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July 2006
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* Video: Miss France meets Miss Italy
* Animation: National Security Agency phone monitoring center
* Video: Insane bike jump
* The World Map of Happiness
* Translation: Ahmadinejad arrived in Monday on Tuesday

music lovers: bookmark
* IranianTunes.com
* IDtune.co.uk
* HandsMedia.co.uk

death of a prisoner of conscience
Iranian dissident Akbar Mohammadi dies in prison
* BBC Persian
* Radio Farda
* AP

CS Monitor: In Mideast tumult, Iran's clout rises

Washington Post: The Next Steps With Iran
-- Henry Kissinegr

laugh or cry?
NY Times: A New Enemy Gains on the U.S.
-- Thom Shanker

peyvand khorsandi
Soul Bean Café: Qana

beirut is burning
ElectronicIntifada: How Do we Sleep While Beirut is Burning?
-- Hamid Dabashi

clash of civilizations
NaderDavoodi.com: Mexico 10 – Iran 0

my relatives

State the fact

* Israel: Special treatment by U.S. Press
* NEW! Triple Blade Schick

* Lebanon
* Real Western life vs Hollywood
* Are there any good women in the world?
* Husbands & wives
* Moments to remember

mr. pure persian
AFP: Purging Persian: Iran's Ahmadinejad orders foreign words out

BBC: Tehran faces UN nuclear deadline

middle hell
Asia Times: A war without borders in the making
-- Kaveh L. Afrasiabi

rock n roll
Nilgoon.org: Western music with Persian translation

The last part of Siman Nahan's travel diary to Iran has gone online. Forget all the junk that's been published on Iran. Nahan's work is exceptional.

Take a wild guess

Reuters: Key UN members said to reach informal deal on Iran

CS Monitor: Hizbullah may prove tougher than expected

* Humanitarian aid

* Pain in the ass

* Honest broker

atefah sahaaleh
* Guardiuan
* BBC: TV documentary pieces together the case of a 16-year-old girl, executed two years ago in Iran

Rolling Stones: Iran: The Next War

NIAC: National Iranian American Council and the Iranian American Bar Association joining forces to protect priceless Persian artifacts

Test of wills

iranian of the day
Abbas Maroufi: Amsterdam

terrorism par excellence
BBC: Lebanon is hit by further air raids and fierce fighting in the south, amid warnings Israel's offensive will last weeks

60 bums? is that all the army of islam can muster?
AP: Iranian volunteers set off for Lebanon

peace summit :o)
Guardian: Tehran says it and Syria's exclusion means peace summit is doomed to fail

jesus... what charlatans
BBC: Da Vinci Code book banned in Iran

yaa hazrate abbas... eenaa deegeh kiyan?
CS Monitor: Churchgoing fans will assemble after the game to hear Braves pitcher John Smoltz talk about his beliefs

war of the worlds
New Yorker: The bewildering Western response to the conflict in Lebanon
-- David Remnick

Wet pants

washington comedy aid
We have decided to donate 10% of the proceeds from upcoming Axis of Evil comedy show in Washington to Mercy Corps to help victims in Lebanon
-- Maz Jobrani

* Jockey caught on camera butting his horse
* Video: First male engineer
* Besmellahe Rahmane Satellite
* Khaahar Madonna wraps up for the beach
* Audio: Honeymoon: horse racing
* Video: Future of computers
* What caused last tsunami
* Family photo
* Koss soft pastels

BBC: Iran anger at Lebanon aid 'block'

math olympiad
Iran finished eighth behind China, Russia, Korea,
Germany, USA, Romania, and Japan

thanks, but no thanks
BBC: Iranian dissident Akbar Ganji turned down an invitation to the White House when in Washington


* Israel offensive

* Muslim vs Western

* Germany: Bush & Ahmadinejad
* Embarrassing to monkeys
* Ahmadinejad: Role model
* Popularity chart
* Islamic fashion show (2)
* Amitab Bachchan (1)
* Amitab Bachchan (2)

Best seller

inside view
TIME: Hizballah may be Tehran's client, but Iranians aren't buying the propaganda
-- Azadeh Moaveni

