May 2007

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May 31


Hypocrites as well as stupid

On Guive Mirfendereski's "Stupid is what stupid does":

I like Guive's total disrespect for Iranian hypocrisy. You only need to look at what the regime's Satellite TV output in recent years to realise how important it has been for it to gain respectability among the Iranians Diaspora by getting them to go back for visits.

I thought it remarkably restrained of Guive. He forgot to mention all the ladies travelling to Iran to get cheap and excellent plastic surgery with their dual passports. Little do they realise or perhaps wilfully chose to ignore that the expertise and skill learnt by our surgeons was gained during and as a direct result of the damned war with Iraq.

It is no good denying that by getting people to go back is seen as legetimizing IRI. You cannot be just a little pregnant no matter how much lie to yourself.

The regime in Iran is not a unitary governement and anyone dense enough to believe their propaganda or their assurances deserve what they get.

On the point of law, Iranian law does not recognise dual nationality until Mullahs' started tinkering with it. It doesn't matter where you are born or what you are, under Iranian law, you are considered Iranian. It is the hypocrisy of IRI officialdom that they also want Khar and Khorma like the rest of us so the Mullah regime has started to massage the laws a bit to allow the ladies with dual passport bring in dollars to spend on reducing their big noses and asses. Moreover they also want to retain the advantage for themselves should one day their stinking regime fall.

Amir Rostam


Cold war that may soon turn hot

On Guive Mirfendereski's "Stupid is what stupid does":

What is missing in this entire debate is the principle of reciprocity. It is important to remember that according to US federal regulations "the exportation, reexportation, sale, or supply, directly or indirectly, from the United States, or by a United States person, wherever located, of any goods, technology, or services to Iran or the Government of Iran is prohibited" (OFFICE OF FOREIGN ASSETS CONTROL, DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY; CHAPTER V-PART 560--IRANIAN TRANSACTIONS REGULATIONS § 560.204).

The federal code defines a "US person" as "any United States citizen, permanent resident alien, entity organized under the laws of the United States (including foreign branches), or any person in the United States." "Services," providing of which is illegal to any Iranian entity (not only the government), include conducting research, teaching, providing consultancy, organizing workshops, sociopolitical networking, lobbying, testifying and even conducting interviews.

To put it simply, US law prohibits US persons from working for any Iranian entity, let alone the Iranian government or an entity funded by the Iranian government, including Iranian universities (both public and private), without having a "specific license" from the Department of Treasury. Don't take my word for it; go to the following site and read it for yourself.

What this all means is that if someone like Dr. Esfandiari, who has acquired US citizenship or even Permanent Residency, would work for a private Iranian research institution, let alone one linked to or funded by the Iranian government, he/she should expect to be detained upon coming back to the United States and NO, the bill of rights and the freedoms it entails do not apply because there is an presidential Executive Order to this effect.

Going back to the principle of reciprocity, when we hear about the detention of an Iranian-American either in Iran or the United States, we should either condemn the actions of both governments for placing such heavy restrictions on Iranian-Americans who are proud of being both Iranian and American and are not willing to give up their links to either country, or keep our moth shut and accept the reality that Iran and US are currently engaged in a cold war that may soon turn hot.

Ebrahim Mohseni
Research Associate Program on International Policy Attitudes


You can simply keep quiet

On Guive Mirfendereski's "Stupid is what stupid does":

Here we go again with another article buy Mirfendereski, Guy Van Dersk... or whatever the hell his real name is reeking with meanness and Monday morning quarter backing. Listen, if you cannot express any sympathy or understanding about the plight of one of our own, you can simply keep quiet.

Furthermore Mr. Mirfendereski, you stated "... Please leave me alone, and bail your own sorry ass out of IRI! ..." , did anyone ask for your help? I really doubt that. You are not the type to understand other people or extend a helping hand to anyone in need. The best thing you can do is just shut your mouth and be quiet.

I urge everyone to read the details of her travel and imprisonment that was published by her husband Shaul Bakhash and see how preposterous the whole ordeal is. My heart goes out to her ailing mother and I wish for her return as soon as possible.



Governed by the laws of Iran

On Guive Mirfendereski's "Stupid is what stupid does":

There is no difference between a dual citizen and a US citizen in terms of legal protections. If you are a US citizen, to travel to Iran you need to obtain a visa. The visa form requires the applicant to sign a statement that they accept to be governed by the laws of Iran while they are in Iran.

Baback Nemazie


Dual citizenship

On Guive Mirfendereski's "Stupid is what stupid does":

I think Mr. Mirfendereski's temper tantrum is childish and usually belongs to people with an up-bringing of having silver spoon in their dirty mouth. As for dual citizenship the following is an abbreviated history of it in this country.

A little background: Petitioner (Mr. Ephraim (Afroyim) Bernstein ), of Polish birth, became a naturalized American citizen in 1926. He went to Israel in 1950, and in 1951 voted in an Israeli legislative election. The State Department subsequently refused to renew his passport, maintaining that petitioner had lost his citizenship by virtue of § 401(e) of the Nationality Act of 1940 which provides that a United States citizen shall "lose" his citizenship if he votes in a foreign political election. Petitioner then brought this declaratory judgment action alleging the unconstitutionality of § 401(e).

The Supreme Court Decision: The Constitution of the United States does not forbid dual citizenship. Indeed, the United States recognizes dual citizenship. This was decided in 1967 by the Supreme Court of the United States in the case of Afroyim v. Rusk 387 US.S. 253,67 S. Ct1660; 18 L. Ed. 2d. 757, which decided that a US citizen did not lose his citizenship after foreign naturalization. Justice Black in writing for the majority of the Court said:

“We hold that the 154th Amendment was designed to, and does protect every citizen of this Nation against a Congressional forcible destruction of his citizenship, whatever his creed, color, or race. Our holding does no more than to give to this citizen that which is his own, a constitutional right to remain a citizen in a free country unless he voluntarily relinquishes that citizenship".

I thought this would be helpful to Mr. Mirfendereski who by the way claims to have a degree in jurisprudence. As for Ms. Esfandiari, I completely agree with Mr. Noam Chomsky' comment.



Burning bridges

On Guive Mirfendereski's "Stupid is what stupid does":

I have a couple of questions regarding your piece "Stupid is what stupid does", which you might be able to clarify:

1). For a person with your credentials, you have a pretty colorful mouth on you, especially when you address your fellow Iranian civilians and mother-country, irrespective of the political situation. Do you kiss you mother with that mouth? And where is this hatred coming from, which takes me to my next question.

