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January 31, 2006
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Iranian-American Family Target Of Car Vandalism in San Jose, California
Jan. 30 - KGO - A South Bay family is trying to figure out why someone keeps vandalizing their property. The attacks started early this month at their home on Illsley Court near Skyway Drive in south San Jose. Family members are wondering if they may be targets of a hate crime.

The vandalism started earlier this month when the son's car was stolen in front of the home. Two weeks later, someone smashed the windshield of the mother's Toyota Camry. Then the next day, all four tires of the daughter's car were slashed. Victoria Berahmandpour, family member: "We haven't done anything wrong. I cannot think of anybody I owe money, or have any problem with."

Saeid Ghoreyshi has no idea why someone would target his family. He's thought of everything - even speculated that perhaps his Iranian heritage may have something to do with it. Saeid Ghoreyshi, vandalism victim: "You know when you're in that situation, you think about everything. You think because you're Persian, because you're Iranian." >>> ABC News, San Jose

Jahanshah Javid

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