Asia Times: The war Hezbollah is really fighting
-- Kaveh L Afrasiabi

BBC: Iran's role in Lebanon crisis still murky

baba, cease fire!
Petition: U.S. must call for immediate cease-fire by all participants in current fighting

free: 1.3 million books

kurdish music
* Kamkars: "Vara Yaarem"

Say cheese!

arms race, extra spicy
Washington Post: Massive Pakistan Plant Would Generate Material for 40-50 Nuclear Bombs a Year

zere ziyadi
BBC: Ahmadinejad's warning to Israel

who would've guessed
NY Times: U.S. Plan Seeks to Wedge Syria Away From Iran

AP: Iranian official: Enrichment on the table

god is dead

BBC: Iran could both benefit and suffer from the continuing conflict between Hezbollah and Israel

L.A. bloggers
Let's meet for coffee
-- Pedram Mollemian

* Video: While you're in the toilet...
* Video: Watch out for that pool of water... in the woods
* Video: Casual Fridays taken to a new level
* Video: Blonde "locked in the car" :o)
* Audio: Haft-Sin, as in seven sins

bad bad boy
NaderDavoodi.com: Materazzi got on players' nerves, and more

iranians of the day
* Shappi Khorsandi: With dad Hadi Khorsandi & Azar Nafisi

can you act?
Wanted: Actors in San Francisco

what a retarded jackass
Reuters: Ahmadinejad's letter attacks Israel: Germany

Washington Post: Bush Sees Mideast Strife As a Step Toward Peace

security council
AFP: France circulates revised draft on Iran nuclear issue

Sweet smell

of course
NIAC: US Congress Supports Israel, Calls for tougher measures against Iran

CS Monitor: United Nations warns Hizbullah, Israel of 'war crimes' liability
* BBC: Annan demands Lebanon ceasefire

hossein derakhshan
Is Ganji joining Sazgara?

Fereshteh: "Dige Donbaalam Nayaa" and more

digital natives
Washington Post: Who Exactly Are Bloggers?

Washington DC: IAPAC and the IABA Host Iranian American Know Your Rights Town Hall Meeting with Special Guest Congressman Meehan


* How to teach your children to hate
* Islamic fashion show
* Before & after U.S. intervention in Afghanistan
* War in Iraq
* Men and women in the West
* Beautiful, simple village life

if iran still exists by then
Reuters: Iran says it will deliver response Aug. 22

i (heart) jon stewart
Video: On the "brink" of war?
Video: Call us crazy, but we still believe there can be peace in... Israfghyianonanaq

* Political process in simple, smelly language
* Release tension: Pop some bubble wrap
* Chaakereteem koochooloo
* Matisse's dance
* Porn star turns talents to American politics
* Why kids should NOT be left alone

Saaz o barg

no mutts allowed

ayatollah bush (although EVEN ayatollahs are not against stem cell research)
CS Monitor: Bush makes his first veto on stem cells

bombs don't destroy ideas, no matter how rotten
CS Monitor: Israel ramps up efforts to destroy Hizbullah before calls for a cease-fire intensify

no, on the moon. pass kojaa?!
CS Monitor: Civil war in Iraq?

and what the hell are GM and Ford doing?
CS Monitor: Toyota plans to make cars that go farther on electricity alone

Israeli children send their love to Lebanon

iranians of the day
* Naeim Tabibzadegan: Taekwondo champ (3 pix)
* Ladan Mardpour: Loving mother and cherished community member

agenda of empire
Mother Jones: Next We Take Tehran

so sad and no end in sight
NY Times: Over 3,000 Iraqi Civilians Killed in June, U.N. Reports

Beautiful blue

Sadegh Nojooki: Music from 1980

take a break
Video: Boat ride in Anzali Lagoon
-- Bahram 9821

coming up: war with iran
BBC: Israel claims Iran link to crisis
Haaretz: Mossad chief to meet with U.S. officials on Iran's nuclear program

what would moses say?
BBC: Lebanon condemns Israel 'madness'

thank god
Washington Post: Iran, U.S. Allied in Protecting Artifacts

abdolfattah soltani
AFP: Prominent Iranian rights lawyer gets jail term

AFP: US blacklists 2 Iranian firms over missiles programme

* Warning sign at Caspian beach
* Video: New evidence: Zidane headbutt outrage
* Little Italy
* It happens: Broken penis
* Khomeini in Argentina
* Video: Dogs on talent show
* Video: Magic: Pull a part a girl