2). You mentioned that you had denounced your Iranian citizenship. That's fair. That surly must have been a conscious or even subconscious act of cutting the preverbal umbilical cord once and for all. A point of no return that prevents you from even thinking about returning to Iran. A sort of fool proof safety mechanism, in case, just in case, you were even entertained the idea of someday returning to the mother-land. I wonder: what happened to you in Iran that made you burn the bridge that connects you to it in such a sever way? Was it perhaps an act of picking up the khorma and the consequences of that, maybe? You even refer to it again by writing: "Before you go to Iran, ask yourself, why are you not there to begin with?". I'd like to ask you that question.

3). I must admit that the first three paragraphs of your piece indeed tried to convey a half baked message, if one could decipher it between the volley of F-bombs you dropped in just about every other word, but the last three paragraphs of your piece are just drunk talk, nonsense babbling. Again, when one reads your credentials, one really expects more than that load of manure you just shoveled that can fertilize the state you live in. What the hell are you talking about?! "Migration", "the legitimization and perpetuation" all big 25 cents words, but I got to tell you, people laugh at this sort of wisdom coming from any Iranian, specially one that fancies himself an intellectual. What have you been smoking or drinking prior or during the composition of your piece that resulted in such verbal diarrhea that bad? Did you read the article again before sending it? I am asking you, is this really the way to express your opinions to your fellow country men? And do you really expect to be taken seriously about what you wrote? Did you want to make a point across or just assassinate your own character and reputation?

4). The amount of anger contained in your words had enough juice to light up the Eifel Tower. If you're so pissed off and put off by Iranians, and God forbid the thought of going to Iran, why bother even writing about it? What exactly is eating you up? Quiet frankly, I don't think it is the subject that is doing it to you. It is you.

I don't think at this point you need to worry about bailing anyone out of Iran. You have to really concentrate in bailing yourself out of the mental mess you're in. Help is available and plenty. Just don't look for it in Iran, and come to think of it, in a lot of Iranians (after what you just demonstrated about your feelings towards all those with dual citizenships or as you called them "fence-sitters" ) or you'll be picking a lot of khorma ...



Iranians want to have the cake and eat it too

On Guive Mirfendereski's "Stupid is what stupid does":

Dear Guive,

Your views on travels to Iran are absolutely honourable. And honour is one characteristic, among many, that the Iranian economic immigrants have never had. I say economic because if they had any serious political issues with the Islamic regime they wouldn't have carried their passport. The problems with Iranians is that they want to have the cake and eat it too or as is said in Farsi- "yek baamo dou havaa." What your critics don't know is that there are thousands of Iranian refugees who had to leave their home and family behind, never to know if they could ever see them again and live a life of permanent exile in an alien corner of this world. They too have had loved ones and close family but their sense of honour, or gheyrat in our native tongue, has superseded their emotional needs. Nonetheless, if they choose to take the risk and return to their homeland, for whatever reason, they know that theirs may well be a one way journey.

And yes I have to use my pen name as I do not have the luxury of protection that many pseudo-Americans, like Kyle Saghafi enjoy when the return to pour their bucks in to the coffers of the Islamic regime.

Once again, thank you for your honourable stand.



Good thoughts, bad language

On Guive Mirfendereski's "Stupid is what stupid does":

I can not believe that Mr. Mifendereski used the language he used to speak the truth. Although I have loved ones, and miss my country so much - but I agree with him, I can not trust that government and US will not do a thing to get MY SORRY ass out if I end up in Evin because I wrote about the status of woman or whatever...

Again, I am astoshished that Mr. Mirfendereski used the language he used in his purposeful writing.



Harsh and raw, but right

On Kyle Saghafi's "You have totally blown this one":

Well, I actually found only one thing wrong with the "Stupid is ..." article and that was the word, "dickweed". I believe the word is "dickwad". Other than that, he's kind of right. Harsh and raw, but right.

We may disagree with his reasons to "disown" his birth country, but that's a personal choice. A great majority of us decided to hold on to our multi-citizenship, but a great majority of us are not that politically active or have not ill spoken of the present government in Iran.



Nuclear energy/technologies does NOT go with Allah

On Fatemeh Haghighatjoo, Kazem Alamdari's "Peaceful resolution":

Dear Alamadari:

Peaceful resolution to the nuclear stand off between the "Islamic Republic of Mullahs/Terrorists" and the civilized world is an oxymoron.

For Iran to obtain nuclear energy the following conditions must be satisfied and it is not an overnight matter, in fact it may take decades:

1. The current regime in its entirety must be overthrown and destroyed along with their thugs and supporters at all levels (e.g., deArabification/ deIslamification/ deCommunistification/ deBritishification of Iran!?),

2. A new regime (a true ally of America) of a democratic form must be established,

3. Iranian masses must become educated and civilized so they can be trusted with advanced technologies (e.g., nuclear energy does not jive with aftabeh, ammameh, reesho pasham, and Imam Hossain, and Ashora koss'e she'r),

4. Once Iran, its new government, and citizens prove to the world that they have become civilized, sane, and trustworthy, then and only then the world should allow them to have access to the nuclear energy of course in a fully controlled and verifiable manner. As Ronald Regean used to say, " trust but verify."

Before 1979, some of these conditions were riped but Iranian masses proved to be NOT trustworthy and demostrated poor judgement in their desire to move toward fanaticism and as a result the criminal mullahs took over. You see, you can not trust a nation when it decides to commit a collect suicide.

Nuclear energy/technologies does NOT go with Allah, Akhoonds, and the 12 Imams. It just doesn't!!!

Please pass on this me.

Amir Rostam


Am I getting too far ahead?

On Dick Davis's "The trickster hero":

Dear Professor Davis,

Most intriguing article. Thank you.

But, in a way, you took us to the stream-head and brought us back thirsty.

I am curious now about what an eminently prominent trickster hero says about a culture's myths and values. I say this because most Persian nationalists have rather a romantic view of pre-Islamic Iran as a strictly moral society where truth was seen as the highest virtue- a kind of Indo-European/Achamenian straight-talk value system. What you argue betrays an ancient, exalted place for trickery and deceit in Indo-Iranian traditions. Am I getting too far ahead of the point you are trying to make?

Mahmoud Shahbodaghi


Racist tripe

On Afraidtouse Myrealname's "What Condi should say to Iran":

What is to be gained for printing this trash? This person's vacuous idiocy mocks a nation, its values, its history, its people, even its mythology. How hard up are you for articles to give voice to such racist tripe?



