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May 2007

* Am I getting too far ahead?
Iran-U.S. talks
* Racist tripe
* Yekam tone sedatoon ro ageh biarid paeen beh nazaram behtare
* ALL they want is LEGITIMACY
* IAEA people don't have your inside information?
* Disciple of political expediency
* I enjoy living here
* You don't HAVE to wait that long
* IAEA people don't have your inside information?
* Nuclear energy/ technologies does NOT go with Allah
* Solution: Secular and democratic state
* It is up to Iranians who live in Iran to decide what they like to do
* What kind of name is Meir?
* The more Israel puts his nose in Iranian asses, the more stubborn they get!
Name change
* Change truly starts from within
IRI invitation
* Cold war that may soon turn hot
* Burning bridges
* Harsh and raw, but right
* Hypocrites as well as stupid
* Iranians want to have the cake and eat it too
* You can simply keep quiet
* Good thoughts, bad language
* Dual citizenship
* Empty bravado
* Unfathomable need to go back to Iran
* Governed by the laws of Iran
* You have totally blown this one
* Robert Levinson missing in Iran
Plan B
* Wonderful read
* For the most part!
* Good for you!
* What's wrong with us being patriotic?
Book give away
* I could give them shelter
* Khelli Mamnoon
* You will be sorry
* Slight difference
* Library of Congress?
* Iranian library in southern California?
* I'm a little concerned for you
* Books were as dear to him as his bride of 45 years
* Before you give this one away...
* Oh my god ... oh my god ...
* Books for my mom
* Don't say "good riddance" when your books are gone!
* Az dokooneh har attari ye chizi dari
* Your books ARE her books
* Daughter's list
* Make an exception
* They must have meant something to you once
* It's simply brilliant!
* I'll just come pick up whatever
* Pezeshkzad, Iraj Mirza
* I love good novels for this summer
* Armenians in Iran?
* Wait
* Living in a home with a missing book-shelf
* I’ll make a deal
* Mouth watering
* Worth a shot!
* Interesting collection
* Insane...
* Could you possibly send them to me via UPS?
* With pleasure
* I wish I was close by
* Do you have...?
* Ketab hatoon ro list konid
* Tanavoli still in your posession?
* Generating MEGALOMANIACS diminishes measurably
* Please, get over this paranoia
* Well said
* One day I will return -- and visit New Zealand
* Same feelings about New Zealand
* Paying attention to such details
* You can not call this freedom of speech
* A lot of times your behavior and choices are questionable
* Lacking proper updating process
* Abadan seems to have woven it's magic on me too
* Diane, Joan, Daniel, and Kathleen and also Betty White
* Amazing personal connections
* Very familiar
* The kindness of the American family will never be forgotten
* Hope our countries tie their friendship again
* The only place on earth where life was easy
* Taking good memories to another world
* Fascinating tale
* Enjoyed Abadan
* Over the line
* Our dear Iran is ill because of such people
* Send him back to Iran for an emergency Sigheh
* Shame on him and you
* Daring, and truly Iranian
* Free ... to go back to Iran
* Too graphic
* Hajiagha is not about sacrilege. It's about his junk.
* Destroying his and our reputation
* So what the hell is he doing in Canada?
* Please consider banning his cartoons
* Sick point of view of a sick person
* Worthy of nothing but the sewer
* Inappropriate content
* Master piece
* Saadi incomplete
Understanding Iran
* Appoint them Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense and CIA director
* Face it or not, Iran is an enigma to most of the world
* Pretending the Islamic Republic doesn't exist
* Exposing the regime's lies
Regime change
* Shitting for regime change
* Solving Iran would require much more than a simple regime change
* Dying to defend Iran is an honor!
* Shame you are allowed to teach our kids
* I wished WE had army to stop mad Islamofascists
* Only because you hate Islam, you are willing to defend a fascist secular entity
* Erdogan government is not a fundamentalist
Houshang Pirnazar
* Left us so soon
* Visionary of our time
* Primitive and pagan of reasons for "putting up a tree"
* Who is this stranger in my bed?
* Without her, my life would have no meaning
* Obsessed with your hatred
* Not all religions are equal
* Same could also be said for any other religion
* I would prefer to a call you a jerk
* Not nearly as bad as religion
Civil disobedience
* Funny but all true
* JEESH first before writing
* Let me know where you need me to drop my first load
* Great to have a sense of humor
* Shitting for regime change
* What is truly irritating you
* Stop doing Picasso
Islam & IRI
* You Arab-loving asshole
* Shah, savak, mossadegh, 28 mordad, operation ajax, blah, blah
Ugly people
* How short minded, how blind, how ignorant, how shallow
* Boro doole Cheney raa bekhor ahmaq!
* USA will never be a friend of Iran
* OUR problems with YOU
* Iranians who never experienced Iran
* Nichts für ungut!
* Please don't keep us waiting too long
* More shame on Iranian community
* Cuban Missile Crisis dwarfs in comparison
* Do you have any family members in Iran?
* Invasion of Iran is also LEGAL based on the 1979 hostage crisis ALONE
* Don't you worry, we love Iran
* What can we take pride in?
Goli Ameri
* Go Goli Go
* Taking notice of enormous potential in Iranian American community
* How wrong can she be?
* Ms. Ameri is after limelight
* Goli Ameri-ca
* She knows what she is doing
* She is Iranian by name only!
* Consistently supported non-violent support for pro-Democracy students in Iran
* She would definitely have my vote
Free speech
* Inappropriate content
* You can not call this freedom of speech
* Time to burn their proverbial bras
* So poetic, so Persian
* Let's concentrate on more important issues
* Islam chera mitarsi? Zan-ha kaarit nadaaran
* Those who do not have a past will not have a future
* If I were a grammar nazi
* Petition IRI
Phone book
* Don't you think so?
* Paint your house and watching it dry
* Backbone of the regime
* I guess what they mean is they fully support IRI crimes
* Iranian not Turkish heritage
* Embarrassing, yet quite contagious
* Well done my brother
* Sex for money is sex for money
* Zarathushtra's teachings has not diminished
* Know her better and who she was
Missing bees
* Real problem
* Do not spray pesticides
* Remember all the hoopla about bird flu?
* McCain revealed his true agenda
* Forgive him for being dumb
* Senator McCain still can't make the connection
* BEAUTIFUL expression of his emotions
* Free media cannot survive under such a regime
American School
* What, football in Mullah land? No Way!
* Tony B Liar
Shirin Ebadi
* Ebadi has lost it
* Whatever happened to personal accountability for your own actions?
* Those who do not have a past will not have a future
* Keep on making people laugh!
* One guy you should pay
* When will Mack's film be released?
* Talented man with an awesome sense of humor
* Deep insecurity
* Awaking sleepy boys
* Why not try walking a mile in their shoes?
* Sounding quite jealous of Iranian Americans
* Other immigrant groups in the US have done the same
* The audacity of this guy
* What do you suppose Golesorkhi would be doing now?
* How easy and wonderful it is to share your life with your other fellow human beings in the most honest and simple way
Iranian Alliances Across Borders
* Gave me a renewed energy
* Like an old Hemingway novel
* Not as filthy as London or New York!
* Ashegh sher shoma shodam
* Young & old
* Loved it
Azam Nemati
* Utterly disapointing
* Shah's constitutional powers were nominal
Killer lion
* Beyond FUCKED UP
* Stunned by great imagery


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