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November 2006
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iranians of the day
* Shohreh Aghdashloo: The Nativity Story
* Sohrab: From (expecting) mom
* Kodi Azari: Assistant Professor of Surgery

exile rap
YouTube: Parodying concepts of exile

saddam thought so too
AP: Israel's Shimon Peres calls Iran weak

polonium putin
BBC: Radiation found at 12 locations
BBC: Russian ex-PM has mystery illness

allah o akbar
BBC: Pope makes Turkish mosque visit

jesus christ
CS Monitor: FBI pays $2 million to US Muslim in Madrid terror-suspect case

gore vidal
TruthDig video interview: Living Through History

The world is a stage

farse khar
BBC: Ayatollah issues death fatwa on Azeri writer

allah bless america
Full text: Ahmadinejad's letter to Americans
NY Times: Iran’s President Criticizes Bush in Letter to Americans


* Ahmadinejad: Felfel nabeen che reeze
* Ahmadinejad: Speech (threats)
* Unhappy Christmas
* Failed 10-year search for a wife
* Father unknown
* Iranian and Western youths
* Islamic & Western cultures
* Let me die in your arms
* Shadow of the beloved

siah ghalam
Flash: Drawing a woman

Don't you dare touch my...

dear jack & jill
Ahmadinejad writes to Americans
* AP

PBS: Former President Jimmy Carter Examines Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
* Interview transcript
* Audio

funny sunday
Stand-up comedy shows this weekend
* Peyvand Khorsandi in Sacramento, California
* Ebrahim Nabavi in Orlando, Flroida

Download: Leila Farjami's poetry book "Eterafnameye Dokhtarane Bad"

* Video: Dinah Shore sings Iranian love song

filter buster
* Psiphon: Censorship circumvention solution that allows users to access blocked sites
* AustralianIT: Firewall hoppers fight censors

this is huge
CBS: Jimmy Carter's New Book On Palestine
Amazon: Palestine Peace Not Apartheid

iranians of the day
* Jamie Masada: Laugh Factory
* Babak: My hero (2 pix)

looks like bbc persian
New Radio Farda design

* Video: Road skating
* Video: Panda startled :o)
* Video: Those hairy Europeans

Radio Farda: Iranian web sites must apply for government license

watch your mouth
BBC: Pope begins landmark Turkey visit


* "Ey Iran" conducted by Ahmadinejad
* Darth Hosseini
* Basij gathering
* Iran will help Iraq
* Brother Talebani

Tehran Strasse

seyyed says
BBC: Iran: US exit key to Iraq peace

people for peace
CASMII: Campaign Against Sanctions and Military Intervention in Iran

take more
Reuters: Tehran to let IAEA take more materials samples

AFP: Iran to host Holocaust conference

boogh boogh
BBC: Iran backs Venezuela car factory

ashhadesho bekhooneen
Washington Post: Civil War in Iraq Is Imminent, Annan Says

chaar dasto paa
NOVA: Family that walks on all fours

BBC: Iraqi president seeks Iran's help

close to home
* Tajik music video: Will you marry me?

* iBreast
* Video: Have you been this drunk?
* Video: Running water

think about it
Flash: Delara Darabi's prison art
Petition: Women condemned to stoning. Stop it.

It's not what you think

green fog
Masooleh (14 pix)
-- Pullniro

latin times
CS Monitor: Latin left's latest win: Ecuador

San Francisco Chroncile: Safety Zone
-- Jasmin Darznik

deja vu
BBC: Military plane crashes in Tehran

howard zinn
Democracy Now: The War on Terrorism

music video
Iranian rock band 2A (do-a)
Daamane khounin
-- Amir Amini

herbal medicine
Washington Post: Aframomum may be one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory substances ever discovered

Guardian: Hanging caught on video reveals Iran's crackdown on dissidents

Knock first: New clues

BBC Persian: Mostafa Mesbahzadeh founder of Kayhan newspaper has died

thank you
Playfuls: Iran Reaches Deal With FIFA - Can Attend Asian Games

tavalod, tavalod
Video: Anooshirvan Rohani's original vinyl

naaze nafaset
Reuters: Nuclear states must spend on women, not bombs - Ebadi

the nafisi code
Guardian: Iran's censorship of western books belies its own literary heritage
-- Azar Nafisi

zanaane rooz
* Parsipur, Farjami & Zandian: And Obtin

khaaleh paree
* Paree Bakhtiar Blair: Fed hippies "loveburgers"

rights vs reactors
Reuters: Iran nuclear programme overshadows rights -- Ebadi

own goal
Guardian: International football ban for Iran over sacking

murder she painted
Radio Zamaneh: Akram Abuie's portraits of victims of 1998 chains murders

bear defense
AP: Russia said to deliver arms to Iran

naamoosi music
Yas Feat Ammin: Song for Zahra Amir-Ebrahimi and her alleged "sex video"