Yekam tone sedatoon ro ageh biarid paeen beh nazaram behtare

On Afraidtouse Myrealname's "What Condi should say to Iran":

I just wanted to criticize Iranians ourselves. We always say this regime should go away and criticize everyone but don't think about a tiny bit that we may be wrong about it. Even we criticize Americans and foreigners!!! we think they are dumb. Or we think we are sooooo roshan fekr by criticizing those people who think the film 300 hurts our iranian pride and questions the great persian history.

Vaghean chera enghadar bazia eddeayeh roshan fekri mikonan!! Yekam az khodemoon enteghad konim bad nist!. Enghadar masalan ageh fekr mikonim dumban in amricayha ya kharejia dige nagim chikar konan chikar nakonan, masalan khob beh jokayeh saadeh mikhandan!! enghadar poz nadim!!

Beh nazare man Site Iranian.com kheili halate pozi dare! , dige bebakhshida vali kheili bala avordim az in roshan fekri!! , mage mardom khodeshoon bekhoda halishoon nist, keh bad shoma miaid masalan in chizaro vase mardom tozih midahid!! yekam tone sedatoon ro ageh biarid paeen beh nazaram behtare va az khodetoonam enteghad konid. Bezarid baghie ham az nevisandehatoon enteghad konan, YANI: masalan ghesmate comment ro baaz bezarid. bezarid mardom comment bezaran barayeh neveshteha va baghie negah konand dar site.

Vagarna beh nazare man Sansoore!!! doroste sansoor , mesle khodeh in rejime jomhoorie eslami keh interneto sansoor mikone!! kholase ina faghat nazare mane keh momkene sakht dar eshtebah basham. Please dont ignore this email. At least answer me in your site and critisize man and say you are wrong!!

Montazere javabetoon hastam. Hopefully in the site , so that other people can see it.

Thats it!!



Generating MEGALOMANIACS diminishes measurably

On Babak Khaan's "Uniterrupted mind":

Dear Mr. Babak Khandeh,

I read, multiple times, and with much appreciative enthusiasm your commentary on the recent lecture by Professor Dabashi in DC-Virginia. As Hamid Dabashi eloquently states, it is reassuring to observe that as our community in Diaspora as well as our indigenous compatriot community mature, that the chances for generating MEGALOMANIACS diminishes measurably among us. Narrating classical and modern history, as in Dabashi's book, Uninterrupted People, is painful to many of us, nonetheless, with "pain" comes "gain", does it not?

Iran continues slowly but steadily to stroll along its pathway of existence at this critical juncture, perhaps unprecedented in its long tumultuous history. Iran endures many internal homegrown follies as contrasted and complimented by an increasing fouled malice by external hegemonies.

In many ways, although these two forces seem contradictory and divergent, they in essence have one common goal, and that is to keep Iran regressive, dependent, unstable, and without the opportunity for the full empowerment of her most precious resource, Her peoples.

Notwithstanding, however, so long as our [responsible] intellectuals inside and outside the country, and as exemplified by the Dabashis, proactively recognize their role with respect to facilitating educational and cultural reforms, leading to the long-term goal of maintaining sovereignty of the country and enhancing the integrity of its inhabitants, by cleansing the bath water, but safeguarding the bath and the baby per se, Iran is on the right path, although slowly with frustrations, but steadily....

Keep up the great work, Babak jaan, and report on similar venues.

In solidarity for justice and equity leading to sustainable peace and tranquility, I remain

Davood Rahni


Abadan seems to have woven it's magic on me too

On Paul Schroeder's "Memories of an American boy":

Sir, I recognise many of the pictures shown by Paul, I also lived there at the same time and have made contact with him. Abadan seems to have woven it's magic on me too, for I have this feeling that I should return there one day.

The two brothers who ran the Tennis Club were, Anood and Matrood Jazamzardi. Matrood was a good friend to me while I was there. I dined with him and his family, and he with mine.

I also recognised several of the kids in the pictures, maybe one day we shall meet again.

Thank you Paul, for the picture's and many happy memories that they have invoked.

Rod Fearnley
Abadan Overseas School 1959/61.
Mr.John Rock (my teacher) SQ150 Braim


Diane, Joan, Daniel, and Kathleen and also Betty White

On Paul Schroeder's "Memories of an American boy":

Well hello stranger,

That essay and pictures brought back lots of memories. I sent it on to Joan, Daniel, and Kathleen and also Betty White (she lived on the other side of us.)

I still hear from your dad at Christmas and he let's me know how you and Ellen are doing. Both my parents have been gone since '90 and '91 and I still miss them very much.

I'm the only one of my siblings living on the West Coast, they all live on the East Coast in N.J. and Pa.

Once again I enjoyed the essay and thanks for doing it .

Diane Eichman


One day I will return -- and visit New Zealand

On Darren Marchant's "One day I will return":

Hi Darren,

Like yourself, late in 2004 I had the great pleasure of spending a wonderful year not quiet in your country but close enough, right next door in Australia. I have such fond memories of places such as Torquay, Port Campbell, Melbourne, The Great Ocean Road, Hall's Gap and even the dreadful Geelong :-)

My memories are still so vivid, the thought of the oceans, the breath-takingly beautiful scenery in Hall's Gap, herds of kangaroos hopping around our car in the dusk, the emus running in the open green wild fields, being waken up with the sound of cockatoos and kookaburras, it all takes my breath away. Having said all that, I feel so very sorry for not having an opportunity to visit YOUR beautiful country, New Zealand as I had heard SO much about it and so wanted to see it and meet its people.

Darren, unlike you, although born in Iran, I have never visited either Bam or Kerman. This email comes to you from the Great White North, Toronto, Canada, as it‚s been my home since my childhood. Just to let you know, eventhough I am passionately in love with my own beautiful country of Iran and its fantastic people I still dream of the beautiful blue oceans in Australia.

One day I will return.

Sharla Newton


Same feelings about New Zealand

On Darren Marchant's "One day I will return":

Dear Darren,

I was touched a lot by your letter and your memories of a part of Iran. Your nice words took me all the way back to mid 1970's when I spent three weeks attending an educational seminar at Christchurch. I had the same feelings about your country at that time as you had about mine. Too bad I could not keep up my friendship with the wonderful New Zealanders I met beyond a few years-no emal then!

I was so impressed with N.Z . that I was once serious about living there, but my American wife chose America by a small margin! I still year to be in N.Z. for the rest of my life if I can. Please keep in touch and visit us in America and perhaps accompany us in another trip to Iran.

Ali Parsa


What's wrong with us being patriotic?