* Dirty Harry meets Iranian counterpart
* FeeFee Joon
* Cheshmak

leaders of the free world (burp!)
Off-the-cuff conversation between George Bush and Tony Blair at the G8 summit
* MSNBC video
* BBC transcript

nerve centre?
Guardian: Tehran headquarters of Hizbullah displays a striking lack of grandeur

iranians of the day
* Ganji & Fakhravar: Old friends, different views (6 pix)

coming together
Enameh: Etesaabe ghazaa va saayere ghazaayaa

* Ganji's peace coallition
* If Iran had an atomic bomb
* Islamic fashiob gone wild
* Zidane & Ali Daei
* Palestinian vs. Israeli lives
* Baghdad devastation
* U.S. top human rights violator
* Remove anti-IRI cartoons
* Emam Zaman in Evin

feeling the heat
AP: Iran calls Western incentives acceptable
BBC: Iran's foreign minister in Syria

Newsweek: ‘The Regime Must Change’: But Iran’s most prominent dissident warns against foreign interference
AP: Akbar Ganji says Iraq war not helping Iran democracy push

Khat o neshoon

cheh ajab
BBC: UN Secretary General Kofi Annan and UK PM Tony Blair call for an international peace force to be sent to Lebanon

khaarej az dastoor :o)
Radio Farda: Ayatollah Kashani, Part II
-- Siavash Ardalan

NY Times: Rights Advocates Raise Pressure on Iran

Crimson: Harvard professors petition to free Iranian colleague Ramin Jahanbegloo
Bloomberg: Iran Tells EU `Not to Interfere' in Academic's Arrest

fighting faiths
New Yorker: Liberals should take the Islamist threat seriously

peyvand khorsandi
Financial Times: The twilight zone

Jurist: The Silence of the Iranian Lambs
-- A. John Radsan, president of the Iranian-American Bar Association

Glass of tea

war on people
BBC: Rockets fired by Hezbollah kill at least nine people in coastal Israeli city of Haifa

understatement of the year
CS Monitor: Israel's response in Lebanon called 'disproportionate'

Hunger strike in New York July 14th to 16th, in front of the UN with Akbar Ganji
* Statement & petition
* Press release
* Komiteh hamaahangi

just heard
It's not the things you don't know that will hurt you, it's the things you think you know that ain't so.
-- Mark Twain

like killing flies
BBC: At least 13 Lebanese civilians die as convoy is hit by Israeli air strike

Washington Post: Hezbollah Leader Vows All-Out War With Israel

not good enough?
AP: Western incentives for Iran released

un fricken believable
BBC: Israel intensifies attacks on Lebanon with fresh air raids on Beirut airport and sites in southern suburbs

before the head butt
NaderDavoodi.com: Zidane I believe you!

* Video: Not funny at all: Dutch reporter molested
* Chicken lays Allah

the way iranians should be
Enameh: 2 ra'naa dar Canada

peef peef
Photos: Islamic fashion show opens in Tehran
Guardian: Iran's fashion police put on a show of chadors to stem west's cultural invasion

iranian of the day
* Akbar Ganji: London bombing victim
* Al Yeganeh: Soupman goes British

Ring master

so cute
Animation: Shinili

yeah baby!
BBC: Cheney sued in CIA identity case

NIAC: Washington Meeting Condemns Discrimination Against Iranian-Americans

$100 a barrel... soon
BBC: Oil soars after Israel offensive

overkill over & over
NY Times: Israel Attacks Beirut Airport and Sets Up Naval Blockade

AFP: Defiant Iran threatens to quit nuclear treaty
Reuters: Iran shrugs off Security Council referral
Washington Post: Major Powers Will Return Iran Issue to U.N. Council

Not as bright as the sun

iranians of the day
* Karim Nayernia: Stem cell pioneer
* Sir Sam Boogandoo Lore: Beloved dog
* Saied Tehrani: Super memory chip
* Niloufar Behmanesh: Going for masters
* Abbas Darabi: Inventor
* Azam Nemati & friends: Turkish festival (3 pix)
* Dai Ahmad: Close to our hearts