* Olmert: Endangering world security
* Iranian aid to Palestinians
* Waiting in Frankfurt Airport
* UCLA's new police officer
* Calm your mind with Osho
* Magical Hindustan

damesh joosh
Thanks to Mazloom for the Holiday logo.

roghan kermoonshahi
J.H.K.: Jamiyate Hamjensgaraayaane Kermanshah (Kermanshah Homosexual Society)

tohfeh natanz
AFP: Iran makes concession to UN nuclear investigation

live crap
Iran TV and radio stations live from Tehran: live.irib.ir

comedian of the day
* Peyvand Khorsandi: Stand-up comic (4 pix)

Paying full attention

the foroohars
Rooz: Daad khaaheem een beedaad raa

we're in the bottom
Economist: State of democracy in the world (2007): A pause in democracy’s march

Samanism TV: Live Interview with Saman on Iraqi satire
The controversial video: Having a good o'l time

blown to bits
BBC: Baghdad bombings leave 150 dead

fifa 1 - islamic republic 0
FIFA: Iran soccer ban
AP: FIFA suspends Iran from international soccer

nuke access
BBC: Iran offers UN new access at Natanz and Lavizan nuclear sites

sex with a vengence
Guardian: Iranian actor in sex video scandal says ex-fiance faked footage

stop male circumcision too
BBC: Muslim clerics mull female circumcision

israel beats iran
Israel Today: Survey: Israel worst brand name in the world

Jason Rezaian's blog about his travels in Iran (San Francisco Chronicle)

sarkaar ostovaar
Video: Clip from 1970s hit TV show in memory of Abdolali Homayoun
-- Bahram9821

take a look

Gharibe Ashena :o)

laid back shoes
Enameh: Nezam-Abad

art bay area
Flyer: Colors of Festivity, Art Through Women's Eyes, Mountain View

cold war,
AP: IAEA blocks Iran reactor aid over plutonium risk
Bloomberg: Japan Freezes $10 Billion Iran Loans on Nuclear Row

recue mission: moscow
Pajamas: European Rights court bars deportation of Zahra Kamalfar and her children from Moscow

sarkaar ostovaar
Abdolali Homayoun: What a gentleman

iranians of the day
* Arash Hazeghi: With Anousheh Ansari
* Shiva Rose: Breakthrough Actress
* Farnaz Saminia & Parisa DeFaie: Hollywood
* Nadia Asgharnia: Half Iranian, quarter Thai and quarter American-Indian
* Erica Tavakoli: Sydney-Australia
* Michael Salehi: Gol pesar

Video: Our friend Shahrokh broke our hearts when he moved away. So Mehrdad wrote this song... :o) (lyrics added)

Fried eggs and...

Guardian: Iran conservationists fear project could destroy priceless symbols of Iran's pre-Islamic heritage

c'est smart
Washington Post: In France, Marriage Out of Favor

Peyvand Khorsandi
* Borat
* Nose job
* Three Kings
* Iranian Actually: Peyvand on tour

* Shabe Yalda... with a bang
* Video: Rumsfeld gets cute
* Video: Turkey, ass
* Canadian high civilization
* Wedding of the year (Hello!)
* Censorship: Underwear & Lingerie

among the finest
BBC: Film director Robert Altman dies

boro bemeer
Reuters: Iran cleric offers reward for Azeri writer's death

No smoking

i'm going to have a heart attack
CS Monitor: All-Women Fawa Council: Bringing a female voice to Islamic law

why there is no peace
NY Times: Israeli Map Says West Bank Posts Sit on Arab Land Washington Post: Report: Jewish Settlements Built on Palestinian Property
Peace Now: West Bank - The Private Land Report - Nov. 2006

