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Do we look like Iraqis?
I do not see why I have to put up with Iraj's cartoons

Soute Delan
August 26, 2004

I have been troubled by Iraj Esfandiary's cartoons for a while now. And it seems I am not alone in this opinion. I just read a letter published on this web site titled 'Iraj should be banned' by a Mr. Bakhtiyar. As a defender of free speech, however ridiculous that speech happens to be, I do not believe that Iraj should be banned or silenced.

However, considering how passionate Iraj is about what is going on in Iraq or Israel, why doesn't he find an Arabic web site and publish his cartoons there? Why Do we look like Iraqis or Palestinians to you, Mr.Esfandiary?

Why don't you go to Al-Jazira's web site, or Hamas or some terrorist organisation who shares your view? I am sure they will be as pleased as punch to publish your anti-American rhetoric.

As an Iranian, and a passionate viewer of this web site, I do not see why I have to put up with your cartoons? Do you want us to feel sorry for the Arabs? Do you want us to pity them? After they killed or injured over a million Iranians in 8 years?

Three years ago, at the height of the violence in Israel, there was an Arab summit held in Lebanon. Despite the dire situation in Israel, the Arab summit FIRST denounced Iran for not giving Her islands in the Persian Gulf to the Arabs, THEN condemned Israel.

Now Iraj, you want me to feel sorry for these Arabs? Why? After 25 years of suffering, did they ever feel sorry for us? Do you ever see a cartoon on an Arab website supporting the struggle of the Iranian people?

As a fellow human, I ask you Iraj to go find a sympathetic Arab website and publish your not-even-funny cartoons there. [See Iraj's reply "No one is forcing you"]

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