* Zidane: Diplomacy
* Iran referred to Security Council
* Ahmadinejad: Sweage
* Ahmadinejad greets forein dignitaries

* Kiarostami's "Ten" (1) (2) (3)
* Boys & girls in Iran

Guardian: Control of Iran lies with the Revolutionary Guard, not the masses

as expected
BBC: Nations sending Iran to Security Council

there should be no justification for physical violence
BBC: Zidane makes headbutt apology (kinda sorta not)

hossein derakhshan
Hoder: On Akbar Ganji's huger strike

survivors go after persecutors
cja.org: Center for Justice & Accountability

NY Times: Once Again, Gazans Are Displaced by Israeli Occupiers

eenaam shoroo kardan!
BBC: Hezbollah 'seize Israel soldiers'

what the fuck happened...
.... that gave us modern day Iran? An animated film by MR. FISH

books of the day
For the worst husband

mystery insult
Fifa investigates Zidane red card
* Sports Illustrated

in the name of islam
BBC: Scores dead in Mumbai train bombs

in the name of democracy
BBC: Civilians and police killed in Iraq

Stick to Persian Pop

passport control
IAPAC: Congressional attempts to curb Iranian immigration and citizenship

Nilgoon.org: Tahavvol-e nahaaee
-- Akbar Ganji


* Football? Varzesh?!
* Rafsanjani's multiple hands

* Rafsanjani checking his bank statement
* Iran's Statue of Liberty
* If IRI falls, dogs and cats will come before men

* Azizam? Got milk?
* Video: Hottttt: Latest Shakira music video
* Video: No monkey business
* Video: Morning show surprise announcement
* Love Line: 1-900-Emam Reza
* Count your blessings: Salavaat shomaar
* If looks could kill
* Video: Big dog vs. little kitty

no news
BBC: Iran, EU end nuclear talks with no sign of result

taazeh aadam shodan
BBC: US detainees to get Geneva rights

Not that I care

18 teer
Legacy of the 1999 student movement
* Radio Farda
* BBC Persian

khaarej az dastoor :o)
Radio Farda: Sweet, harmless, borrrring Ayatollah Emami Kashani
-- Siavash Ardalan

nothing is secret
CS Monitor: Another secret US intelligence program?

shamed into change
CS Monitor: After unprecedented TV series, Pakistan rethinks rape, sex laws

steamed rice
Reuters: Rice says time for Iran to give nuclear reply

shaayad vaghti deegar
Reuters: Iran won't give final nuclear response Tuesday

BBC: Most wanted Chechen rebel warlord, Shamil Basayev, has been killed -- Russian media reports

peyvand khorsandi
Soul Bean Cafe: Gaza? Zzzzz…

CS Monitor: Egyptian press fear rollback of reforms


* What Women Want: Ahmadinejad
* Fashion statement
* President's updated wardrobe
* Who is she? Hamidou's sister
* Proof someone got clubbed
* Come to Canada... and get screwed
* Iranian & American revolutionary justice

AP: Iran asks IAEA to remove chief inspector

nefrin shodegaan
BBC: Gunmen in Baghdad kill at least 40 people
Washington Post: What's an Iraqi Life Worth?

okh joon
CNN: Iranian-American filmmaker sues Rumsfeld over detention in Iraq


anyone listening?
AFP: Iran's Ebadi calls for release of political prisoners

go dubai
BBC: Guggenheim expands into Emirates

eenaa ahle mozaakereh neestan
AP: Iranian negotiator balks at deadlines

looks serious
BBC: Three held over NY tunnel 'plot'

* Video: Little Bandari girl
* Video: Dancing referee for World Cup final
* Video: Let go of my thingee
* Mail order husbands
* Big... Dooley?
* Wedding of the Year

get ready for the bad news
BBC: Iran 'positive' on nuclear offer
BBC: EU upbeat on Iran nuclear talks

shirin ebadi
AFP: Iran Nobel laureate Ebadi complains over access to client

(it's a secret)
Farah Pahlavi writes to UNESCO objecting to US court ruling against University of Chicago regarding ancient Iranian artifacts

BBC: Berlusconi to be tried for fraud

What is Happiness?

areh joone ammat
AP: Iranian negotiator says Iran serious about talks

CS Monitor: Are Israel's actions in Gaza 'war crimes'?
BBC: Twenty-two Palestinians and an Israeli soldier are reportedly killed as troops push deeper into north Gaza

son of a bitches!
Audio: Iranian complaining about popups

CBS: L.A. Plastic Surgeon Esfandiar Kadivar Fatally Shot

back together
Radio: Reunited (and It Feels So Good). A daughter, Nazanin Rafsanjani, tells the story.