bleeding money
CS Monitor: The rising price of America's war on terror

che ghalataa...
BBC: Iran to host Iraq security talks

no aid
Reuters: U.S., EU oppose atomic aid for Iran at tense IAEA meet

* UCLA starters kit
* UCLA Department Defense prsents
* UCLA: Come experience 20,000 volts
* UCLA: We taser you a lesson
* Iran increases aid to Palestinians
* Mona Lisa & Parvin Hosseini
* Iran not ready to make babies with U.S.
* Punishment for wanting self-sufficiency
* Ahmadinejad's message to Bush
* Islamic Republic? No problem.
* Western Freedom Dance
* Gay birds can't breed
* Artist can't be blind, deaf & dumb
* Hard to find decent friend online
* Hope Iran will not look like Canada
* God or nature against too much fun
* Broken dream in west

very important
New Yorker: Is a damaged Bush Administration less likely to attack Iran, or more? -- Seymour M. Hersh
BBC: 'No proof' of Iran nuclear arms
Reuters: White House brushes off CIA report on Iran: report
AFP: CIA analysis finds no Iranian nuclear weapons drive: report


NY Times: U.S. Sets Up a Perch in Dubai to Keep an Eye on Iran

nuclear aid
NY Times: As Iran Seeks Aid, Atom Agency Faces Quandary

please help them
Pajamas Media: Zahra Kamalfar and her children stuck in Moscow Airport for 74 days

allah o apartheid
Guardian: Iran's fundamentalists push for segregation on campus

Keeping the masses warm

tyrants deserve a fair trial too
BBC: Saddam trial 'flawed and unsound'

people power
CS Monitor: Palestinian use of human shields gives Israeli military pause

muslim women have rights?
BBC: Muslim women debate rights

hojat ol an tar
AFP: Iran cleric gunning for students armed with sex

internet = freedom
Guardian: How the bloggers of Tehran are keeping Iranian freedoms alive

Dahanam aab oftaad

human spirit
BBC: Palestinian human shield deters Israel strike

good move
NIAC: Independent investigation of UCLA taser incident welcomed

google PARSI

engaar na engaar
Reuters: Iran vows to press on with Arak reactor

have mercy
AFP: Families seek to stop Iran hanging oil city bombers

clone gandhi
CNN: Iran in the forefront when it comes to stem cell research

gand kaari
BBC: Blair accepts 'disaster' in Iraq

Trash talk

boo hoo hoo
Video: Meet Iran's future leader

hadi khorsandi :o)
Video clips
-- Sex and Islam
-- Gore & Bush & Khatami & Ahmadinejad

now they're begging
AFP: Blair calls on Syria, Iran to be partners for peace in Mideast

think for a change
New Yorker: What did Descartes really know?

* Arkansas school class -- 7 years after Governor Clinton left office

* UCLA's proud men in uniform

joonami joon
BBC: Dutch government backs burqa ban

nuclear norooz
AFP: Ahmadinejad says Iran ready for 'final nuclear step' by Iranian new year

War booty

we have the qoran. what else do we need?
Guardian: Bestsellers banned in new Iranian censorship purge

manouchehr mohammadi
BBC Persian: Long-time Iranian political prisoner escapes Iran, enters U.S.
Radio Farda: Mohammadi's press conference in Washington

police brutality
NIAC petition: Call for External Investigation of Brutal Abuse Against Iranian American UCLA Student

allah o akram
CS Monitor: Rape law reform roils Pakistan's Islamists

talks? that'll be the day
BBC: Iran and the US: Time to talk?
Washington Post: As Pressure for Talks Grows, Iran and Syria Gain Leverage

* Bush's to do list
* Iran hiding plutonium


one life saved
Iran-Emrooz: Stoning verdict likely to be dropped against Hajieh Esmailvand
Petition: At least a dozen condemned to stoning. Join the campiagn to stop it

keeseh khalifeh
AFP: Iran increases Palestinian aid to 120 million dollars

BBC: France moving towards electing first woman president

same ol same ol
AP: Iran dismisses U.N. report on uranium
Reuters: Iran sanctions negotiations stall at U.N.

who said israel should be wiped off the map?
Reuters: Iran complains to U.N. of Israeli threats to bomb it

praise the lord
Iranian Actually: Peyvand Khorsandi is doing stand-up comedy near you

Rock on

ahhhlan wa sahlan
BBC: Al-Jazeera's slick new channel aims to upset the status quo

* Holy crap! Tha's a lot of aftabehs
* Animation: That's not chicken in your chow mein
* Video: The dumbest burglar ever
* Video: Katrina: Stories you didn't hear
* Wanted: Master butcher
* Learn how to hack :o)