On Ben Madadi's "Impossible boundaries":

Mr. Tarbiat Badani,

You are not a jew, you are a KHAR! You wish you were a jew, but you are too stupid to be one! There are so many good things one can learn from the jews, among them unity, helping one another, preserving the motherland ... and so on, which you have none! You would be disgrace to the jews as you are to Iranians! Just stay out of Iran and continue eating American shit!

You are insulting a nation by calling them ignorant, just because you think they are not "educated." What damn education do you have? If you have any, that is a proof that education does not necessarily produce (SHO-UR) common sense, that you have none! Just going to school doesn't make one educated! I feel sorry or this site for publishing our garbage!

The iranian culture (TURKISH, PERSIAN, KURDISH, LORI, BALUCHI, ETC) is so rich that one doesn't need to go to college to have SHO-UR, which you have none! Just because you got a computer and went to college, doesn't make you EDUCATED! Far from it!

You must be one of those traitors who want independence for heart of Iran, Azerbaijan! You are just trying to create controversy and dividing us! Dream on along with your masters cheney and wolfowitz!

You are supposedly quoting us as saying "Persian superiority and purity...!. We don't say that, you do! We are proud of our Iranian culture and heritage, and we love our country at the same time hate the regime! Aren't the Americans patriotic people? What is wrong with us to be patriotic? So shut up and don't put words in our mouths you KHAEN-E KHAR!

Long live Iran and Iranians!
Jon Gol-dust


Robert Levinson missing in Iran

Robert Levinson has been missing in Iran for nearly 3 months. His family has no information and is very worried about him. Bob was last seen on Kish Island in Iran on March 8th and has not been heard from since. Anyone with information is asked to contact info@helpboblevinson.com. Please help bring Bob home safe and sound in time to be with us on Father's Day.



Change truly starts from within

On Heresh Rezavandi's "Becoming Bobby and Sally":


A thought provoking piece. Thank you.

Why do you think this name changing business seems more common in US than over here in europe?

This was only confirmed during my recent visit to LA, where I came across a number of people who'd given up their Farsi/ Persian name, in exchange for some monosyllabalic monotonous name.

Over the past 25 years I have rarely noticed this here in UK and If we did come across it, I can honestly say the general consensus amongst an average young Iranian here would be ' taraf khodesho gom kardeh'. So its not the norm but something to be looked down up on.

Infact the very pronouciation of 'Eye-Ranian' - which other than Dubya, seems to come from the US army generals, makes us all want to puke!

This baffles me as in comparison there are more Iranians in California with a more established community, yet underlying all that there seems to be deep insecurity. Why? Is the danger for being discriminated against so eminent in a land of democracy such as US.

It's is sad and scary. To give up ones ethnic name is very poignant. It first and foremost strips us of our identity, so that nations that have for many years controlled our 'sarnevesht' will continue to do so due to our own lack of deep gratitude and appreciation of ourselves.

Change truley starts from within.

Would welcome any comments,



ALL they want is LEGITIMACY

On Sheema Kalbasi's "Dialogue only buys them time":

i agree dialogue with this satanic, unholy, and murderous regime would send the wrong message symbolically to the those thousands of dissidents, journalists, workers, teachers, women who fight for freedom. basically it's a slap in their faces. secondly, dialogue is what the regime wants, this is ALL they want - LEGITIMACY. should we really give them that?

Azad iran!



Disciple of political expediency

On Sheema Kalbasi's "Dialogue only buys them time":

I am hardly a supporter nor an apologist of the Islamic regime of Iran, in fact I am a critic of much of their domestic and international policies.

However a dialogue between Iran and the US without delineated agenda to encompass mutual historic issues and suspicions will not be beneficial to either Iran nor the US. Dialogue to broadly encompass such areas will necessarily be of mutual benefit. It is a reality, Iran is an expansive, geo politically important, populous country. Attempts to Isolate it over the course of the last 28 years have largely failed. Iran does not look to the US for 'legitimacy', legitimacy flows from Iranian masses and not from American politicians. As Iran's percentage in electoral participation dwarfs that of the US, diplomatic recognition by the US is of little value to Iran a country 25 times older than an America in rapid decline (see morass in Iraq). America's 'silent majority' has already made that political system of dubious domestic legitimacy. The last 2 American elections and stubborn charges of cheating further adds to the dilemma of the 'leader of the free world' and the anomie of the upoliticised American public.

Crimes committed by the Americans, from overthrow of Iran's democraticly elected government in 1953, murder of 350 civilians during the same year, an act of terrorism to consolidate the counter-coup; supporting, with weapons of mass destruction and intelligence, Saddam Hussein's government over the course of over 10 years in an 8 year war that cost over a million lives are merely two of the more substantial issues. Others would be unwavering support for a tin pot dictator over the course of 27 years turning Iran in to a vassal of neo-colonialism and guarantor of cheap fuel for western corporate interests.

Since '79 the many favours that have flowed from American quarters have done naught to improve Iran's lot, rather the policies have been a relentless attempt to blight Iran's economy. Such vindictive behaviour has in fact been a recurring theme in other parts of the world also. It is the primary reason why the US is no longer feared nor respected (see Hugo Chavez, Ahmadinejad et al), and the policies of the last 6 years of the current administration have largely unmasked the essence of American behaviour on the international stage. Indeed the word 'unconscionable' which Kalbasi uses in her article with such repetition better applies to US foreign policy since 1948.

As for Iran's 'nuclear ambitions', Kalbasi finds herself very much in the same corner as the current American administration and some of the more weird Likudists such as 'Bibi' Natanyahou, the fellow who by his own admissions wishes to attack 70 million Iranians with nuclear weapons. Let me be plain, Iran's conduct is not 'defiance'. Defiance by very definition can only be perpetrated against a moral authority. The US, Israel and UK are not moral authorities as defined by their behaviour. Iran as signatory of NPT has the legal right to enrich uranium for peaceful purposes.

A 'right' cannot be negated or circumvented by strong-arming a few countries in to voting it away at the UN or anywhere else. The charges of this armchair blogger, Kalbasi, and similar charges from the Jerusalem Post, evidently one of her favoured publications, or charges from John Bolton, one of the late clown princes of the current American administrations and clearly Kalbasi's political ally, are, according to the IAEA, hollow and unsubstantiated.

In 47 months of snap inspections of publicised and non-publicised sites in Iran there has been no evidence that Iran has attempted nuclear weapons research nor unlike US and Israel, has an inventory of such hideous weapons. On the other hand, if Kalbasi the ersatz blogger has evidence to the contrary, I would suggest she address it to: His Excellency Dr. Mohammad El Baradei, IAEA, Vienna, Austria. Until such time, the words 'nuclear ambitions' are loaded words that merely imply without a shred of evidence, and as such are false accusations. Ms. Kalbasi is not permitted, on the pain of cardinal sin to commit false accusation, not even for the greater glory of eretz yisrael. But then she is without doubt a disciple of political expediency more so than moral correctness.

