with it completely. I am one American who did not put up a flag or a bumper sticker after 9-11 because I could see where this was headed from the very beginning. I don't support anyone dumb enough to risk their life so Halliburton can make more money. By the way, I'm not a liberal, I'm a conservative Christian.

I think he is probably right that a lot of his contemporaries are more interested in the mall than world events. Most people in the U.S. are like that regardless of ethnic background.

The coming invasion of Iran is as obvious as yesterday's newspaper headline, although they may go for Syria first I really wonder how Iranian Americans will react and if they are prepared for the hatred that will be whipped up to gain public support of the invasion.

I hope that Mr. Ershaghi continues writing the truth. We need voices like his at this dark hour.

Kristine Nielsen


* Half truths

Reading the speech made by Shirin Ebadi published on [Our only hope] a thought passed my mind that this speech could well have been word for word what Mohamad Reza Shah Pahlavi would have said if he was alive today, though he would have emphasised more on the need for spirituality and the benevolance of our Shiite and Muslim traditions.

Then I came across the bit in the speech where Lenin killed 2 million and Stalin killed hundreds of thousands. How could a Nobel Laureat make such a mistake? Stalin killed more of his own people than Hitler did in the Holocust and in his military adventures combined. And why no mention of the tens of millions killed by the Maoist in China (A country the Islamic Republic dreams to replicate).

It bacame clear when I read who has translated Shirin Ebadi's words from Persian. A certain Abbass Milani, ex-communist who was arrested and imprisoned in the 1970's for wanting to make the Iranian people 'happy' to use Shirin Ebadi's words.

Could it just be that these people, Lenin, Stalin, Moussolini and the Bolsheviks etc. where actually only after their own happiness and economic well being and only talked of workers rights and workers power as an excuse for their own personal ambitions and ego's.

Just compare the current ruling class that puts its own monopoly of power before the prosperity of its subjects with the ancien regime, a Pahlavi regime and a very Iranian regime, and much of these sweets words become a gentle diversion of poeple's attention with half truths and bland entertainments and are in effect political speech in defense of the indefensible.

Amir K. Sheibany


* Nobel Peace Prize to Mr. Jowza

I wanted to stay away from responding to all the gibberish Ali Ardeshir Jowza wrote in his piece titled, "The new voice of the Islamic Republic", but finally I relented and decided to write my response.

It is very easy to sit outside of (as the Iranian saying goes) the gowde! and criticise and attack people inside Iran who are in the midst of all the difficulties and dangers and yet dare to stand and fight for human rights and Women as Shirin Ebadi has done. Maybe they should have given the Nobel Peace Prize to Mr. Jowza instead for his courageous struggle for freedom and justice in Iran. I recommend all Iranians to stand up and try to get Mr. Jowza nominated for 2004 Peace Prize.

Mehdi Amini


* Mouthpiece no mystery

Dear Dr. Ala,

I am writing this in response to your piece on entitled "Click here for democracy".

Let me begin by saying that your portrayal of Ms. Ebadi's position is deeply disturbing and at best extremely flawed. Despite being a man of advanced academic training, your analysis of her comments is peppered with naiveté and misjudgment. For example, you quote Ms. Ebadi on the strict mandatory Hijaab laws in Iran as saying that she is only following the laws of the land. Really? Since when NOT wearing the Islamic Hijaab is the law of the United States? Would you get arrested, beaten, and imprisoned in the United States for wearing the Hijaab? Add to that 50 lashes and that's what my cousin got for not wearing her Hijaab correctly in Iran.

Dr. Ala, the fact that Ms. Ebadi is the mouthpiece of the Islamic regime is no longer a mystery. She is following the same course of action that was originally taken by Khatami with only one thought in mind: prolongation and legitimization of the brutal rule of the Islamic Regime in Iran. It is up to us Iranians abroad, especially the educated class, to resonate the voices of the suffering Iranian people to the world. Anything short of this effort is unfair and inhumane to the people of Iran and the future of our motherland.