* Ahmadinejad in Africa
* Video: This elephant knows football
* Video: That gross guy in the gym
* Video: Animals are smarter than you think
* Video: Slicing a guy in half
* Face transplant deemed a success

BBC: Rescheduled talks between Iran and EU on Tehran's nuclear programme set to start

don't get your hopes up
CS Monitor: Pragmatism may trump zeal as Iran's power grows

it's serious folks
CS Monitor: Climbing American debt casts doubt on the dollar's future

Video: Reza Derakhshani & John Densmore (The Doors drummer) live at the Kennedy Center

watch out
CS Monitor: Pro-US Kurds eye rising Islamic parties

BBC Persian: Zahra Kazemi's son sues IRI in Canada demanding $17 million

iranians of the day
* Fardad Jamali: Safety Professional of the Year
* Faramarz Aghazadeh: Handsome, muscular Iranian
* Carina: George Washington Freshman
* Minoo Javan: New album
* Cousin: MS victim

We have a saying for that

IAPAC: Iranian American Know Your Rights Campaign Town Hall Meeting

joojeh neo-con
Telegraph: Amir Abbas Fakhravar: The poster child of the neo-conservatives

silly games
Reuters: Iran says EU nuclear talks postponed

Washington Post: Ayatollah Khamenei's Moves Hint Iran Wants To Engage

Man with the hat


* Damn Mohammad, did you fart?
* Iran-US dating game
* Bush, The Decider
* I love Arabic language, music, culture...
* Toppling Hamas government

Radio Farda: Sisters Melody & Safoora sing "Bargard" and answer a few questions about their rock band

alo? mehdi?
BBC Persian: Ayatollah Abtahi arrested for claiming to communicate with Emam Zaman

AFP: Iran threatens action over ancient artefacts ruling by US court

another deadline
AP: Iran has until July 12 to stop enrichment

prisoner of conscience
Amnesty: Fear of torture and ill-treatment: Sayed Ali Akbar Mousavi-Kho'ini

shirin ebadi
AFP: Nobel laureate protests conditions of women in Iran

For god's sake

let him go
Guardian: International pressure is growing on Iran to release a prominent philosopher and writer, Ramin Jahanbegloo

iranian.com gets an A- in a review published in the July 2006 issue of San Francisco magazine

AFP: Iran unveils major privatization plan

absolutely brilliant
Living Library: At the public library in southern Sweden's third largest city, Malmö, a patron can check out a human being for a 45 minute chat. Is this nuts? (Audio)

past fetrataa
Iranian intelligence ministry accused Ramin Jahanbegloo of having tried to instigate US-backed opposition in Iran
-- Telegraph
-- BBC Persian

khoda ro shokr
New Yorker: Military doubts about a military solution to Iran crisis
-- Seymour M. Hersh

Set in stone

historic crisis
AFP: Iran threatens to retaliate if US auctions off Persepolis treasures

pierre omidyar
Newsweek: Giving Back Awards: 15 People Who Make America Great

holy crap!
ABC: Noah's Ark in Iran's Elburz mountain range?

peyvand khorsandi
Soul Bean Café: Iran president’s popularity

despite everything
Guardian: Lust for life
-- Azar Nafisi

conjuring a coup in tehran
Mother Jones: Three days in Rome

maash shaalaa
Washington Post: U.S. soldiers allegedly assaulted a woman and then killed her and three members of her family south of Baghdad, blaming the incident on insurgents

war on terror :o)
Video: Jon Stewart takes a look at the case known to many as "The Miami Seven."

Petition: Stop Legal Action Aganist Iranian Archeological Assets in the US
Chicago Tribune: Persian treasure trove on the line at University of Chicago

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