Her motivations are all too clear to even the less sophisticated. As a dedicated and despairing supporter of Israeli political action commitee, this cannot be good news for her. The cause she champions, theft from those who have considerably less, is roundly regarded as pathological. She, on the other hand, prefer to blame the victims, and does it with such false confidence and with a withering fig leaf of caring about Iranian women. When it is quite clear that the incineration of Iran's population (that includes 38 million women) and disintegration of Iran and the ancient Persian civilisation is a cause celebre for people of her political colouring. In spite of her hollow affectations, it'll not happen, that much is quite clear.

Sergei Etonhurst


IAEA people don't have your inside information?

On Sheema Kalbasi's "Dialogue only buys them time":

What BOMB ??? Maybe you should point out to the rest of the world the information that you have regarding the Bomb making in Iran. Beside who are you ?.......... what are you talking about ?.... what does dialog have anything to do with bomb making? then why IAEA people don't have your inside information ?.....



Send him back to Iran for an emergency Sigheh

On Hossein Hajiagha's cartoons:

I think it is about time that we start collecting money to send Hajjagha back to Iran for an emergency Sigheh. I believe this guy needs to get laid as soon as possible for his sake and also your readers.

I also believe his 1982 Chrysler K car with Black Panther sticker is not helping him attract any of the Canadian babes.

Put me down for $50 for his plane ticket.



Over the line

On Hossein Hajiagha's cartoons:

I am really trying to stay open minded and maintain my policy of live and let live with this Hajiagha, but enough is enough.

I have accepted the fact that we live in a free society and he can draw whatever he wants. I have accepted that he has a right to his opinion. I have accepted that he is probably leading a miserable life and it may be a result of his environment.

But he has stepped over the line for me when he is declaring that the women's freedom movement in Iran is because women want free sex or to become prostitutes (Which is evidently the only kind of woman this guy has ever met or been with).
this is a direct insult to our sisters and mothers who are being beaten in the street and prisons of Iran just because they want equal rights to men, a fact that has been accepted by 90% of the free world. I am not going to go into the details of their movement, this site has had some excellent articles by these brave women clearly outlining their demands.

I saw the picture of his ideal woman. I have a suggestion, go back home and marry your mother! Unfortunately, it is elements like this guy who come here to the west, expect to have all kinds of sick relationships with the women here, then expect to marry a virgin from back home to cook and clean for them. Buddy, those days are over. It is the 21st century. Ideas, way of thinking and outlook on life such as yours belong.....let's see.... oh yeah, back in Iran helping the Tyrannical Islamic Republic of Iran sustain itself for a few more years.

This will pass. Iran's history is littered with such waste as Alexander, The Mongols, Mahmoud the Afghan, Genghis Khan and very soon, The Mullah's of the Islamic Republic. Maybe Haji can then host them in Canada and ask them to bring their Harems with them.

Good luck to you brother, just spare us the filth that you draw.



Our dear Iran is ill because of such people

On Hossein Hajiagha's cartoons:

Dear friend, I find the material submited under Hajiagha extremely offensive, uneducated and insulting to women and paticularly to iranians. I don't understand how such uneducated individual with such narrow mind and an idiotic mentality could have his rediculous material published on your website.

Our dear Iran is ill because of such people and their mentality. I hope the individual or responsible parties at your establishment stop publishing this idiots garbage.

Thank you,

Reza Roohnia


Master piece

On Jeesh Daram's "A moment of letting go":

Another master piece.



For the most part!

On Jeesh Daram's "British Plan B":

Above article was brilliant ---- well for the most part!




Wonderful read

On Jeesh Daram's "British Plan B":

Dear Jeesh,

It was wonderful, I had fun reading it.

Maryam H


You don't HAVE to wait that long

On Layla Khamoushian's "Seer torshieh haft saaleh":

How someone can create a funny story from such a simple task, Zendeh baashi.

Now, I had no idea what zereshk has to do with Seer Torshi, but any how!!

Waiting for seven years, although it seems a little much but, In Shomaal or to be exact in ASTARA there was a specialty store for Seer Torshi,which was selling this mouth watering delicacy by the age (One year old S.Torshi was much cheaper than seven years old) and believe you me, the 7 year old had a very thick juice (Serkeh) and the Seer it self was peeling off automatically, and that was the catch, the older the Seer, the more medicinal value it had.

Good luck with your S.Torsh in next seven years, but you don't HAVE to wait that long. If you do it right, in almost one year you can enjoy a delicious S. Torshi Much better than what you get from the stores, because they BOIL it in order to get it to the market quicker.

Write back if you need a (practical) recipe.



Well said

On Homayoun Abghari's "Pirooziye mohoomparasti":

Well said and well done, thnx a lot for such a nice article.




I enjoy living here

On Reza Fiyouzat's "Vietnam syndrome":

Reading Mr. Fiyouzat article on "Vietnam Syndrome: Dead or Alive" I could not help but remembering the exact political diatribe used by the old treasonous Tudeh Party in the 50's comparing Soviet Union under Stalin with the USA. I hope I don't have to tell you which country is thriving and which one disintegrated in complete chaos. I was against the war in Vietnam but comparing that little country under brutal neo-communist (meaning politically Communist but economically sort of Capitalist) regime with this country is like comparing a little mouse with an elephant.

You know I am critical of current U.S. administration for initiating and bungling the Iraq war and not completing once and for all the destruction of the murderous Taliban's regime. On the other hand I, as a simple citizen without any higher up connection and really coming here in 1961 with two Dollars in my pocket, enjoy living here. This is more that I can say about 90% of other countries in the world. Yes, this country adapted a wrong foreign policy especially in the Middle East mostly under complete servitude to Israel propaganda machine but it is a beautiful country and I hate to see it maligned in this manner.



What kind of name is Meir?

On Meir Javedanfar's " Meet Mahmoud Saborjian":

What kind of name is Meir and who puts butter on your toast?



The more Israel puts his nose in Iranian asses, the more stubborn they get!

On Meir Javedanfar's " Meet Mahmoud Saborjian":

Mr. Meir,

Your investigations sounds as though you are being paid by the Israeli spy agency MOSSAD, using your Iranian knowledge! What are your motives in writing this at this knowing that you are an israeli? Can you also enlighten us about the MOSSAD activities in overthrowing the damn mollahs, and israel's plan for dominating the middle east!

