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Jaja Fortress
Photos essay: Seljuk era remains outside Isfahan


Abbas Soltani
September 7, 2005

These are photos of the Jaja Fortress which is in the village of Jaja which is also locally known as Chaja. It is located about 100 kms outside of Isfahan past Najababad and Tiran. This fortress, from what I heard, dates back to the Seljuk era (11th to 13th century). It's in pretty bad shape as the roof has collapsed and caved in so you really are walking on the roof. You will see in the photos a few holes that are dug up and this is where treasure hunters had found and removed treasures. The locals there told me that the police caught them red-handed and took the loot. However, they don't know what happened to what was removed and where they were moved to. So, I guess this is the case of Shah Dozd which is the thief who robs a thief. :-)

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