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Like a gorgeous woman
Using the same illegal tactics to justify a war against Iran

Sanaz K
January 18, 2007

In response to Jason King's "Letter from America":


It's obvious that you're definitely not the sharpest pencil in the box but try (ok try hard) and at least attempt to sound intelligent by separating a country's president's words and the wants and beliefs of the people of that country. I was born here in the US, yet I would hate for people in other countries (yes, there are people on this planet other than us mighty Americans) to associate my life, tax dollars, and beliefs with Bush & Co.'s agenda to profit from wholesale murder. It seems pointless to even acknowledge your ridiculous comments but, in a way you have affected me.

Your "letter" actually made me laugh at first but, by the time I was finished, you had managed to make me feel sorry for you. Not because of your ill-witted spewing of hate and empty threats (well, not entirely anyway) but, because of your complete and utter ignorance. I know everyone here has asked you to read some books and articles, which might be a burden for your date-sized brain, but even if you don't read anything else, please at least google the Ajax Report everyone is urging you to read, and no it's not a study on household cleaning products. No big words in it either, I promise.

I don't have kids yet... but, when I do... I don't want my kids to grow up anywhere near your hate-filled and uninformed offspring or ideas. I doubt that you have ever stepped outside of your town. Completely uncultured with no manners. At least the people of Iran whom you mock, speak more than the one language you struggle with. Please stop believing everything you read, that includes your most recent copy of Madlibs too. Just because something is written or mentioned on CNN - it does not necessarily equate to the truth. Seriously, consider everyone's advice here to pick up some history books, and learn about our ancient and beautiful Iran. Next year, when you're done reading the Ajax Report, you'll get to learn that even the Garden of Eden has been traced back to Iran, not to mention the findings of Noah's Arc as well, and as a Christian, you should be ashamed to even mention an attack on Iran - if not solely for the reason that so much of the world's history resides there.

I am an Iranian-Jew and expect you as a human to have respect for one of the world's first and greatest civilizations. Thank us for creating the games of chess and backgammon for you to stimulate and challenge your brain, well maybe not "your" brain in particular, that would be an oxymoron... but certainly somebody's. Thank us for the wine that you drink today. That comprises of both red and white wines. Respecting Iran or Persia, is respecting history. It's not a choice it's a fact.

I'm curious. Did you ever attend university? Or were you just another small-town high-school drop-out who was lied to by your recruiters? I have friends in the armed forces. By far, they all agree that they were made many promises that never materialized, especially for the ones that didn't make it back alive. You understand that much don't you?

The power of Media, in general, is massive and carries great impact (the Jews realized this a long time ago). You are a prime by-product of this theory. Wake up call Mr. Igg Norante - it's not just the Iranian regime that filters the news by telling their version of the truth. The norm now for journalists in the US is to sign binding contracts that conditionalize the journalists' reporting integrity. For example, I have not read a single article in the past couple of years about Iran that does not mention the one-sided view on the nuclear situation, the hostage crisis (like it happened yesterday and not 28 years ago), and the holocaust denial of Bush's smarter twin, Ahmadinejad. As if "they" are intentionally tainting the Iranian image. The same tactic used to justify the illegal war in Iraq.

Has anyone told you or Bush that it's the year 2007? And that with this course of action we are only taking steps backwards on our evolutionary path and regressing? If you are so patriotic about this lovely country then you should respect and maintain what the forefathers of this country implemented by sacrificing their lives so that you and your God-fearing yet war-promoting clique can live with freedom. By being a proactively peaceful country geared towards universal advancement. But know this, by reading your rhetoric you have brought many Iranians closer. In fact, I thank you, as you have enlightened us as to what your people think, this gives us more reason to unite and unity is something that we as Iranians lack. See? We try to learn and better ourselves from each experience.

To counter the inactivity of brains like yours, we will use our peaceful method of communication through the web considering we don't have a true voice in the mainstream media still. Yet, it might be pointless for your kind since you're busy surfing porn and writing empty-threats to a fierce, prideful nation that you know nothing about. Farsi is the 4th highest used language on the net, by the way. Look at how much you're learning today! Effective communication, which means talk and listen not shout and stomp-over, is the solution. Not your preferred method of calling for the destruction of our ancient country. I actually think you and Ahmadinejad could be buddies, seeing as how you're both sailing the SS Misinformed.