Ms. Ebadi does not have the benefit of the Iranian people in mind. It seems to me that neither do you. Ms. Ebadi has questionable political motives. It seems to me that so do you. The mighty Nazi Germany's army could not protect Hitler's vision of greed and destruction. What makes you think that the Basijis and Ms. Ebadi can protect that of the mullahs in Iran?

Enough is enough.

S. Khozin M.D., M.P.H.


* We believe in God's promises

In responce to Ali Ardeshir Jowza's "The new voice of the Islamic Republic":

I would like to apologize to the Sadri brothers for my needlessly abrasive response [Boils down to two facts] to their piece "Apocalypse Tomorrow". I also wish to apologize to your readers for my use of the term "flake". It was unnecessary and I acknowledge it as a sin on my part.

Mahmoud implies [Standing in for Archie Bunker] that I stereotype people in turbans as unsavoury characters, which I certainly do not. There are no doubt a great many fine and loveable people who wear them. Moreover, I am perfectly well aware that they are worn by men of many different religions.

The turban wearers I specifically referred to are those agitators who call for death to Israel and death to America, and the fact that their belligerence results in an entirely understandable reaction from Christian voters who have a sense of allegiance to those two nations. I cannot speak for all peoples, but certainly most Westerners, when they hear someone calling for death assume that he means it.

Religious hypocrites who pose as spiritual leaders but who build a personal powerbase on the politics of hatred - these are pestilent people, no matter whether they are found in the church (and there have been many), the synagogue, the temple or the mosque. Down through history their violent rhetoric has justified the things God hates and set the world on fire. The Popes who called forth the Crusades were no better than the current crop to whom I refer.

Regarding the Pre-Millennial Christian's attitude to Israel [Apocalypse Tomorrow], I can only say (being one myself) that Mr Sadri has perhaps gotten his information from someone who, unbeknown to him, was determined to misrepresent the entire issue. Let me state simply what we DO believe:

That God, through the prophets, made certain promises to the nation of Israel, and as we do not believe God to be a liar, we fully expect those promises to be fulfilled. These promises involve the reconciliation of the nation to Yahweh, their covenant God, and the exaltation of Israel above all the nations of the earth, when Christ shall rule from Jerusalem.

We believe that these promises will be literally fulfilled on earth when Christ returns Pre (before) Millennium (His 1000 year kingdom on earth before the eternal state). There are plenty of easily obtainable books that set the whole thing out in detail - Just be sure you get one written by an apologist, not an enemy of the subject!

Yes, there have been plenty of anti-Semites who called themselves Christians, but obviously, none of them believed the above!

Paul MacKinnon


* How old was Ayesheh?

Dear Mr. Nabavi, [Screwed-up Iranian]

I am one of the ignorant Iranians that you have referred to. To enlighten all ignorant Iranians such as myself; will you be kind enough to reveal what was the age of AYESHEH when Mohammad married her?

H. Hakimi,


* Past and present music

Dear Azam Nemati,

I just stopped by to drop a few lines of thanx and appreciation for the great job you did in site compiling all those beautiful songs and music of the past and present. I am a 41 y/o Iranian man living inside the country having no access to music shops which may sell my favourite casettes or CDs. I dont know if you can help me to purchase my music or the way I may be able to download, or any other possible ways.



* Coming from you

Dear Azam,

This morning I logged into the music section of the to listen to some music, that is when I saw your message along with your picture. I have to say that is a good way to start the morning by looking at your beautiful picture... Needless to say that I heeded the call, because I know when it is coming from you it is for a good cause.



* Bijan Mortazavi music notes

Can I have Bijan Mortazavi's email address? How can I get in touch with him? I want to find music script for the violin from Mr. Mortazavi. My children play violin for 8 years and now they would like to play some Iranian music.

Nona Nourbakhsh


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