Why don't you inform us about the Israeli plans in Kurdistan using the Kurds against Iran (after all your people are buying a lot of lands there)! Why Israel is after Iran really? Is it because it doesn't need competition in the middle east and plans on dominating the whole region with the help of the US?

I know you never respond to anyone, you are just using this site to advance Israeli interests! The more your government puts his nose in Iranian asses, the more stubborn they get!

Just mind your business not the Iranians! Let Iranians worry about the mollahs, we know what you're up to!



Please, get over this paranoia

On Siamack Baniameri's "The Spartans are coming...":

Dear Mr. Baniameri:

This comes months after a few articles you wrote, but I stumbled across them accidently while researching on a completely different topic. In any case, I couldn't help but respond.

Regarding your January 15th, 2007, critique of the movie 300:

You mentioned there being no evidence that the battle of Thermopylae ever took place. Mentioned with the same level of confidence as Ahmadinejad's claim that the Holocaust never took place. (No, I'm not Jewish.)

Those freakish "orcs" in the movie--including one Spartan freak, by the way--were depicted as having white skin, contrasted against the darker-skinned Persians. (You do know that the Persian Empire didn't consist solely of the lands of ancient Persia, right? Further, thousands of Greeks joined forces with Xerxes.)

Xerxes wasn't a "fat" homosexual. He was presented as a regal, handsome, fit, intelligent, and reasoned individual.

The Greeks were flawed, and this was shown in the movie.

The movie's release wasn't "timed" in relation to current events. Frank Miller's book (of which the movie was based on) was written in 1998, and follows another of his graphic novels to hit the bigscreen, Sin City.

The Italian population of L.A. won't double. I doubt they're that shallow.

And Iranian-Americans--or even Iran itself--will not suffer as a result of 300. They won't be invaded, you won't see Iran's flag burned in our streets, and there won't be a call to boycott all things Persian/Iranian.

Regarding your March 18th, 2007, follow-up:

"On March 7th I was contacted by National Public Radio in Washington DC to participate on a half-hour-program about the Movie 300. I declined the invitation and told the producer that I am by no means qualified on Persian-Greek history and there are Iranians far smarter than me who can chime in."

That could have proved embarrassing to you. Columns are low risk. Misstating facts or events in front of the camera... Well, you'd be squirming in your chair trying to support this stuff.

Still, it doesn't hurt to breed contempt and distrust through uninformed statements anyway, right?

Please, get over this paranoia and learn to respect the nation that graciously accepts you. It may be profitable and win you fame to do otherwise (well, within your clique or community, at least), but such betrayals fray at the fabric of American identity.

And we have plenty of ungrateful, anti-American-Americans as it is.


J.R. Klinge

P.S. Did anyone finally clue you in that the Persians won that particular battle in the end? It appears the "victors who right history" ran out of ink.


Good for you!

On Part 3 of Sanaz Khalaj's "Tehran nights":

Wow Sanaz. I didn’t know that you were a writer. Good for you! nice story.

Amy Philippe


Saadi incomplete

On Esmail Nooriala's "Khodi va gheyre khodi":

Mr Nooriala, ba Salaam,

First of all, I would like to thank you for your writings. Secondly, I just want inform you that the line of poem that you wrote at the end of you recently writing in Iranian.com is not complete. This line is a part of a beautiful ghazal of Saadi and it comes like this:

Agar bar jaaie man gheiri gozinad doost haakem oost
Haraamam bad agar man jaan bejaaie doost bogzinam

Paaiandeh va pooya baashid

Seyed Mousavi


You will be sorry

On Jahanshah Javid "Take my books, please":

Someday, one that you can not imagine coming this soon, you will miss your books and will be sorry about this act.



I could give them shelter

On Jahanshah Javid "Take my books, please":

No! Don't have a book party without me! u know how much i love books; i could give them shelter.



Books for my mom

On Jahanshah Javid "Take my books, please":


My mom is alone at home and she is reading almost one Persian book per week. I like to buy your Persian books or If you prefer, make a monetary donation to a charity.




Khelli Mamnoon

On Jahanshah Javid "Take my books, please":


You must get a ton of emails a day... I came across your website from an ex-boyfriend of mine, I am not Iranian hence the name. I felt compelled to write you, though I do not wish to be published.

I felt compelled to write when all the sentiments we being posted about the movie '300'. Myself being of Greek decent possess a huge admiration and respect to the Iranian culture and people. I felt a bit hurt... I find many similarities in our cultures (probably part of what attracted me to Iranian men to begin with) from food, sayings, and language even.

I feel though the qualities that attracts me the most to the culture and the people is the kindness in nature, and the beautiful expression through words - even poetry. I think I am getting to a point somewhere, and that is that I too felt it disturbing how Iranians were portrayed in the movie... But wanted to express in some way that being of Greek decent this is not how I see the Iranian people. A movie cannot change that ever!

For example - if I may... The other day I was in line at Starbucks. A gentlemen before me with a very obvious and distinct Iranian accent gestured to the Barista not to place his donut in a bag, he was to place it in his mouth. This very act totally reminded me of something my father would do, which brought a big smile to my face. I smiled at this gentlemen, not thinking that he noticed.

The man proceeded out the door with his company, and I proceeded to order. The man returned and said to me, "Put away your money, dear!" I looked almost startled at how adamant he was. I replied, "No, please, I could not..." He said to the Barista, "Do not accept money from her, please give her whatever she would like." I turned to him and said, "Khelli Mamnoon, Khelli Mamnoon you are so kind!"

He asked if I was Iranian, I said no but I learned to speak a little Farsi and recognized the accent. He smiled and said to me that because of my beautiful smile he felt compelled to return the gesture to make certain that I would smile all day. This is the kind nature of the Iranian people not for the material coffee but the gesture, the words that actually did bring a smile to my face all day as I thought of him or think of him now...

Besides, all that love the pictures of the books! The Kama Sutra was hilarious!

I thoroughly enjoy your website, and everyone's contributions. It makes me wish there was a website for people of Greek decent to contribute as beautifully as you have done. (I also love the colorful tiles that you have displayed on the bookshelves, if you would consider selling them I would love to purchase them from you...)

Again, great website, and great photo's - and thank you for reading if you get the opportunity!



Oh my god ... oh my god ...

On Jahanshah Javid "Take my books, please":

Oh my god ... oh my god ... you're giving your books away? My heart lost its beats... can you hold on to that Anais book of yours for me so that when i come to SF area I can get it from you?



