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July 2006

* Indebted to the white man
* Tell them how proud we are
* No sense of humanity at all
* Ganji has proven himself
* Potato photography
* Mr. Islamboli is an Iranian patriot
* How to save Islam
* Not a sect of Shi'ism
Anti-Israeli protest
* Work for reconciliation
* How times have changed
Lost friend
* Taraneh Shokouhi
* Baaese nange tamaame Iranian
* Stop the sick guy
* Peace only through dialogue
* No justification for Israel to continue its killing and destruction
* Read and read and read history
* Both sides must be held to account for their actions
* Stop lying so much
* Dishonest analysis
* Israel's actions are tantamount to state terrorism
* Only enemies would encourage attacing Iran
* Ants win
* Solve Iran-U.S. dispute
* Peace will come when hatred of Israel will cease
* Israel's steely resolve has only served to further harden and radicalize enemies
* No hope, no chance, and no future, unless...
* Step into the 21st century and think like a human being
* Let some sun shine in your heart!
* So uncaring, hateful and blood thirsty!
* Sympathy to a point
* We are better than this, people
* New standard in arrogance and betrayal of ones own nation
* We, too, were robbed of our childhood by a minority of overzealous fanatic Islamist fascists
* Labeling as a way out of a complex conflict
* Raise ourselves up by putting others down
* Excuses for failed country and civilization
* Killing innocent Palestinians is not the goal
* Why do you care?
* Clearly demonstrates her depth of misunderstanding
* Do not let the cheap shots bother you
* Let people decide their own future
* Israel established to create fear
* She doesn't know a thing about Hitler
* Comparing Israel to Hitler utterly outrageous
* Self-righteous war-mongering attitude
* Peace will not come until both sides listen to each other
* Pretext to attack Iran
* I hope they murder that son of a bitch Sheikh Hasan Nasrallah
Bad language
* We are better than this, people
* Offensive and inappropriate expressions
Show off
* Showing off with "bozorgaan"
* This guy is going to be yesterday's news soon
* Too young to undertsand consequesnces
Shapur Shahbazi
* Expert on Achaemenid and Sasanian history
Bad language
* Offensive and inappropriate expressions
* Move to worthy section
* That is why democracy will prevail
* Anti-leftist dogma
* Please find a way to relocate yourslef to a strict Islamic nation
* Islamic threat to the West
Hunger strike
* Get them Gatorade!
* This is a setup
Photo essay
* You don't have to travel to 'exotic' places
Ahmadinejad's ring
* Sange badbakhti
* Arash will never allow Iran to divide
* Made me want to throw up first thing in the morning!
* Right on lying
* How ridiculously anti-Islamic
* I saw it all happening here (in the US)
* Change emanating out of Islam
* Cyrus & hejab
* Keep reading the Koran
Team Melli
* Focus on positive thinking
* Shooting us in the leg
* What, you want Iran to win the World Cup or it's a crappy team??
* They kicked booty
* Show a little honesty
* Sacred mother
* Priceless
* That's what you get for insulting my mom
Middle East map
* Shouldn't be a surprise
Judge Mortazavi
* Where a little "integrity" would have been very useful
* Responsibility to respect/express our collective sentiments
* We should not add to our own de-humanization
* I saw it all happening here (in the US)
* Kinda crappy
* As a matter of fact she has a horrible voice
* I'm pretty sure it is Sa'di
* No specific relation
* Hafez ro zir o roo kardam
Let me tell you...
* Responsibility to respect/express our collective sentiments
* Where a little "integrity" would have been very useful
* Just teasing
* He is genuine and good natured
* Incredibly illiterate or plain evil
* I like Fakhravar
* Look in the mirror
* You crossed that line
* NO right to sell treasures
* Organize a protest?
* America's true face revealed
* Don't fall for the propaganda
* Worry about Big Mac
Women's rally
* Where a little "integrity" would have been very useful
* Photos clearly show...
* Badkoobeh
Iran photos
* Breathtaking
* Loved it so much
Supreme leader
* Fucking jerk sellout
Impeach Bush
* How is that going to solve the problem of Iran?
* Learn about the glories of the past and act upon them
* Some other idiot to be proud of
* Words on my wall
* Why condone such points of view?
* I want to know what dahat he come from
* Insulting intelligence
* Not that anyone expected anything of substance
Lost & found
* Lost father
* Bastardization of 'agha jaan'
* Adjudent is something else
* Les agents de police
World Cup
* Joyous attitude
* Visual guides for kids


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