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May 22, 2004

* Does democracy not take time?

In responce to Ali Ardeshir Jowza's "The new voice of the Islamic Republic":

You're absolutely right. Those bums at the Peace Prize should take hers away from her and hang her from the highest "American/Israeli" flag pole they can find.

You can say what you want in front of a podium, if you ever get there, but she has to go back to Iran and deal with the freaking Moslems, doesn't she?

Have you forgotten that the reason she was nominated and won this prestigious award was because of what she has said and done for human rights in Iran? Did you not get the memo that the reason she is standing at the podium is because of what she has achieved, which is going directly against IRA?

Does democracy not take time? Is she wrong? Of all she has done and said you picked up on one sentence that was similar to what Pahlavi regime has mentioned? Maybe she's a "Shahi" too, ha?

You go on saying, "all of those who fought for Iran... we..." So, you fought for Iran too? How so? By giggling with your boy-friend while Ebadi was giving a speech? Has it skip your narrow mind that she is talking about the hottest subject of the day, American presence in Iraq, which subsequently lead to prisoner abuse and what Israel is doing to the Palestinians? 

Maybe next time she can talk about NBA play offs! 

How dare you, sir, HOW DARE YOU?

Hamid Bakhsheshi


* Screwed-up Iranian

In responce to Ali Ardeshir Jowza's "The new voice of the Islamic Republic":

You are certainly entitled to your observation, translation and opinion about Mrs. Ebadi's speech, Islamic republic, Iran and Iranians in general, but what has caught my attention about your article is your lack of knowledge on Islam, Prophet Mohammad and generally the history of Islam. There has been no record of your claim on The Prophet Mohammad marrying a nine-year-old girl in the history of Islam. I don't know where you guys get your information? it is very unfair for you to make false and disrespectful claims against one of the most respected prophet not only among Muslims but the rest of the world.

If it was not because of Islam and its amazing teachings in belief, literatures, science and general social settings and advancements, you and the rest of Iranians wouldn't be where they are now. I am so tired of the unfounded claims about Iran and Iranians before Islam? Isn't it true that Iran only flourished in literature, science, architect and most of it's social progress and standards after Islam? Just read the history of Iran before and after Islam without any prejudice.

The problem is not Islam or Islamic Republic, the problem is being Iranian with the most screwed up culture in the world.

Javeed Islam,

H. Nabavi


* Anger's poison

Dear Mr. Ali Ardeshir Jowza, [The new voice of the Islamic Republic]

Thank you for your article. You have heard that Confucius said: "An angry man is full of poison."

Take good care please,

Mohamad Navab
Los Angeles


* IRI's kolfat

Dear Mr. Ali Ardeshir Jowza, [The new voice of the Islamic Republic]

I read your article in the with utmost pleasure. You serviced the mouth of that Maid Servant, (KOLFAT) Shirin Ebadi very well.

The Aakhonds fooled the Iranians by creating that SEYEDE KHANDAN, Khatamy, for 8 years & prolonged their dirty stay in power, now they have created this Maid Servant (NOKAR) to replace that Male Servant, to fool us for another 8 years.

I shall not be surprised to see that Shirin Ebadi will be IRI’s next presidential candidate, with all the applause from the European Union, on top of them, the Brits.

The Brits are behind the IRI, & they are very well known for their tricks all over the world, with one difference, & that is, that they do not enjoy the monopoly of B.B.C. to propagate leis & deception, any longer.

Thanks to internet that the entire world has become alert to their masterly tricks. Thank you very much for exposing this KOLFAT, namely Shirin Ebadi. Keep up the good work; you have 99 percent of the Iranians to support you.

H. Hakimi,


* Standing in for Archie Bunker

Paul MacKinnon [Boils down to two facts], in the first paragraph of his response to our article "Apocalypse tomorrow" likens our approach to fundamentalist Christianity to "getting a lesson on Greek philosophy from Archie Bunker." The reference to Archie Bunker, the comically bigoted ethnocentric American character constitutes a "Freudian slip" foretelling the kind of bigotry that inspires this letter.

In true Archie Bunker fashion Mr. MacKinnon manages to blurt out two references to "guy in a turban" and "flake in a turban" in a half page of rambling platitudes. Our critic assumes that wearing a turban means the person is a Muslim --it doesn't. Just ask the "patriot" who killed a turbaned Sikh gentleman in Arizona to avenge 9/11.

Mackinnon also assumes that wearing a turban means you are an unsavory character or even a terrorist -- it doesn't. Just watch Hamid Karzai the celebrated American backed leader of Afghanistan. If this flagrant display of cultural insensitivity and compounded ignorance was not enough, Mr. MacKinnon goes on to reveal his (and Christian Right's) true feelings about Jews: He pronounces Christian fundamentalists' patronizing love of Jews: "in spite of the fact that Jews are still among the staunchest opponents of Christianity." He actually wrote those words! I will say no more. The perceptive reader can judge who stands in for Archie Bunker here.

This brings me to the two points to which Mr. MacKinnon boils down his argument. Actually his two points boil down to one point: Millenarian Christians' views and true feelings about Jews and Israel. Have no doubt about it, believers in bible prophecy are no friends of Jews or Israel. Theirs is a convoluted and oddly inverted version of the age-old Christian Anti-Semitism. They believe that in the battle of Armageddon all but a small fraction of Jews will be killed. The remaining few (One version has twelve times twelve thousand Jews) will convert to Christianity leaving the rest to burn to a crisp. The billions slated for the fiery death in the final days are believed to be Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, as well as non-fundamentalist Christians.

Israelis of conscience and integrity (including many prominent authors and commentators) have spoken out against accepting the political support and financial help of Christian Zionists and their ilk, but contingent alliance. On the other side, one prominent American Zionist, upon confronting the question of the inherent anti Semitism of the Messianic Christianity and its expectation of the ultimate destruction of Jewry and Israel, cynically quipped: "When that day comes we'll reconsider our options."

Mahmoud Sadri


* They refer to Persia also as Iran

It is pretty much established that the name "Persia" was changed in diplomatic usage to Iran during Reza Shah's rule [Persian vs. Iranain]. The why and how and by whose cajoling is simply irrelevant and not ascertainable with any degree of evidentiary certitude.

What I have discovered, however, is contextual evidence among the European traveler-writers of the nineteenth century in which they refer to Persia or Perse also as Iran, naturally reflecting the a name that Iranians (including Persians and other ethnic groups) called the land.

For example, refer to Henry Walter Bellow, From the Indus to the Tigris (London: Truber 1874), and Joseph P. Ferrier, Caravan Journeys and Wanderings (London: John Murray 1856).

Guive Mirfendereski


* Fond memories

Thank you for Elahe's "Yek Shaakheh Gol #254". I have had so many fond memories sharing it with some very special people in my life. It is one of my all time favorite.

Thanks a million,



* Over the limit, sometimes

I used to listen and enjoy the music at Iranian page but recently it is not possible to hear it! is there a technical problem or you deleted this page? please let me know if there is another way to listen to your fantastic music page.

In fact, many other internet music pages are deleted. Is there any reason that you could let me know?

Anyway, I hope to be able to listen to your music soon.


REPLY: Sometimes the number of people trying to listen to music on goes over the limit. Please try again later.


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