Library of Congress?

On Jahanshah Javid "Take my books, please":

Since you are giving away your books, would you care to donate your books to the Library of Congress?




Slight difference

On Jahanshah Javid "Take my books, please":

Not sure if this is good or bad, but I was surprised to see how many of the books you have are the same ones I own (with the slight difference that I have read most of them).

Enjoy giving them away.



Your friends are very lucky

On Jahanshah Javid "Take my books, please":

I wish I was your best friend and lived next door to you :0)

I’d love to have some of those books. Alas, we are 3,000 miles apart.

Your friends are very lucky.



I'll just come pick up whatever

On Jahanshah Javid "Take my books, please":

Jahanshah Jan: I am sure you have hundreds of takers, but I'll take some of those books off your hands if you want, and you won't even need to have me to your house! I'll just come pick up whatever you can give me in a box or a bag.



I'm a little concerned for you

On Jahanshah Javid "Take my books, please":

Hi J,

I saw the pictures of your books that are going to be up for takes, and like your unnamed friend, I'm a little concerned for you. Why are you doing this instead of lending them to friends? I ask only because generosity is highly dubious--especially when it comes to books. Please let me know all is well and that I'm simply paranoid.

Hope you're well.



Books were as dear to him as his bride of 45 years

On Jahanshah Javid "Take my books, please":

HI Dear Mr. Javid,

Oh boy, now I really wish I lived close to you so I gladly would have taken all of your books.

I don't know how you can give them up like that. My friends dad used to say that his books were as dear to him as his bride of 45 years. If you could ask him to give her up, then u can ask him to give them up.

Good luck and Thank you for such a wonderful site.




Az dokooneh har attari ye chizi dari

On Jahanshah Javid "Take my books, please":

Good lord… first of all, this is a kind of party I should get invited to. (-: secondly, I am amazed at your collection... Az dokooneh har attari ye chizi dari. That is a great collection of books! You have lucky friends to have collected them... really! Hope all is well with you!



Your books ARE her books

On Jahanshah Javid "Take my books, please":

Okay, so your library needs a good cleanup! Wish I lived in San Francisco area so I could spend a day and sift through. But here's my long distance proposal:

If you send me the books I want, I'll pay for the shipping and handling, PLUS whatever more you think is fair. I was sad to realize that I did have most of your good books: Creation, Picasso, Hafez, to name a few. But I am a sucker for books of poetry and you do have some good ones.

By that I don't mean Hafez and Khayyam, or new ones such as Persis Karim's anthologies. Contemporary masters such as Shamloo, Sepehri, Akhavan, and Khaneh Siah ask. You also have a good collection of Ebrahim Golestan. So, please consider me invited and send me as many as you can and I will be your friend!

I agree with your daughter [that your books belong to her]! Dead or alive, your books ARE her books. But that aside, I thank you for the offer.

Whether I receive a book or not, I thank you for the sweet thought. Have a great "Book burning" party and make sure you sign the ones you give away.



Daughter's list

On Jahanshah Javid "Take my books, please":

I want these books:

* The Epic of Kings
* The New Yorker Album of Drawings
* Complete Kama Sutra
* Khaneh Siyah Ast (vedio tape)
* Hafez
* Nezami
* Jami
* Iraj mirza
* ALL the Ebrahim Golestan AND Esmail Fassih

Thank you :o)

Mahdiyeh Javid


Make an exception

On Jahanshah Javid "Take my books, please":

Unfortunately, I am stuck here in Boston preparing for a long trip to Nigeria. May I humbly, ask you to consider shipping three books to me? My original list has 20 titles, but I would be grateful if you could make an exception and send me these three books: 1) Divan Iraj Mirza; 2) Dar Hayat Kochak Paez dar Zendan by Akhavan Thaleth; 3) Iqbal by Javid Nama.

I really appreciate your consideration.



They must have meant something to you once

On Jahanshah Javid "Take my books, please":

It's nice to see that you haven't lost your taste for good things after the insane (albateh jesaratan arz shod) act of giving your books away!!!! (in ye shokhi talkh bood, omidvaram ke beheton bar nakhordeh baashe).

They must have meant something to you once or you would have not spent money on them.

Giving them away because they fail to have a function seems rather harsh. Still I'm slightly foolish, so any act that is judged as strange by me is probably valid on "normal" scale.

Tazeh khodam medonam be man ham rabti nadaareh. az ghadim goftand ke salaah-e mamlekat-e khish khosrovaan daanand.



Could you possibly send them to me via UPS?

On Jahanshah Javid "Take my books, please":

Dear Aghayeh Javid,

I would love to have some of the books you're giving away; however, it would not be possible for me to go to your house and pick them up. Could you possibly send them to me via UPS? I would gladly arrange for UPS to pick them up and of course I would pay for it. If this is possible, please let me know and I'll tell you which ones I would like to have.

Many many thanks.




Tanavoli still in your posession?

On Jahanshah Javid "Take my books, please":

Good morning, Mr. Javid,

I have just viewed your photo essay and would like to enquire about a specific title in your library. I'm wondering if the book on Parviz Tanavoli is still in your posession. If so, I would be more than happy to purchase that from you. Now, I know you mentioned that you invited your friends to take whatever they like, but since we have never met I think it's better if I offer to buy instead. If this is ok. with you, please let me know.

Thank you!



With pleasure

On Jahanshah Javid "Take my books, please":

JJ joon,

If you end up with books and dont know what to do, please let me know and I will pick them up with pleasure. At the moment i am working on a project that deals with books, BOOKS, and I would love to have as much as possible.

Let me know when to pick up the books



Before you give this one away...

On Jahanshah Javid "Take my books, please":

Dear Jahanshah,

Before you give away Abdul baha's Promulgation of world peace.... See what he tells the Jewish Rabbi about possible future events in Europe... I came across this recently...


PAGE 415

9 November 1912
Talk at Home of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Parsons
1700 Eighteenth Street, NW, Washington, D. C.

..............."This humiliation will continue forever. The time may come when in Europe itself they will arise against the Jews. But your declaration that Christ was the Word of God will end all such trouble. My advice is that in order to become honorable, protected and secure among the nations of the world, in order that the Christians may love and safeguard the Israelitish people, you should be willing to announce your belief in Christ, the Word of God. This is a complete statement; there is nothing more. Is it not thoughtless, ignorant prejudice which restrains you from doing so? Declare that, verily, the Word of God was realized in Him, and all will be right.

The rabbi thoughtfully said, "I believe that what you have said is perfectly true, but I must ask one thing of you. Will you not tell the Christians to love us a little more?"

