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March 9, 2006
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Women's Day demonstration by Iranians in Atlanta, Georgia. -- Shahla Abghari

1. Women rights are human rights

2. Support the struggle of Iranian women for their human rights
3. Eliminate anti-women constitutional laws in Iran
4. Establish laws against theabuse of women and children in Iran
5. End all forms of discrimination against women in Iran
6. Stop theunequal treatment of women in Iran
7.  Eliminate thestoning of women and eye-for-eye laws in Iran
8. Stop Women's forced marriages in Iran
9. Stop polygamy in Iran
10. Establish equal divorce privileges in Iran
11. Condemn the hanging of Iranian minors

12. Establish shelters for battered women in Iran
13. Eliminate women’s dress code laws in Iran
14. Stop honor killings in Iran
15. Revise the legal age to 18

16. Free political prisoners in Iran

17. Stop thecensorship of press and internet

18. Support thestruggle of Iranian people for democracy and freedom

19. Democracy for Iran.

20. Justice for Iran

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