Taknavazan: Four magnificent tracks of Persian classical music

no one can help iraq
CS Monitor: Can Iran help in Iraq?

not going to happen
CS Monitor: Blair calls for new focus on Israeli-Palestinian conflict

yes, he's that crazy
AFP: Bush will not hesitate to use force in Iran: Israeli ambassador

* Homerollah

love science
BBC: Physics promises wireless power
BBC: Computer cons the brain to cure phantom limb pain

our wiki
Build encyclopedia on Iran & Iranians

hungry cops :o)
Video: Police car in Tehran turns on siren, carrying pots & pans in the back trunk!

ey baba...
AP: IAEA finds traces of plutonium in Iran

* Do you get the message?
* Iran & Afghanistan share ideas
* Holocaust wall: Rock vs. rockets
* Iran wants the Shah
* Iraq: Victory for Islamists
* Bush's road to democracy
* They are all bastards...
* Happy to get your hatemail
* Zanaane emroozi
* Gay & lesbian rights in Canada
* Pedophiles in public pools
* Wh do they ignore me?
* Beautiful
* Human rights in Canada
* Women's rights in Canada
* Supreme Corrupt Leader
* Scariest Halloween mask
* Why are they running away?
* Western & Hezbollahi cultures

be worried
* Iran wants US to change
* US and UK 'woo' Iran's President Ahmadinejad with tough words

anything else?
AFP: Iran wants 60,000 centrifuges in nuclear drive

good morning
Two tracks from S2A
* Fati
* Parchame Maa
* S2A page

So romantic

blair blows
BBC: 'No softening' on Iran and Syria

come together now
BBC: A group of world figures calls for urgent efforts to heal the growing divide between Muslim and Western societies

Nice legs

* Video: Tricky question about sex
* Video: David Copperfield's cat
* Video: He pulled what out of the possessed girl?
* Back breaking painting
* The 99 Cent Family

nassrollah tajik
BBC Persian: Former Iranian diplomat arrested in U.K following U.S. request

opposite directions
BBC: US 'open to Iran talks on Iraq'
BBC: Iran key as Israel PM meets Bush

they're both going to kill us all
Guardian: Olmert hardens stance on Iran
Guardian: Ahmadinejad warns Europe it will pay for backing Israel

Washington Post: Conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Ehut Olmert

azar bye jan
Guardian: Iranians outraged as Google redraws Azarbaijan map

singing legend
YouTube: Khatereh Yazdanshenas

soroode abadan :o)
Video: Bella Warda sings a few lines from the Abadan national anthem
-- Jahanshah Javid

YouTube: Baghdad wedding
-- Saman

Room service

deadly serious
AP: Israeli PM brings Iran agenda to U.S.
AFP: Iran to reply 'destructively' to any Israeli attack


MEMRI TV: Islamic Research Foundation head on over population of women

my ancestors
CAIS: Accidental discovery of 3000-year-old bronze dagger in Lorestan

are you from tafresh?
You could save Farhad Mirfakhrai's life

isfahan metro?
BBC Persian: Metro tunnel construction damages 17th century Safavid landmark in Isfahan

Gahi posht beh zeen ...

urging talks
Guardian: UK's Blair will urge US to talk to Syria and Iran

dudes, look at dubai
NY Times: A Royal Emirati Whose Career Fuels Young Women’s Dreams

consider this
Reuters: Iran ready to consider Russian uranium plan

he'll do a smashing job
Guardian: Ahmadinejad's new mission: taming Tehran's traffic

ay sheytoon!
YouTube: Iranian limo driver takes a call girl to court presided by Judge Judy
(1) (2) (3)

iranians of the day
* Shirin Ebadi: French award
* Behnaz Sarafpour: On Target
* Moallemian twins: Sister's bundles of joy
* Alya and Amirali: With Dad & Ammeh
* Arian Khajehamid: Frankfurt, Germany
* Arman Alizad: Famous actor in Finland

Human Rights Watch: Iran: Halt Execution of Ethnic Arabs After Secret Trial

* Video: Denmark's (topless) speed bandits
* Video: Learn to dance like a white guy

security council
BBC: Iran warning over UN nuclear resolution

very possible
AP: Israel official: Strike on Iran possible
Guardian: Rumsfeld exit lessens threat to nuclear sites, hardliners believe