When the tables turn, and they will, neither you nor your family will ever be welcome on Iranian soil, I can promise you that much. We're world renowned for our hospitality and love of foreigners, but we also adore Iran and when you talk about Iran in this manner... you are disrespecting all Iranians. For people like you who speak of war and invasion so casually... I can only ask, who do you think you are in this world to decide whether a human life is worth living or not? Who do you think you are to decide whether a child is to be an orphan today? Who do you think you are to decide whether or not to destroy history... to alter the future? Is that what going to Church has taught you? By Jesus's standards, do you think that you will be going to heaven after all the massacres you may have already or intend to administrate? Bush will most likely not be alive in 50 years but if I exercise consistently... I might be, and I care about my family's future on this planet.

Until a couple of months ago most Americans didn't even know the difference between Iran and Iraq and now everyone's on a pedestal deciding the fate of innocent lives. Americans should be protesting the war in Iraq, not trying to spread more hate - that is terrorism in its simplest form or at its very core. The fact remains that the US has taught and trained some of its biggest enemies in recent years i.e. Castro, Saddam, Bin-Laden, et al. The US helped put the current Iranian regime in power. The US also gave Saddam chemicals weapons to use against 1,000,000 + now dead Iranian soldiers. Did the US not realize Saddam's addiction to tyranny then, while they funded him during the 80's? Do you believe in Karma Jason? I do.

Iranians don't like to take crap from anyone, like any other self-respecting human. However, since we have been around much longer than your 200+ years worth of "history" (and we actually know our history... maybe that's why we're so prideful), we can proudly claim that we understand a bit more about politics and symbolism than you might. We've lived it. We're still living it. Think about it, ultimately Bush & Co. only have 2 more years of this disgraceful war-profiteering scam, and if you do go to war with Iran, and if you Jason King are amongst the ones that survive and make it back... you will be left with an even emptier life filled with a horrible conscience having recurring dreams about all the people you slaughtered. I believe that the power of one's conscience and guilt supersedes one's ignorance. Now you see why I feel sorry for you?

I don't even care anymore if you, or anyone that agrees with you, comprehends the circumstances involved -- but by you and your government's actions today you are only awakening the desire in the rest of the world to ultimately topple you -- and then we'll use the same tactics you used on Saddam to justify it all. Sound impossible? Wait it out. Politics are not as black and white as you and your commander in chief assume, especially when speaking about and dealing with a region with complicated cultural intricacies and linguistic barriers that often lead to misconstrued semantics that are fed to you by title-hungry journalists.

I doubt that there's a single Iranian around the world (unless he/she is suffering from a severe psychological disorder) that supports the current regime in Iran. We have the US & UK to thank for the wonderful revolution that effected and displaced the lives of millions of Iranians (which I must say, is good in a way because I have a relative to stay with in most countries I visit) however, what we as Iranians (whether we are Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Bahai and/or Zoroastrian) all agree on is a free Iran and although, we appreciate the concern of your government...oil, geopolitical stratee-gery, and flat out greed and all we still think we can handle it on our own without bloodshed.

Jason, I appreciate your attempt at getting your point across... freedom of speech right? Though, I don't appreciate your derogatory tone as a fellow citizen. Last time I checked, Christianity boasted about love and forgiveness not greed and mass destruction. How can we make you see that the US's "Foreign Policy" on its own, is the biggest Weapon of Mass Destruction that the world should contain, otherwise its greed and lawnmower attitude will destroy us all, as it is definitely going down that path.

I have never been a worry-wart but, I now speculate that I may end up with mild depression because I worry so much about the future of the world while it's in the hands of these selfish fascists that you support. So should we, the people of the world and Iranians alike, ask for the illegal hanging of G.W. to dispel Corporate Imperialism? I think not, because then there would be no difference between your backwards mentality and that of the illimitable minds that all Iranians (except for the few bad seeds) have been blessed with. These "great" genes are the result of us being the children of Cyrus the Great. Did you know that the US constitution was/is largely derived from the first Human Rights Charter, created by Cyrus the Great? No? Well, then today you are one historic fact less of an idiot. It's certainly a good start.

What we need from you and your boss is support to be rid ourselves of this theocracy you've gifted us with. My mom says that "Iran is like a gorgeous woman that everyone wants to F&^%" (because of her natural assets of course - pun intended) and now the US is trying to make a move, but don't underestimate these Mullahs... after all you taught them all they know. If the US really wants to be the "protector of the world" and elude a high sperm count, then it should really start by making education free... so that people of your ill-advised caliber can enjoy a more enlightened life, and therefore a more peaceful country.  I suggest that you go and try to connect the dots on the Axis of Evil and at least learn some geography before you decide to write any more hate-ridden letters to a nation. I hope we've triggered at least one thought for you.

Long live Iran. Comment

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