We replied, "We have advised them and will continue to do so."


Iranian library in southern California?

On Jahanshah Javid "Take my books, please":

Do you know that there is an Iranian library in southern California? I forgot the name of the founder but I heard it from Parviz Kardan in Andisheh TV. Just in case you have some books left after the party you might be able to donate them.



Armenians in Iran?

On Jahanshah Javid "Take my books, please":


Do you have any books on Armenians in Iran?

What about books on Iranian art or by Hamid Dabashi?

I read English, Spanish, French and Italian.




Pezeshkzad, Iraj Mirza

On Jahanshah Javid "Take my books, please":

Jahanshah jaan salaam,

I really like your book giveaway idea. Some day I should do the same thing, but for now I'm still building a library.

You might remember me from the night we met in Santana Row. I would like to be part of your party, or if that's not possible would appreciate if you could put the following books aside for me and I'll pick them up at your convinience.

* My Uncle Napoleon
* Divan-e Iraj Mirza

Many thanks,


I love good novels for this summer

On Jahanshah Javid "Take my books, please":

Hi Jahanshah,

Here is my number 510-.... (East Bay). I love good novels for this summer.





On Jahanshah Javid "Take my books, please":

At least wait till I get there! Beginning of July. Hmmm... wandering around the candystore... of what I can see, these are the
ones I'm most interested in, more or less in order:

* Calligraphy -- Bidjan Assadipour
* Musaddiq's Memoirs
* An Iranian in Nineteenth Century Europe
* Sadeq Hedayat (Katouzian)
* In Search of Zarathustra
* The Unveiling of Secrets
* any of Marjane Satrapi's stuff

And of course I'd be happy to relieve you of any of the books I gave you if you don't want them!



It's simply brilliant!

On Jahanshah Javid "Take my books, please":

Hi JJ,

that was a very fun photo gig (after giving you such a hard time always, I have to say that). Are you giving away your bills, too?

I really appreciate your generosity, and will show up with a truck ;-)

Have you every considered bookcrossing.com? One of the coolest web projects, ever!! You could just sneakily "release" your books into the wild, and then follow it around as different people pick it up and read it and comment on it and release it again...
It's simply brilliant!



Living in a home with a missing book-shelf

On Jahanshah Javid "Take my books, please":

I just saw the photos of your books on Iranian.com. Please don't give them away. Even if you don't read them today, (because you are too busy and you don't have time) still at one point in your life-- When you were growing up as you said-- you have actually read lots of books.

Once your books are gone and you continue living in a home with a missing book-shelf, and once your kids are growing up, they will not see this familiar scene of their Dad absorbed by a book, a real paper book like the ones you are giving away, not e-books and not reading on a computer screen (btw, you can even pretend to read a book!). It means that the next generation will not taste this great sensation of reading an amazing book, be touched by the retold Truth or imagined Fiction, by history or poetry, by the pure beauty of words.

Please don't throw away those book-shelves! Please keep your books! Don't deprive your children of this simple pleasure! Plus, you can always make a home-library out of them by borrowing them for a little while to those who love to read them now..Right?




I’ll make a deal

On Jahanshah Javid "Take my books, please":

I know how you feel, I’ve often said I used to read twice as much before I became an English major! I’ll make a deal ... for every book I take I will offer free legal advice to an Iranian in need. (wait now some of my friends think I’m going insane! J No offense to Keyvaneh Shakib, but law I can dispense for free, books I’d have to pay for ;).

By the way I still owe you a couple of beers from last time.

BB joon ;)


Worth a shot!

On Jahanshah Javid "Take my books, please":

Jahanshah Aziz,

Far be it from me to question your decision to give away your book collection. Though as an avid hoarder, wouldn’t have the nerve to do it myself.

Now if you’re still going ahead and cleansing yourself of years of baggage, all be it of some fine literature (and Karma Sutra), can I put my name to one or two?

Any “S. Choobak” work you’re giving away would be lovingly cared for on this side of the Atlantic. If Peyvand is still staying somewhere near you, (judging by recent photos, I think I spotted a slim down version of him with you only last week) he can be kind enough to do the courier service.

It's cheeky of me to ask I know but worth a shot!

Ba ehtraam va mohabbat
KS (London, formerly Abadan)


Mouth watering

On Jahanshah Javid "Take my books, please":

Boy am i bummed that i could not partake of your book give-away, my mouth was watering just looking at your collection!

take care




On Jahanshah Javid "Take my books, please":

Insane... I would say... How are you going to give away your books... Can you keep a few for me though...? I saw Shahname in English and one about Shabaan Bimokh...



Don't say "good riddance" when your books are gone!

On Jahanshah Javid "Take my books, please":

Getting rid of books? If I were in S.F. I would pick up several of your books and bring them home. I hope you have not heeded G.W.'s example of not reading books. When asked if he reads books, he said"I don't read books, I read people!" That explains the reason for his being behind times on all issues.

Why not follow Thomas Jefferson's example who said "I cannot live without books?" I personally do not get rid of my books especially if I have read them and highlighted some of its contents and developed a bond between myself and the book. Like giving away a pet, I try to find a good home for my books if shortage of space compels me to do that. It appears to me that you are doing the same thing as shortage of storge space is a problem in San Francisco.

And please don't say "good riddance" when your books are gone!



Interesting collection

On Jahanshah Javid "Take my books, please":

I wish i was close by, i would take a few of those books off your hands. What i did with the books that i don't read, was i donated them to the public library. Of course you can not do it with the Persian books. Best regards,



Ketab hatoon ro list konid

On Jahanshah Javid "Take my books, please":

vaghan shoma che ghad ketab darid! hala nemishe (midoonam kheylie kar baratoon mishe) vali ketab hatoon ro list konid (agar mishe ba axe coveresh va yek zare dar barash begid) va ina ro toye sitetoon bezarid ke keshaye ke mikhan sefaresh bedan va agar ham pool barash nemikhayd faghad adam ha pool post ro bedan.

khob in faghad yek aghide bood :p

Take care


I wish I was close by

On Jahanshah Javid "Take my books, please":

I wish you had the time to send some of your great and marvelous books (of course I would have picked up the shipping or any tab).

You have a very interesting and detailed collection.



Paying attention to such details

From author of "Dar pahnaaye khiaabaan":


Salam. Many thanks for the poem inclusion in your Iranian Site. But ever so thankful for the picture choice and paying attention to such details.


Afshin Babazadeh P

REPLY: You're most welcome Afshin! It's part of the fun that is publishing! -- Jahanshah Javid


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