* The Usual Suspects: Rafsanjani
* Democratic victory: Gahi posht beh zeen o...
* Democrats: Kickking ass
* Next: Democratic Iran
* Good morning my love!
* Toilet humor
* Ahmadinejad & the atomic bomb
* Worse than being hanged
* Life is good
* Vatan Foroosh
* No difference between men & women
* Leading corruption in Iran
* Breaking Holocaust wall

united kingdom of surveillance
BBC: MI5 knows of 30 terror plots and is keeping 1,600 individuals under surveillance

The new Mecca

* Video: Stick magnetic ribbons on your SUV
* Pimp in Persian
* Video: Hahaha
* Video: Kissing contest
* New airport check-in procedures
* Goozex.com

BBC: Argentina seeks Rafsanjani arrest

Reuters: Iran's once active campuses falling silent

Washington Post: Democrats control Congress for first time in more than a decade

CS Monitor: Nonviolence can work wonders - even in the Middle East

baraadar keith
Keith Ellison first Muslim to be elected to the U.S. House from Minneapolis

and the white house in 2008?
BBC: Democrats 'to control US Senate'

turkish inspiration
AP: "Real Borat" seeks apology

Baskin Robins in Tehran

iranians of the day
* Ghazaleh: Lingerie store
* Darioush Radpour & Abbas Kiarostami: In Rome
* Zahra & Co.: Mom, dad, kid... and the other man

will be missed
Shahla Samii: Memorial service for iranian.com contributor

you're in luck
CraigsList: Green Card belonging to Iranian found in San Francisco

Reuters: The actress, the Internet, the sex film and Iran

BBC: Sight restored to blind mice

world war 3
AP: Glendale embroiled in battle over kabab loving Armenian community

not much
The Nation: What's Left of Reform
-- Negar Azimi

Magic lamp

Washington Post: Israeli shells kill 20 in Gaza, including seven children as they slept

thanks to my vote :o)
SF Chronicle: Yes to "Medical Marijuana" club in Albany, California
* Photo

collateral damage
BBC: Rumsfeld replaced after poll loss

Washington Post: Democrats recaptured the House last night and were close to gaining control of the Senate

veil debate from tunis to tehran
CS Monitor: Does Islam require a woman to cover her head?

for fereydoun
Washington Post: Iranian Delegate to United Nations During Shah's Rule
NY Times: Mr. Hoveyda was born in Damascus, Syria, on Sept. 21, 1924...

russian resistance
Reuters: Russia's proposals on Iran gut Euro text


oh leave her alone...
Guardian: Iranian soap star faces lashing after sex tape made public

get out and vote
* Video: Firoozeh Dumas
* Video: Maz Jobrani
* Video: Hooshang Touzie

iranians of the day
* Alireza Mehrnia: UCLA Outstanding Student
* Shohreh Aghdashloo and Parisa Defaie: WAALM
* Masom Gharabaghi: Chinese Medicine

khaak too saretoon
Reporters Without Borders: Iran among 13 states that are "enemies of the internet"

crazier than ahmadinejad & bush combined
CS Monitor: Israeli minister calls for Arab-free Israel

reasons to vote
Keith Olbermann: Bush has been 'making it up' for too long, and the people have let him

in the name of the god, the compassionate, the merciful
Human Rights Watch: Violence against Palestinian women is increasing

i did it
Taghi Amirani runs the New York marathon

space talk friday
Meeting: Anousheh Ansari will speak about her space journey at Stanford University in Palo Alto, CA

* Ahmadinejad makeover
* Short love story
* Persian toilet for sale in Seattle
* Video: "Azize Delami" in Turkey
* Video: Beauty is make-up
* Let's go shopping
* Video: How the hell did he miss that?
* Qazvin family pack special

* MP3: "Peace" by S2A
* Main page

Strictly forbidden

AFP: Iran hangs six 'tourist kidnappers' in public

fashion imitates nature
Aref-Adib: Women in Bandar Lengehwhere

Heaven beneath your feet

* Tribute to Nasser Malek Motiee:
(1) (2) (3)

ambassador to the king
The death of Fereydoun Hoveyda
* Radio Zamaneh: Interview with Farhad Sepahbody & Rasool Nafisi

CS Monitor: All signs point to a US House run by Democrats

* Holocaust wall:
-- Ahmadinejad & Nasrallah
-- Iranian clerical leadership
-- Security officer Parvin Hosseini
-- Khamenei
-- Peace doves
* Grease it up for the leader

borat the great ass
BBC: 'Borat' the surprise box office champ

invaders just as guilty
BBC: Saddam Hussein sentenced to death

oh my...
BBC: Leading US evangelist admits sex 'immorality'

come see for yourself
Reuters: U.N. inspectors visit Iran enrichment cascades

Reuters: Iran says would consider talks with U.S. on Iraq

good man
Fereydoun Hoveyda: Former UN ambassador has passed away

islamic witch-hunt
Bahai World News: Iran steps up secret monitoring of Bahais


you have to watch this :o)
Google video: Iranian presidential candidates speak to reporters.
-- Full length
-- Short clip

game of death
AFP: Iran test-fires more new weapons in war games

new chapter
Iranian.com investors: Berkeley dinner (12 pix)

Googoosh & Farah Pahlavi: Back stage meeting in New York

hadi khorsandi
-- YouTube: Khordadian or Mordadian?
-- YouTube: Speaking "English" in Iran

united states of cia
Washington Post: U.S. seeks silence on interrogation methods and secret CIA prisons

hell here i come
BBC: Saddam trial verdict expected Sunday

honored in budapest
Video & pix: Wonderful trip to Budapest, where we won an award for the Rostam comic book
-- Bruce Bahmani

no way
Petition: At least a dozen condemned to stoning. Join the campiagn to stop it.

from moscow to tel aviv
Reuters: Russia wants extensive changes to UN Iran measure
AFP: Israel urges world action after Iran missile test

chavoshi (links corrected)
Music: Two versions of "Khianat" on guitar and santoor

bloody bush
BBC: Police find 83 bodies around Baghdad

easy dirty money
BBC: US stops auditing agency that exposed corruption

really barbaric
BBC: Israeli soldiers kill Gaza women in mosque siege

* Video: Are you lookin at her?
* Video: Are you talkin to me?
* Video: Nutty goats
* Persian caveman's remote control
* Human fish
* Flying witch: Technical difficulties

how about recontructing khorramshahr, first?
BBC: Iran 'sending funds to Hezbollah' for its reconstruction activities in Lebanon

Washington Post: Bloggers Abroad Open Windows to the World

Jerusalem Post: The UN and EU are irrelevant in Iran nuclear crisis
-- Daniel Pipes

those naughty evangelists
BBC: U.S. evangelical leader resigns amid allegations of gay relationship

Mr. Bush! Do you believe in...?

bon voyage (and good luck)
AP: Iran to pay incentives to attract Western tourists

old man and the empty sea
BBC: 'Only 50 years left' for sea fish

* Military maneuver in Qom
* Tourism incenstive
* My office/room in Canada
* IRI "yes" -- Western government "no"
* Canadian flag
* Sending dollars abroad

axis of asia
AP: Russia, China won't back Iran sanctions

fried rice
AFP: Rice warns Iran after missile launches

BBC: Iran tests fires longer range missile

world premiere
SF Bay Area: Nayshaboorak (Calligraphy No. 6) by Reza Vali

bigger joke: theocracy
BBC: Khatami labels US policy 'a joke'

BBC: Obey UK law, Khatami urges

BBC: Paris airport bars Muslim staff

It's not in Shiraz

and the winner is...
HotAir: Iran names winner of Holocaust cartoon contest

and the losers are...
YouTube: Jesus vs. Mohammad

right on
Guardian: Plans for internet bill of rights

film, berkeley, san jose
Film screening: Marriage, Iranian Style

as expected
Reuters: Russia says won't back draft text on Iran sanctions

thank you
BBC: Turkey court clears archaeologist of charges of insulting Muslim women

* James Javad: Your wedding singer
* New generation of Lootees
* Darwin & Khamenei
* Hajiagha gets OK to return to Iran
* CNN reporting from Iraq
* Positive spin on Iraq news
* Getting worse: Sexual freedoms in Canada

too many war games
AP: Iran announces military maneuvers

too late
AFP: Ground prepared for Iran to discuss Iraq with US: Khatami

honorary british conspiracy
BBC: Mixed reception for Khatami st UK university

chaoes theory
NY Times: U.S. Military Charts Movement of Conflict in Iraq Toward Chaos

orientalism & edward said
NY Times: The West Studies the East, and Trouble Follows

Red bull

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